Issue 11 July Best wishes, Rob Fenton Head Teacher. Emmbrook Junior School, Emmbrook Road, Wokingham, RG41 1JR Tel:

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1 Emmbrook Junior School, Emmbrook Road, Wokingham, RG41 1JR Tel: Web site: Issue 11 July 2017 Dear Parents, Wow! What a year! We have finally made it to the end of a very busy academic year where both pupils and staff deserve a well-earned break! It has been a privilege being the Head Teacher of this fantas c school; I would not have wanted to spend my first year as a Head Teacher anywhere else. Every day the children of Emmbrook Junior School make me proud, as they are always keen to show off their talents in and out of the classroom. They really are an excep onal bunch of people. Their achievements are endless and this was evident at our celebra on assembly this morning! If I am honest, I will miss seeing them on a daily basis during the summer holidays. I would also like to give thanks to all of the staff at the school. Each member of staff shares my vision that we only have the children s best interests at the heart of everything we do and I believe that because we share the same vision, the children strive to be successful in everything that they do. Unfortunately, at this me of year we always have to say goodbye to both children and occasionally, members of staff. This year is no different. I would like to send all of the Year 6 children my very best wishes for the future. I have really enjoyed being a part of their journey here at Emmbrook Junior School and I know that they will con nue to be successful in their secondary schools. Addi onally, the school is saying goodbye to Miss Hine. Miss Hine joined our team at the start of this term to cover Mrs Brown s maternity leave in class 5 Elm. I know that the children have really enjoyed having her as their teacher and we all will miss her. Miss Hine is moving on to Sonning Common Primary School and we wish her every success. Furthermore, we are saying goodbye to Miss Ramsey. Miss Ramsey joined our school as a permanent member of staff in April Miss Ramsey is known for her fun and engaging lessons and will be missed by both staff and children. The school would like to thank Miss Ramsey for her dedica on and wish her well for the future. Finally in our list of goodbyes, it is with sadness that we have to say farewell to Mrs S mpson. Mrs S mpson, like Miss Ramsey, joined the school back in Mrs S mpson is a valued member of staff and was part of the leadership team that saw us achieving our good status. Mrs S mpson s hard work and devo on to the school will be sorely missed. The school gives thanks for Mrs S mpson s con nued commitment to the school and wishes her every success at Grazeley Primary School. From September, we welcome Mrs Clare Dando, an experienced teacher, who will be teaching in 4 Elm whilst Mrs Brown is s ll on maternity leave. As you are aware, in September I will be teaching two days a week, on a Monday and a Tuesday, as we were unable to appoint a good Year 6 teacher. Therefore, for the Autumn term I will be unavailable for appointments on a Monday and Tuesday. I would like to wish all the children, parents and staff a wonderful summer break and I look forward to seeing you all again on September 6 th. Best wishes, Rob Fenton Head Teacher 1

2 CURRICULUM NEWS by Mrs Stimpson Year 3 really enjoyed their trip to Gray's Farm. The children met Mr Gray, learnt about growing plants and picked a lot of fruit and vegetables which they got to bring home with them. In English, they have been having discussions about whether or not Goldilocks should be punished for her actions. In maths lessons, they have been learning about fractions and doing lots of problem solving. They have also been continuing to learn about plants in their science work. Year 4 have been busy planning and writing their own play scripts based on fairy tales that they have read. They have been thinking about the dialogue and the stage directions. They have also visited the local Wokingham theatre to see where their scripts could end up being used. In maths, the children have been enjoying collecting, presenting and interpreting data using a range of graphs. In science, they have made their own games using electrical circuits. In topic lesson, they have designed and made catapults and took part in a challenge to see which ones could launch a marble the longest distance. Year 5 have been researching recipes and writing their own versions for macaroni cheese, cookies and chilli con carne, ready for cooking the food themselves. They have had fun learning how not to write instructions on 'how to make a sandwich'! In maths, the children have learned how to translate and reflect polygons on a co-ordinates grid. They have also been learning a lot about the changes in their bodies as they grow up and about the Sun, Moon and Earth. They also had a great time on their trip to the Science Centre in Winchester. This month Year 6 performed their fantastic production of Robin Hood and the Sherwood Hoodies to the rest of the school, the Infants and parents. The songs were extremely catchy and they showed off their amazing acting and singing skills. They have also been creating leaflets, posters and PowerPoints about being a Year 6 for the children in Year 5. The children went on their school trip to the Winchester Science Centre and had a brilliant time trying out all the practical activities and exploring the shop! They ended the term with their very moving sharing assembly which got our tears flowing! Best of luck to all of the children. We are very proud of you! 2

3 SPORTS NEWS by Mr Fisher And now. the end is near.. and so I face. the final curtain. So the end of the year is here and its been amazing. We ve had record attendance for after school clubs, we ve won championships, we have been runners up and have done more events and competitions than ever before. It has been a very busy year at Emmbrook Junior School regarding PE and sport and I have enjoyed every minute of it. It s going to be an emotional day today as we say goodbye to Year 6. I have to say you have all been fantastic and am so proud of all of you. You have all done amazingly well this year, not just in PE and sport, but also in class, at play and on trips. You have represented the school brilliantly and the school is incredibly proud of you. We didn't quite finish the year on a high as we wanted to win the WSCL Division 1 but ended up finishing runners up to a very good school. However, I thought we played brilliantly throughout the summer term and competed all the way. A list of all achievements in sport this year are as follows: Winners of Wokingham Schools Football League (Division 3) Runners up in Six Nations Tag Rugby Plate Final Runners up in Wokingham Schools Cricket League (Division 1) 7th out of 14 in the Cross Country League 10th out of 22 in the Wokingham Quad Kids tournament On a separate note I would like to congratulate Sonny Jones for making the Wokingham District Football team. This is a very tough team to get into and children are selected through two sets of football trials. Well done Sonny!! Now it s time for the teachers to prepare for next year. It s going to be another big one for PE and sport and I look forward to sharing it with you all next year. 3

4 CAUGHT DOING THE RIGHT THING by Mrs Freeman Well done to all of the children who received a Caught Doing The Right Thing voucher this month. Hummingbird: Nivetha Manikandan x2, Jasmine Jasper x2, Lauren Nimmey, Albert Rees- Waite x2, Nadia Drury x2, Alex Hinds, Sonny Jones x2, Sophie Dowse x3, Andy Randrianantoandro, Gui Pereira x5, James Clarke, Lazure Francis x4, George Gresswell x2, Adam Rustom x4, Precious Nkum x5, Sophie Joseph, Jack Tucker, Ozzy Ferguson x2, Michael Khan x2, Aishe Sahto x2, Charlotte Dowse x2, Mehul Garg, Sam Nimmey, Jazmine Crawford x2, Callum Ahmed, Kameron Waddon, Henry Bray, Chloe Huskinson. Kingfisher: Ben Preston, Aine Ballantine x2, Zoe Byrom, Angharad Jones x4, Kye Hambleton, Rufus Ashley x2, Matilda Redgate, Henry Nash, Nicole Hambleton, Phelix Manning x3, Leo Standing, Divyanshi Dahiya, Ethan Yates, Louca Harrison, Will Jones x2, Joe Morshead, Courtney Davidson, Martha Mayhew x2, Rosa Wastell x2, Leo Steliaros, Isabelle Shaw, Noah Brannan. Redstart: Chloe Dowle, Katie Gee x2, Becky Turpin, Dana Abzhanov, Ayo Ariyibi, Joshua Walgate, Archie Hedge, Sam Clarke x2, Aneta Fojta, Amy Gane. Golden Eagle: James Foote x4, Henry Cresswell x3, James Nash, Chase Jackson x2, Rebeka Subotic, Levi Warnhammar x2, Emily Chikota, Sophie Woodason x2, Olivia Lenihan, Chloe Shackleford x4, Evie Smith, Daniel Calvo, Lois Lenihan x5, Eddie Newman x2, Florence Grundy-Kelly, Bobby Hanger x2, Amelie Lenihan x3, Cody Warnhammar x2, Brooke Carlisle, Taiya Smith x2, Ethan Undrell, Troy Dolton x2, Thomas Williams x2. SPORTS DAY On 6th July we held our annual Sports Day and were extremely pleased to welcome our local Mayor, Councillor Peter Lucey and his attendant, David Dunham to the event. It was an exciting afternoon and the children were a credit to us, with their fantastic participation and their support of each other. The afternoon finished with the Mayor presenting the cup to the overall House winner Hummingbirds! The final results were: 1st HUMMINGBIRDS 2nd GOLDEN EAGLES 3rd REDSTARTS 4th KINGFISHERS We would like to thank Mr Fisher for organising another excellent Sports Day and all the staff for their help in ensuring the events ran smoothly. 4

5 PTA 100 CLUB WINNERS We are pleased to announce the following winners for July s PTA 100 club draw. Congratulations to all of the winners. 1st prize: J B Beavis 2nd prize: E Williams 3rd prize: C Gillard ATTENDANCE FIGURES The attendance figures for June are available. The top three classes were: 3 Ash 98.1% 6 Beech 97.6% 6 Fir 97.4% Well done to everyone for their excellent attendance. MATHS PROBLEM by Mr Thomas 5

6 CONGRATULATIONS MR BURTON! On 29th June, Councillor Peter Lucey, our local Mayor, visited the school to congratulate Bernard Burton on achieving 25 years as an Honorary Meteorologist. Mr Burton visits the school every day to check climate data which is then submitted to the Met Office. Well done Mr Burton. What an amazing achievement! THANK YOU! Thank you to all the parents and children who have brought in Sainsbury s vouchers for the school. We have received almost vouchers this year, which is more than double what we received last year. The vouchers will allow us to purchase more sports equipment for the school which will benefit all of the children. Thank you very much! PIZZA LUNCH Well done to the children who won this half term s Caught Doing The Right Thing draw. They enjoyed a pizza lunch on Friday with Mr Fenton and Mr Thomas. The lucky children were Emma Goodwin and Angharad Jones (Kingfishers), Sophie Doyle and Fflur Vieten (Redstart), Morgan Lee and Rebeka Subotic (Golden Eagles), Sonny Jones and Molly Riddex (Hummingbirds). 6

7 REMINDERS Inset Day - 4th Sep Inset Day - 5th Sep First Day of Term - 6th Sep Year 6 to Manor - w/c 11th Sep Individual Photos - 19th Sep Curriculum Information - 20th Sep Evening Clubs Start - w/c 25th Sep LETTERS SENT THIS MONTH 10th Jul - Green Redeem 13th Jul - School Funding Changes 14th Jul - Reports to Parents 17th Jul - School Meals Price Increase 17th Jul - Internet Safety Update Manor Assembly to Year - 29th Sep 6 Parents HAVE A LOVELY HOLIDAY We would like to wish all of the children and staff leaving the school this term every success in their new schools. We would also like to wish you all an enjoyable and relaxing summer. We look forward to seeing when we return on 6th September. 7