Den Danske Forening. Heimdal s. Medlemsblad. October Newsletter for The Danish Association Heimdal - Established 1872

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1 Den Danske Forening Heimdal s Medlemsblad October 2002 Newsletter for The Danish Association Heimdal - Established 1872

2 Inside this Issue Glæd dig til...3 Presidents report Coming Function Continued AGM Minutes...6 Ulla s Café...7 Letter from the Editor th Birthday...9 Intro to Presentation...11 MC's Speech...12 Nytheder fra Danmark...18 Heimdal Golf Sport i Danmark...23 Danish Church...24 Lune Jyder...25 Nyttige adresser...26 Børnesiden...33 Contributions All letters to the editor and other material to be published, must be received by the 10 th of the month. We will endeavour to publish all material submitted but reserve the right to determine the suitability of material to be published. Any material published does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Danish Club or the Editor. Please note: The Danish Function is usually on the 2 nd Saturday of the month. Ulla s Café is usually on the 4 th Friday of the month. However: Watch out for changes! From the Editor Dear Readers, At the "Continued AGM" on September 13, the Auditor's Report was approved. The Grand 130 th Birthday Ball at the Sheraton was a great succes, see photos, speeches and an article by our Reporter at Large, Birte Spencer. Thank you for positive comments about the September Newsletter. Also thank you for suggestions to the contents of future newsletters. I am looking forward to hearing from you. Yrsa Contact the Editor: Yrsa Christoffersen 18 Boardman Street Kallangur Qld Fax: (07) This Newsletter is printed by: B l a k D e s i g n Ph P.O. Box 163. Goodna. Qld 4300 One Step Ahead Customised printing Service Booklets of any document into A5 & A4 size Also total Solutions in Computing PAGE 2

3 Glæd dig til Future Functions: 12 th of October Hygge Aften 25 th of October Ulla s Café Frikadeller og kartoffelsalat Hot dogs, Ostemadder og Wienerbrød 9 th of November Smørrebrøds aften Det store kolde bord 30 th of November Old fashioned Christmas Bazaar replacing Ulla s Café in November 14 th of December The Christmas tree in Heimdal PAGE 3

4 Heimdal's 130 th Birthday Ball. The President's Report The Ball was the success we had hoped for. Everybody came in high spirits. The food was great accompanied by plenty of wine both red and white, plus soft drink and beer came in abundance. The music created a festive atmosphere and everyone had a good time; the dance floor at times was too little. Three hundred and five tickets were sold, including some to our friends from Sweden and Norway. The highlight of the evening was Bent Fabricius-Bjerre who gave us an unforgettable performance; he brought everybody to their feet with Alley Cat and many more of his hits. The Good Time Band was well received and we hope to see them in the club at a later date. We wish to thank our sponsors: Flowers from Bent Christensen; Birthday cake from Britt's Delight, in the form of the three national flags of Denmark, Sweden and Norway, sixty centimeters long and with marzipan flag; and to Christian Christensen for the donation of the baby grand piano. The beautiful silver bowel given to Ole Andersen was designed and made by Jørgen de Voss. He spent many hours perfecting it, and it is one of a kind given in appreciation of Ole Andersen's 22 years of work in, and for the Danish Club. Erik Andersen, from Thai International, had arranged a surprise orchid as a gift for the ladies. Unfortunately destroyed by customs, but we thank you for your kindness and appreciate the effort. Last but not least a thank you to the folkdancers for a great display. "Festbilleder" can be ordered at the October, November and December club functions. Bent Fabricius-Bjerre's autographed CD's have all sold out, please contact me if you would like to order a CD (not autographed). On behalf of the committee I wish to thank you all for a great evening. Ulla Turner President PAGE 4

5 The Christmas Bazaar in Heimdal 30 th of November 2002 Start 10 a.m. Christmas decorations Danish style Handicraft, Pearl beading by Lis Olsen Creative keepsake albums of photos Lots of traditional and contemporary handmade craft The Baker Britt's Danish Delight Jørgen de Voss Viking jewellery Children s table for Christmas paper clip Delicious Danish food Hot Dogs, æbleskiver and more. The Bar will be open This is your opportunity to shop for Christmas The bazaar will replace Ulla s Café in November All of you, who would like to sell any product, are welcome to hire a table please ring me Ulla Turner fax We are in need of volunteers, please help us! Please tick this coming event in your calendar and join us in the fun! PAGE 5

6 Draft of Minutes for the continued AGM THE DANISH ASSOCIATION "HEIMDAL" INC. MINUTES OF THE CONTINUED ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING Held at 36 Austin Street, Newstead, on Friday, 13 September, PRESENT: 9 Committee members (Erik Andersen, Ole Andersen, Joan Christensen, Ann & Jorgen de Voss, Ann & Arild Nielsen, Alan Przybylak, Ulla Turner) and 12 other financial members. MEETING OPENED: The President, Ulla Turner, opened the meeting at 7.29pm, and welcomed members to the meeting. It was pointed out that this meeting was a continuation of the Annual General Meeting held on the 18 August TREASURER'S REPORT: Ole Andersen advised that the final accounts and the Auditor s Report had now been received. Copies of the accounts were provided to members and the Auditor s Report passed around for perusal. Attention was drawn to a number of items. The profit was higher than last year, however, when donations and the shop were excluded, it was clear that the Club was only just breaking even. Ole Andersen moved that the audited accounts of The Danish Association Heimdal Inc be approved. Seconded by Merete Kern. This was passed by the meeting. APPOINTMENT OF AUDITOR FOR : It had been suggested that an alternative Auditor might be found to be appointed, but no satisfactory alternative had yet been found. Therefore, Ole Andersen moved, and Ulla Turner seconded, that Cor Frederiks be appointed as Auditor for This was agreed by the meeting. MEETING CONCLUDED: 7.41pm If you want to add or have anything changed in the minutes contact Joan Christensen by at or phone The Auditor s Report will be on our website under Committee Minutes soon. PAGE 6

7 Ulla's Cafe' Friday, October pm Kurt Christensen and friends will be entertaining us. Vi glæder os til at se jer igen. Menu: Frikadeller og kartoffelsalat Hot dogs, Ostemadder og Wienerbrød Kaffe og Wienerbrød for $3.00 Baren er åben Med øl, snaps etc. Jørgen de Voss will be displaying & selling his handmade, beautifully crafted jewellery. Afhentning af wienerbrød m.m fra Britt's Danish Delight. Bestil direkte fra: Britt's Danish Delight 5 / 10 Energy Cresent Ernest, QLD 4214 Fax: Web: Afhentning af slagter varer fra Heinz Butcher via Flemming. Bestil direkte fra: Heinz - Butcher Shop 611 Stanley Street Woolloongabba, QLD 4102 Phone: Fax: Kom ind og få en hyggelig sludder med andre danskere. If possible please phone Ulla for booking on It is time to pay your membership fee, if you have not already done so. This will be the last newsletter you receive until your membership fee has been paid. See the renewal form on page 29. PAGE 7

8 Letter from Editor The Grand Birthday Ball was a great success we hear from everyone present on the night. Bent Fabricius-Bjerre proved to be the wonderful entertainer, known all over the World for his Alley Cat, the music written for a program on Danish television called "Omkring et Flygel". Of course many other well-known tunes trickled out of the piano to the delight of each and every guest at the Ball. I have only heard of one complaint not enough time for dancing. Guests would happily have danced the night away to the lovely music. The Good Time Band has gained more fans. We hear rumours they may entertain at a Heimdal Club function in the not so distant future. Another great chance for you to exercise those dancing feet. Practice makes perfect. I was not attending the ball but the next day, Sunday, Aage and I went to the Spring Flower Show at Toowomba where we met other Danes including Bent Fabricius-Bjerre at the Danish Flower Art. We had a wonderful afternoon. Heimdal committee member Harly and wife Anny had a very special reason for their big smiles: A new grandson was born that very morning. They also enjoyed the afternoon at Toowomba but were at bit more keen, than the rest of us, to go home to visit the new addition to the family. Roy Harly Pedersen welcome to the World. Bent Fabricius Bjerre took a special souvenier home from Toowomba. At the blacksmith's workshop he watched as a piece of iron was made into a new poker for his fireplace at home in Denmark. It will no doubt come in handy on those cold nights ahead way up North. Now we are all wondering if Airport Security will allow him to take the poker home? On our way home to Brisbane we passed some fruit shops and as it is strawberry season we bought a few punnets making a lovely dessert in the raw and cooked for a bowel of Rødgrød med Fløde. Spring is here and we enjoyed the beautiful flowers in Toowomba. At the moment this sunburned country could do with some water. If only our wish for rain would come true. Another sign of the spring season is the purple Jacaranda trees. A stressful sign, say the young students, that end of year exams are near. Please keep sending me letters with information of interest for other Members and Friends of the Danish Association, Heimdal. It would not be possible to create a newsletter without your contributions. In this edition a special thank you goes to Birte Spencer for your Birthday Ball story; and to Stig Hokanson for his speech; thank you to Tom Larsen, Ulla and Trent Turner and others for providing photos. If you would like to order "festbilleder" from the Grand Ball you can do so at the October, November and December functions at the Club. Best Regards Yrsa Christoffersen PAGE 8

9 The Scandinavian Ball - Heimdal s 130 year jubilee On the way to the Scandinavian Ball in honour of Heimdal s 130 year jubilee I was wondering about how this event was going to turn out. Having read The Danish Association History by P.B. Hansen I was very much aware how important the celebration of the Club s round birthdays have been to members over the years, and how they had been celebrated in various styles depending on how the club was prospering. One entry from 1887 describes the 15 th anniversary, which was reported in The Daily Observer Brisbane. It reports that enthusiastic toast were drunk to: Prosperity to the Union, Scandinavian, Great Britain, Queensland and The Ladies. Also that the evening was devoted to harmony, several glees being rendered by the Scandinavian Glee Club and by various members of the Union. Further reading brings us to the 90 th birthday in 1962 which was described as a very grand affair with consular guest and City council Federal Representative, but as P.B Hansen added: towards the end of the evening of a most success event, it was marred by an unfortunate incident caused by a few imbibing too freely, loosing their sense of responsibility. Fighting took place and the evening closed in a most undignified manner, disgracing their Club, themselves and their countrymen. I needed not have feared, this was a truly grand affair, right from the moment we all assembled for pre dinner drinks in the foyer to the Grand Ball room at the Sheraton. It was great to see over 300 festively dressed people greeting each other, discovering past and present friends in the crowd. After everyone was seated with delicious smoked salmon in front of them, Stig Hokanson made a welcome speech. He asked us to cast our mind back to year 1872 when the Scandinavian founders of Heimdal had got together to form the club as means of supporting each other in this foreign country, and how these people could not have imagined that we would all be here today celebrating the club s 130 th anniversary with a grand ball. Stig spoke about how the Club had gone through many different periods, from the small beginning to difficult years during the depression in the thirties and the war years, until in the there was a great upswing with many new young ambitious migrants arriving. Then, unlike today, it was not so common to travel back and forth and with phone calls being expensive and difficult, there was more a need for a place like Heimdal for fellow countrymen (and women) to meet. He contrasted that with today, where we see only a small trickle of new arrivals that are mostly professionals, who stay a short time and are more interested in seeing the Australian way of life. He considered two forms of development for the future: We could try to enthuse second and third generations of Scandinavians to become more involved with the clubs and their activities. Apparently this is working well in New Zealand where people take pride in their origins. Or we could return to the original concept of a Scandinavian Association with an amalgamation of the Danish, Norwegian and Swedish Club to form one big club in the successful manner of some football clubs. His final words were, that the future would not take care of itself. While everyone was tucking into the salmon in earnest a strangely old-fashioned dressed figure with a suitcase with Titanic written on it was spotted walking around the tables, and Stig asked him to come to the stage, so he could check his ticket. He told us that he had a string of names, was a mixture of Danish, Swedish & Norwegian decent and that he had missed his train to the boat to America and had therefore taken the next boat, which had brought him to Brisbane. Here he had gone to the Danish Church in Mary Street and found a pancake Manor instead, and somehow he had ended up as a cheese maker in Laidley. He did have a ticket, but it was for the Club s 41 st anniversary in After the entrée the Heimdal Folkdancers came onto the floor and showed us first a sample of PAGE 9

10 traditional Danish folkdancing with their colourful costumes. Then they did the more formal and still used Lancer in beautiful 19th century ball costumes. It was a delight to watch and much appreciated by the crowd. Stig Hokanson made a short speech honouring Ole Andersen as a pillar of society with 22 years as a committee member of the Danish Association and honorary Danish consul since He was given a silver bowl made by silversmith Jorgen de Voss symbolising strong foundation and strength. Ole responded by urging more people to give more of their time to the association. He said: too often people thought that they had done their bit by giving 2-3 years, but they had to dig deeper and stay on. Formal recognition was also given to Gunnar Stallmann and Ann for their contribution to the Swedish community and for founding the Swedes Down under association and Gunnar s work on Swedish radio. After the main course the Danish national anthem and happy Birthday to Heimdal was sung while cakes with sparklers were brought in. The president of the Sydney Scandinavian Business Club, Erling Erling said that they were not able to compete on age as their club only having been established since He was proud to introduce the Danish pianist Bent Fabricius Bjerre, who enjoyed coming to Australia on holidays and had been entertaining since age 17. Bent Fabricius Bjerre seated at the grand piano started off with playing his famous Alley Cat and continued with a great range of melodies: Opus no. 1, Early morning in Copenhagen, Ragtown, Theme from Olsen Banden, Bozanova etc. All the tunes were familiar and very popular with the crowd. Afterwards the also very popular 5-piece dance band started up and for the rest of the night there was no available space left on the dance floor. Our only regret was that the evening didn t last longer, at 12 o clock it seemed like we had only just got going. Reporter at large Birte Spencer PAGE 10

11 INTRO TO OLE ANDERSEN S PRESENTATION Ladies and Gentlemen, Balls and anniversaries are uniquely suited as forums to honour the achievements of outstanding members of our association. Formal functions tend to possess the right ambiance for celebrations. So too does this evening s setting provide a suitable vehicle to honour a pillar of the Danish community. It would possible come as no surprise that I am referring to the Danish Consul to Brisbane, Ole Andersen. Ole arrived in Australia back in 1956 accompanying his parents and other siblings. The large family worked in the dairy industry for number of years. A strong work ethic was instilled in Ole throughout his childhood and formative years. He obtained his law degree from University of Queensland and was a practising solicitor for a long period of time. He would later attain a Masters Degree from the same university. A keen interest in his cultural and linguistic heritage steered Ole towards membership of the Danish Association Heimdal by the late 1970s. By 1980 Ole was elected to its committee. His keen mind and legal expertise were valued attributes, which Heimdal continuously utilised through his various offices within the organization. Ole has over the past 22 years held positions of committee member, treasurer, secretary and legal adviser. Unlike other nation s preference for foreigners being appointed their Honorary Consuls abroad, Denmark appears more enlightened in that it fully recognises the importance to have, as their representative in from Copenhagen far flung places, a person who can speak Danish, knows where Denmark is on the map and importantly promotes and supports the Danish ex-patriate community in which he serves. In 1993 Ole Andersen was appointed Danish Consul to Brisbane. He has diligently executed that position with dignity to the high office it represents and the added responsibilities it has taken on since the closure of Denmark s diplomatic mission in Canberra. Lesser men would possibly have withdrawn from hands-on activities to concentrate on consular matters, but this is where Ole Andersen is unique and another reason why he is honoured tonight. Ole continues to be part of the Heimdal scene, changing light bulbs one day, standing in the kitchen the next, often-times donating generously both in goods and kind to the betterment of the Queensland s Danish community in general and the Heimdal Association in particular. His focus never wavers despite occasional jabs and criticism from those residing in the comfort zone from where it becomes easy to launch barbs and arrows. However, these generally evaporate in the light of day when people are able to view the bigger picture. Tonight s token of esteem towards Ole Andersen is a silver bowl. The handcrafted bowl rests firmly on a pedestal symbolising strength of purpose and solid support. The maker of this beautiful gift, Jörgen de Voss, informs us that the round bowl, like a ring, symbolises the never-ending value and purpose of our association. The decoration "Midgårdsormen", is a mindful reminder, circling the bowl. It represents the negative influences, which unfortunately arise in every organisation from time to time. Interestingly, Midgårdsormen, is depicted on the outside of the bowl as opposed to the inside. It now gives me great pleasure to call President Ulla Turner to the stage to make this important presentation. Introduction by Stig Hokanson PAGE 11

12 PAGE 12 Good evening, Ladies and Gentlemen, fellow Scandinavians! Such greeting conjures up images of unity between Danes, Swedes and Norwegians. This unity was in evidence at the humble beginning of the Scandinavian Association Heimdal 130 years ago. It was in an aura of cautious optimism of a better life in the new country and a pragmatic realisation, that by sticking together as a mutual benefit society, the newcomers could insure themselves against unwanted calamity. Our founders were not silver-haired retirees. Most people in the 1870s rarely lived beyond fifty years of age. No, were we to travel back in time to the 1870s for a peek at Heimdal s founding fathers (and mothers) we would find a motley crew of people in their early twenties. Their aspirations very much laid the foundations to what we have today. Few attendees at the inaugural meeting of Heimdal in September 1872 would have dared to predict that what was started under such humble circumstances would be celebrated with a Grand Ball at Brisbane s Sheraton Hotel 130 years later. While Heimdal evolved from a Scandinavian Association to a Danish Association some eighty years ago, it continued to welcome as members Swedes and Norwegians as they settled through migration in South-East Queensland. Membership of Heimdal has over the years ebbed and flowed like to the noon tide. Between the two world wars Heimdal struggled to retain its shrinking membership. Those founding youngsters I earlier referred to had either passed away or were to frail to carry Heimdal s torch. Those who remained active were a small band of diehards that had jumped ship or come up from the southern States of Australia. Minute books from meetings during the Depression years of the 1930s make gloomy reading. The war years are not much better. It is not until the post-war immigration wave of the 1950s that we note a positive upswing in numbers. Again, young, ambitious Scandinavians were arriving, accompanied by children, unbridled enthusiasm and willingness to extend Heimdal on that invaluable foundation created so many years earlier. Such was the migration pattern of the 1950s and 1960s that Scandinavians came to stay. Not for the typical 1960s migrant to revisit Denmark, Sweden or Norway every year or second year. Most were flat out to survive, make a new life for themselves in Queensland and were at the time much more reliant on a club or association which would, through its library, furnishings and clientele, remind them of their roots back in Europe. Few had telephones let alone computers or Internet. A phone call, to aged parents back in Copenhagen for example, was a big deal. Pre-paid at the post office, one pushed and prodded buttons A and B and eventually got connected only to experience a 2 second delay between speakers, echoes on the line, small talk about the weather and a few tears over the three minute duration. Quite frankly, I recall feeling worse after than before these horrid phone calls. Contrast this, if you like, with today s advances in technology where we

13 can connect with relatives and friends in Scandinavia with ease and the crystal clarity of a local call. By the 1970s and 1980s Norwegians had established a club in their own right, as had the Swedes. While Heimdal s Cleveland Street premises buzzed along quite nicely, Norwegians took over an old hall at Newmarket and experienced that renaissance of interest strong migration flow provides. Even the Swedes threw their hat in the ring in 1989 to form Swedes Down Under and combined with the aforementioned two organisations to stage the memorable Scandinavian Ball at Brisbane s City Hall in The demographic impetus created by the immigration wave of the 60s and 70s has long ago peaked. We are now in a decidedly, permit me to say, hostile phase of growth. Permanent entry by Scandinavians to Australia has effectively ceased. Small trickles of professionals arrive to take up temporary positions in Scandinavian high tech industries, university research and the likes. These people are by their very nature indifferent to ethnic clubs and organisations opting rather, during their temporary stay, to immerse themselves in Australian culture and traditions, and who could blame them? We would therefore do well to consider the future of the three current Scandinavian associations. In the absence of natural growth through immigration we can promote two forms of future development. Firstly, we can strive to enthuse second and third generation Scandinavians to support our associations and carry on our traditions. This pattern works exceedingly well in neighbouring New Zealand where the majority of members speak no Scandinavian language, but maintain more than a cursory pride in their ancestry, culture and traditions. Secondly, we could seriously contemplate a return to the 1870s when the original Heimdal was established as a sole Scandinavian Association. The pervading pragmatism of our founding fathers may be rekindled in the future to the benefit of the three current associations. A positive step towards newfound unity is of course Heimdal s exceedingly popular concept Ulla s Café which attracts a large number of Scandinavians already. Amalgamation, dear friends, is not a dirty word. In the field of Rugby League we have recently witnessed pragmatic decisions, which have prevented struggling clubs from going under by amalgamation into new, invigorated entities. In other words, we ought not prevent robust discussion of the future. Unfortunately, the future will not take care of itself without the dedicated work of our three committees and their equally dedicated presidents. I began by referring to Heimdal s founding father s desire to ensure themselves against financial hardship and economic calamity. Such concerns have now been taken over by governments, superannuation schemes and the likes. Rather, what we ought to focus on is a continuing insurance of a Scandinavian sociocultural maintenance. I could think of no agency better equipped to fill such role than Heimdal. The Brisbane White Pages telephone book remains a source of inspiration. A thorough perusal of its many pages suggests a strong Scandinavian presence. Were we to add up all the Andersens, Christensens, Larsons, Rasmussens, Jensens, Johanssons etc. we would possibly need QE-II Stadium to welcome them all. In other words, the Scandinavian presence in our city is large and can invariably be traced back to the 1870s and those intrepid Scandinavians who travelled to Hamburg to begin their long voyage south. We salute them all tonight and toast their fortitude, perseverance and success. On behalf of President Ulla Turner, President Laila Björnson and President Gunnar Ståhlman, I now have much pleasure declaring the Heimdal 130 th Anniversary Ball officially opened. Thank you. Speech by Stig Hokanson PAGE 13

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16 Advertising Rates Support your club and increase club awareness. Price per Financial year (11 Issues) ¼ Page $ /3 Page $80.00 ½ Page $ Full Page $ PAGE 16

17 Nyheder fra Danmark Det Danske Skolesystem koster penge Skriver Lone Ryg Olsen i Jyllands Posten (JP), men der er stor forskel på, hvordan de enkelte kommuner investerer i folkeskolen. Forskellen bliver større og større med hensyn til, hvor mange penge de enkelte kommuner investerer. De nye kommunale nøgletal fra Indenrigsministeriet viser, at mens f.eks. Marstal kommune i år netto bruger kr. pr. elev i folkeskolen, bruger Albertslund kr. Dermed er Albertslunds investering omkring 72 procent større. I 2000 var forskellen omkring 62 procent, her lå Marstal også i bunden, mens Hørsholm det år toppede listen. Teoretisk set skal skolerne give eleverne samme undervisning, men der er stor forskel på timetallet fra skole til skole. Kommunerne har selvstyre, men politikerne følger nøje situationen. Der er ikke politisk enighed om, hvordan pengene skal bruges, men alle er naturligvis enige om, at undervisning er vigtig. Formand for børne- og kulturudvalget i Kommunernes Landsforening, Bjørn Dahl (V), er dog hverken foruroliget over forskellene i udgift pr. elev eller variationerne i timetal.»vi har her i landet tradition for, at kommunerne har stor frihed til at tilrettelægge for eksempel skolen alt efter de lokale behov og ønsker,«siger Bjørn Dahl. Han peger på, at nogle kommuner for eksempel har mange tosprogede elever, og derfor bruger ekstra penge til sprogundervisning, eller har mange socialt belastede familier, der øger behovet for specialundervisning. På samme måde kan kommuner med få indbyggere have ekstra udgifter, fordi små skoler er dyrere i drift end store Har vi problemer med skiftende benzinpriser i Australien, så Se her, hvilke problemer der er i Danmark: Bilisterne betaler for meget for deres brændstof, fordi de store benzinselskaber i strid med loven blokerer for priskrig på benzinmarkedet. Det mener Konkurrencestyrelsen, der med Konkurrencerådets godkendelse nu indleder en omfattende undersøgelse af samtlige selskaber, skriver Berlingske Tidende 26/09/02. Myndighederne har allerede gennemgået et selskabs praksis, oplyser direktør Finn Lauritzen fra Konkurrencestyrelsen. Af hensyn til ligebehandling af benzinselskaberne kan sagen endnu ikke offentliggøres. Styrelsen er dog ikke i tvivl om, at priskrige kontrolleres af flere danske benzinselskaber i strid med loven. Blød landing for omstridt muslimsk folketingskandidat Efter en turbulent uge fik diskussionen om den omstridte folketingskandidat Sherin Khankan en blød landing på et hovedbestyrelsesmøde i Det Radikale Venstre sent i aftes. Den unge muslims beslutning om at stemme nej til en radikal resolution, der fordømmer sharialovgivning, har ellers hvirvlet tvivlende PAGE 17

18 og kritiske kommentarer op omkring hendes person. Men efter mødet var Jesper Gronenberg, der er amtsformand for København/Frederiksberg, tilfreds med de svar, han havde fået. - Vi har fået afklaret, at hun tager klar afstand fra stening, og ikke mener, at religiøse love står over de verdslige. Og der var ikke tale om, at Sherin blev banket på plads. Det var udtalelser, hun selv kom med, og derfor kan vi nu bakke hende fuldt op som folketingskandidat, sagde Jesper Gronenberg. /ritzau/ Jyllands Posten beretter også om: Pædagogstrejkerne er slut de fleste steder, andre steder er der stadig lukkede institutioner i protest mod kommunernes nedskæringer. Nogle steder har forældre været nødt til at finde alternativ pasning til deres børn, da deres sædvanlige skolefritidsordning eller børnehave har været lukket i op til 2 uger. Skal du på ferie i Danmark_ Så er er en website, som kan være dig behjælpelig. Den hedder Hvis du ikke er interesseret i Internettet, så er der overalt i Danmark turistkontorer, som gerne vil assistere med at gøre din ferie til et godt minde om Danmark. Du kan simpelthen skrive til turistkontoret i det område, du ønsker at besøge. Følgende adresse er tilstrækkelig: Turistbureauet, postnummer, by. Her er et par eksempler. Turistbureauet 4550 Asnæs, Turistbureauet 9510 Arden, Turistbureauet 7200 Grindsted. Turistbureauet 3790 Hasle. Sygehuse lukker på stribe Hele den danske sygehusstruktur er under hastig forandring. Trods borgernes protester vil en række sygehuse i Danmark i fremtiden PAGE 18 lukke eller blive reduceret væsentligt, mens andre vil specialisere sig i at behandle og operere bestemte sygdomme for at overleve. Søren Kragballe skriver A.P. Møller forbereder sig til Irak-krig og sætter i begyndelsen af oktober fire nye skibe ind i den del af sin flåde, der betjener det amerikanske militær Gruppens amerikanske rederi, Maersk Line, Limited, udskifter fire ældre containerskibe med fire, der er større og mere moderne. Maersk Line, Limited er et rent amerikanske rederi og kan derfor sejle for den amerikanske stat og militæret. Maersk Line, Limited opererer 36 skibe, som det amerikanske militær kan trække på lige fra tankskibe over militærtransportskibe i form af både katamaran og enkeltskrogsskibe til containerskibe i Panamax størrelsen. Selskabet har hovedkvarter i Norfolk i staten Virginia. Shampoo kan give fosterskader Beretter Poul Tvilum, JP, Shampoo og skyllemiddel kan give alvorlige fosterskader, viser nye dyreforsøg i Tyskland. Det er stoffet AEEA (aminoetyletanolamin) som øger risikoen for fosterskader. Mødres brug af Shampoo kan skade det ufødte barn. Hos Miljøstyrelsen i Danmark er man ikke bekendt med, at stoffet AEEA øger risikoen for fosterskader. "Men vi undersøger sagen," siger Annette Orloff, specialkonsulent i Miljøstyrelsen. SAS vil afskedige 320 piloter: Krise i flybranchen tvinger SAS til at skære hver femte pilotstilling væk og til at lade fly blive på jorden. Piloterne mener, at der er tale om et løftebrud. De har levet op til øgede effektivitetskrav, siger de. Informationschef i SAS, Troels Rasmussen, bekræfter over for Jyllands-Posten, at der pågår forhandlinger med piloterne, men vil ikke komme ind på antallet af fyringstruede piloter.

19 Fjerkræsygdom på retur: Situationen for danske fjerkræproducenter er på vej mod et normalt leje. Fødevaredirektoratet har ophævet 122 beskyttelseszoner ud af de i alt 135 zoner, der var i karantæne for den smitsomme fjerkræsygdom, Newcastle Disease. Dog er det stadig de store erhvervsbesætninger, der er tilbage. Formand for Det Danske Fjerkræraad, Jens Peter Rønholt, priser sig lykkelig for, at det værste hysteri omkring sygdommen er overstået.»det har været en svær tid for branchen. Men heldigvis er vi i den meget omskiftelige fjerkræbranche vant til at leve med store prisudsving,«siger formanden. HEIMDAL AUGUST- SEPTEMBER GOLF I d move heaven and earth to break a hundred but was told try heaven as I d moved most of the earth. Frightful weather driving to Horton Park on the 25th. (why is the golf course called a park?), so bad we wondered if, for only the second time in our history the meet might be called off. No fear though the course is well kept and the drainage worked fine, the Black Swan with its cygnets seemed to enjoy the water as did the Purple Swamp Hens along with the Cygnus Atratus and Porphyrio Porphyrio, not to mention the Welcome Swallow properly named the Hirundo Neoxena. Not to mention the grouse that someone should stick an urn outside these clubhouses with a bottle of milk and tea bags in the morning. Couldn t be too hard, sans urnus horribilis. Bird info from birder extraordinary Tom Tarrants. And now to clarify our count back rule that Hanne uses to assess the final order of names listed for mention, if the scores are level at the completion of 18 holes then the scores at the 15th. hole are used and further back if necessary until a lower score is found. The result of applying this rule resulted in Richard of B Grade fame coming third with 79 with Jens Andersen on 74, who was the host with Hannah to members of our group the previous evening, this score being six shy of shy Grethe on 68. In A Grade Jens the son of Anton came in with 89 with Paul on 80 and Kai leading the pack with a hard earned 74, a double for the Skindbjergs. For putting in A Grade Jens Andersen took 29 and in B Grade Jens Andersen took 34. There were four Nearest The Pin award recipience and they were William on the 4th. with Jens Antonsen on the 8th, Paul on the 12th. and Hanne on the 17th. I noticed after the game at Keppera that golfers of other groups were wearing their club shirts, which looked smart. To keep are standard dress relevant those without our shirt might like to require one, they will be on display at Nudgee. And writing of dress I m glad that plus fours are not the standard trousers worn now as they might have been a little warm at Keppera, such lovely weather it was. Plus fours were designed from knickerbockers, a loose fitting trouser gathered at the knee but with an added 4 inches, I don t know why. But I do know that in the 15th. century Mary, the cousin of Elizabeth 1st. and with a French mother and being brought up French was naturally then called Mary Queen of Scots. She liked a game of golf but alas like today needed body-guards and these were drawn from the French military and were called cadets from which came the term caddie which is about all the French influence we should allow the French on the game, not that they would want to nuke it a la South Pacific atolls. Of golf course not. Keppara was a delight on 8th. September when we met for our penultimate regular game. It certainly was a delight to Kai who took out the A Grade comp with 72. Kai made for us those professional looking markers that we now use and we thank him for taking the time to make PAGE 19

20 them although it is with irony that I report that on the 25th. hole he chipped to the green and as his ball made a bee line to the flag it hit his recently made marker and sped off in another direction. A victim of his own devices. Henrik managed 9 strokes on one hole but nevertheless came in with 75 followed closely by Paul on 76. In B Grade William made 70, it seems rather farfetched that score but there you are. A count back was required for 2nd. and 3rd. places which resulted in Hanne coming next on 74 with Richard following up. Never to be taken for granted Grant had a very good 30 puts total and for A Grade Kai refused to be ignored on 33 while Jens also, absolutely, refused to be ignored and was also rewarded with a ball for the same total. No one came close for the Eagles Nest prize but Paul got nearest the pin on the 12th. and 27th. holes, Henrik on the 25th. and Jens Antonsen finally getting a pair of balls (for the day) with a good shot on the 17th. We all saw the bloke in a wet suit up to his neck in water collecting drowned golf balls, which I and Henrik and others in our group thoughtfully added to, well he said to me thanks for the donation. I asked him about his job and he said that he started for pocket money when he was 6 years old and now had an agreement with eight courses to collect balls. Thirteen hundred had to be given to the club and I understood this to be every month as payment and he kept the rest. Well if you like an out door life style in pleasant surroundings, the occasional eel underfoot then this is the life style for you and by the way he claims he earnt $50000 last year. If you remember my article for June Golf where I estimated 47 balls were lost per minute his claim may not be too extravagant. Coming fixtures -- October 13th. Nudgee with Tee off at 8.30, be there by at least 8.0 o clock and remember the Tenterfield weekend in November Happy golfing, William PAGE 20

June 2012. Medlemsblad. Den Danske Forening Heimdal. Newsletter for the Danish Association Heimdal Established 1872. Post office on the NSW N Coast

June 2012. Medlemsblad. Den Danske Forening Heimdal. Newsletter for the Danish Association Heimdal Established 1872. Post office on the NSW N Coast Den Danske Forening Heimdal June 2012 Post office on the NSW N Coast Strangler Fig Tree in N NSW Birds at Beach in Ocean shores Hansen Girls in San Jose backyard Medlemsblad Newsletter for the Danish Association

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DOWN UNDER. Vær med til at fejre et ikons 40 år page 4. 6 Aug. 13. Friendship Society of Australia, New Zealand and Denmark

DOWN UNDER. Vær med til at fejre et ikons 40 år page 4. 6 Aug. 13. Friendship Society of Australia, New Zealand and Denmark DOWN UNDER No. 6 Aug. 13 Vær med til at fejre et ikons 40 år page 4 Friendship Society of Australia, New Zealand and Denmark En tur til Western Australia Her oplevede vi dét, der er alle bilisters mareridt

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What do users look up in dictionaries?

What do users look up in dictionaries? What do users look up in dictionaries? The data for the statistics is 1,111,034 queries entered into the 'Danish-English-Danish' online dictionary at . English and

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1111 2 3 4 5 6 7 Colloquial 8 9 10 Danish 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 4211

1111 2 3 4 5 6 7 Colloquial 8 9 10 Danish 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 4211 Colloquial Danish The Colloquial Series Series Adviser: Gary King The following languages are available in the Colloquial series: * Afrikaans Albanian * Amharic Arabic (Levantine) Arabic of Egypt Arabic

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LEITNERS KLOGE KASSE 1005 WORDS LEITNERS KLOGE KASSE 1005 WORDS LEITNERS KLOGE KASSE 1005 WORDS LEITNERS KLOGE KASSE 1005 WORDS Redigeret af Bente D Eskildsen, januar 2007 1 Leitners kloge kasse Af Bente D Eskildsen januar 2007 I de tidlige 70 ere opfandt en tysk psykolog ved navn Sebastian Leitner et indlæringssystem som gør selektiv

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10. klasse engelsk Ingebjørg Sandøy

10. klasse engelsk Ingebjørg Sandøy Grammatisk oversigt 10. klasse engelsk Ingebjørg Sandøy NR: OVERSIGT: SIDE: 1 Ordklasser 2 2 Ordstilling 3 3 Kendeord 4 4 Navneords flertal 5 5 Navneords ejefald (genitiv) 6 6 Regelmæssige udsagnsord (verber)

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H.C. Andersen Prisen THe HAns CHrisTiAn Andersen AWArd

H.C. Andersen Prisen THe HAns CHrisTiAn Andersen AWArd H.C. Andersen Prisen THe HAns CHrisTiAn Andersen AWArd en verdensomspændende æressag A world-wide matter of honour H.C. ANDERSEN PRISEN En verdensomspændende æressag THE HANS CHRISTIAN ANDERSEN AWARD

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Februar 2012. Made by ConCom Safety

Februar 2012. Made by ConCom Safety MOVE Made by ConCom Safety Februar 2012 The Creation of an industry Mick Upton The Evolution of Crowd Barriers Cees Muurling Summerdays Festival i Schweiz Johnny Jønsson En hilsen fra Helvede! Jeppe Nissen

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NybroTidende Nybrogård Kollegiets interne blad

NybroTidende Nybrogård Kollegiets interne blad NybroTidende Nybrogård Kollegiets interne blad September 2011 Årgang 38. Nr. 7, Nyt fra Beboerrådet Ny kasserer søges Jobbet er aflønnet til ca. 5 timer om måneden Alle interesserede bedes melde sig hurtigst

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Indhold. Brøndby Cup 2015

Indhold. Brøndby Cup 2015 Brøndby Cup 2015 Indhold Forord ved Christian Barrett (Preface, page 6)... 4 Stadionrundvisning (Guided tour of Brøndby Stadium, page 9)... 9 Telefonliste (Telephone list, page 11)... 11 Da Daniel Agger

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NybroTidende Nybrogård Kollegiets interne blad

NybroTidende Nybrogård Kollegiets interne blad NybroTidende Nybrogård Kollegiets interne blad Oktober 2011 Årgang 38. Nr. 8, Nyt fra Beboerrådet Ny kasserer i Beboerrådet Anna, M45, er ny kasserer i Beboerrådet. Hun har boet på kollegiet i 3 måneder

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2&#$/3(4*/14$)#/5*1/6*40#7('3(+-#&'()*4 !!! 2&#$/3(4*/14$)#/5*1/6*40#7('3(+-#&'()*4!!!!!!!!!"#$"$!! %#&'()*+,-(./01(!"#$%!&'()$*+,-+,.$/!!! 012334*5'6567! ),! 8$)! 0123346+5%$'$8%$7!!),! 8$)!!!!!!!!!! 9':%6!,-!-('!012334&'()$*+7!!! ;45

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Danish Church in Australia Inc.


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E-Usability and Science Theory module

E-Usability and Science Theory module E-Usability and Science Theory module E-Concept, EAL Odense Fall 2011 Jeanett Drevsfeldt, Søren Pryds, Shwan Sulaiman, Bonita Hansen 1 E-Usability and Science Theory module Contents Introduction/About

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Indhold. Redaktør: Martin Arvedlund. Billedredaktør: Ingrid Sinding.

Indhold. Redaktør: Martin Arvedlund. Billedredaktør: Ingrid Sinding. K o n ta k t H e r l u f s h o l m S k o l e D e c e m b e r 2 0 1 1 Leder For nogle år tilbage bragte DR en TV-serie i bedste sendetid om Herlufsholm Skole- særligt med fokus på kostskolelivet. Det blev

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IT bachelor projects. January 2010. A Tangible Enhancement of. Enhance the Experience of Golf. for Tangible Representation

IT bachelor projects. January 2010. A Tangible Enhancement of. Enhance the Experience of Golf. for Tangible Representation A Tangible Enhancement of Movie Experiences Can Tangible Computing Enhance the Experience of Golf Motivating teens to understand and generate electricity Monitoring Dogs Activities for Tangible Representation

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Sidste Nyt fra Albanien, Kosóva og

Sidste Nyt fra Albanien, Kosóva og 1 Sidste Nyt fra Albanien, Kosóva og Makedonien The Latest News from Albania, Kosóva and Macedonia # 290-8' årgang - 03.02.2006 Version 1.0 PDF for printing Info om»sidste Nyt«Udgiver: Bjørn Andersen Publisher:

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JUNE 2011. Insight is the in-house magazine. published biannually.

JUNE 2011. Insight is the in-house magazine. published biannually. Insight is the in-house magazine of the Danbor Service Group. It is published biannually. Publisher: Danbor Service AS, Kanalen 1, DK- 6700 Esbjerg, ph +45 7911 1900,, Circulation:

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CRM with ChannelCRM. 2012 ChannelCRM A/S

CRM with ChannelCRM. 2012 ChannelCRM A/S CRM with ChannelCRM ChannelCRM CRM with ChannelCRM by ChannelCRM A/S The document in front of you is a pdf-version of the interactive help found in the ChannelCRM system. Her on paper you have the opportunity

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Ikke set før nu! ISLANDSKLUBBEN I DANMARK Nummer 80 Marts 2011

Ikke set før nu! ISLANDSKLUBBEN I DANMARK Nummer 80 Marts 2011 ISLANDSKLUBBEN I DANMARK Nummer 80 Marts 2011 WWW.DANFIL.DK/KLUBBER/ISLAND.HTM Ikke set før nu! A spectacular domestic parcel letter with a beautiful margin pair of 20 aur imperforate. Each stamp with

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De bedste billeder taget af danske fotojournalister. The best photos taken by danish photojournalists. Foreword by Klaus Rifbjerg

De bedste billeder taget af danske fotojournalister. The best photos taken by danish photojournalists. Foreword by Klaus Rifbjerg The best photos taken by danish photojournalists Foreword by Klaus Rifbjerg De bedste billeder taget af danske fotojournalister Med forord af Klaus Rifbjerg dk dk 5 dk De bedste billeder taget af danske

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BELLA SKY COPENHAGEN. The story about scandinavia s largest hotel. in the worlds top 10. Bella Center Copenhagen

BELLA SKY COPENHAGEN. The story about scandinavia s largest hotel. in the worlds top 10. Bella Center Copenhagen BC LIVE BELLA SKY The story about scandinavia s largest hotel COPENHAGEN in the worlds top 10 Bella Center Copenhagen Official Bella Center Live magazine 2011 5 6 12 32 40 58 44 16 05 Tænk stort Think

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University of Westminster & Ministry of Defence Languages Examinations Board

University of Westminster & Ministry of Defence Languages Examinations Board Ministry of Defence Languages Examinations Board Diploma Danish March 2002 Reading Task 1 Task 2 Military Journal Newspaper Article Time allowed 60 minutes Candidates should attempt all the questions.

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Business Plan. GreenFleet An empty taxi is good for nobody. Bergur Ziska Brian Haunstrup Johannes Lund Matias Bjørling Simon A. F.

Business Plan. GreenFleet An empty taxi is good for nobody. Bergur Ziska Brian Haunstrup Johannes Lund Matias Bjørling Simon A. F. Business Plan GreenFleet An empty taxi is good for nobody Bergur Ziska Brian Haunstrup Johannes Lund Matias Bjørling Simon A. F. Lund EXECUTIVE SUMMARY... 3 MOTIVATION AND BACKGROUND FOR THE GREEN-TAXI

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the bid from Airbus. We feel that the price fuldt ud afspejler værdierne i Sat air. Siden

the bid from Airbus. We feel that the price fuldt ud afspejler værdierne i Sat air. Siden N.E. Nielsen Vi er meget tilfredse med, at et markant We are very pleased that a significant majority 1 of Satair s shareholders have accep ted Formand for flertal 1 af Satairs ak tionærer har accepteret

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DESIGNSKOLEN KOLDING /KOLDING SCHOOL OF DESIGN 2011-2012 1 DESIGNSKOLEN KOLDING /KOLDING SCHOOL OF DESIGN 2011-2012 2 3 Indholdsfortegnelse / Table of contents 04 Forord ved bestyrelsesformanden / Foreword by the Chairman of the Board 06 Indledning ved rektor

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Indhold. Udstillingen har aldrig kun været et museologisk

Indhold. Udstillingen har aldrig kun været et museologisk NORDISK MUSEOLOGI 2009 1 Indhold Museologen Marc Maure sendte i 2008 et forslag til redaktionen om at vælge udstillingsmediets historie, dets form, æstetik og indhold som et kommende tema for Nordisk Museologi.

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Authentic Companies are the Winners of Tomorrow

Authentic Companies are the Winners of Tomorrow Authentic Companies are the Winners of Tomorrow +45 33 23 13 00 IMAGE AUTHENTICITY This above all: to thine own self be true And it doth follow, as the night the day,

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JCI Horsens Kammerbladet

JCI Horsens Kammerbladet JCI Kammerbladet November-tema: I et i JCI I dette nummer: Formandens ord Referat havnerundfart, studenterkørsel og stegt flæsk Tema: I et i JCI Interview m Robbert van Waart, JCI VP 2012, Kim Roijakkers,

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