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1 otolloooo/ - I / J9o/ Letter of Agreement between JRCC Iceland and MRCC Torshavn

2 Table of content 1. Introduction Background References and definitions Aims and objectives Methods Search and Rescue Regions - SRR Co-ordination in SAR occurrences General procedures Communications Validity: Signature page:... 5 Annex 1 - Communications Annex 2- JRCC-ICELAND SRR Annex 3- MRCC-THORSHA VN SRR Annex 4- A letter from Statens Luftfarsvresen to MRCC-THORSHA VN... 10

3 1. Introduction 1.1. Background The need for a formal agreement between JRCC Iceland and MRCC T6rshavn has been high-lighted considering the high level of traffic in SEpart of Reykjavik Control Area. JRCC Iceland is a part of the Icelandic Coast Guard, which is an organization under the auspices of the Ministry of Interior. MRCC T6rshavn is an organization under the Faroese Ministry of Fisheries and Maritime Affairs References and definitions JRCC - Joint Rescue coordinating Centre. ARCC - Aeronautical Rescue Coordinating Centre. ARSC -Aeronautical rescue sub-centre MRCC -Maritime Rescue Coordinating Centre. Alerting post - Any facility intended to serve as an intermediary between a person reporting an emergency and a rescue co-ordination centre or rescue sub-centre. SRU - Search and Rescue Unit. SRR - Search and Rescue Region. DATUM- A geographic point, line, or area used as a reference in search planning. OXJ - Callsign oft6rshavn Radio. TFB- Callsign of JRCC-Iceland. ACC- Area Control Centre. BIRD FIR- Reykjavik Flight Information Region. VAGAR TIZ- Vagar Traffic Information Zone. AFIS VAGAR - Aerodrome Flight Information Service ofvagar Aims and objectives To ensure, when an aviation emergency arises in or near the unilateral Faroese maritime SRR and within the Icelandic aeronautical SRR, that Search and Rescue work will be carried out in a safe and efficient manner

4 and in accordance with national and international agreements and recommendations. To ensure, when aviation emergency occurs, that communication between JRCC Iceland and MRCC T6rshavn is performed in accordance with this agreement and international standards. To carry out exercises and evaluations on regular basis or as agreed between parties Methods Document CAA-Denmark dated 19th of October 2004, dealing with "Search and Rescue in Faeroe Islands" states that the cooperation between MRCC T6rshavn and ARCC-Reykjavik (now JRCC -Iceland) should be encouraged, bearing in mind that the procedures should be formally agreed in the future. See annex 4. This agreement is made as a result of joint exercises held in the past, which have revealed a clear need for formal procedures between JRCC-Iceland and MRCC-T6rshavn, as well as defining the role ofthe alerting posts Reykjavik ACC and AFIS Vagar. 2. Search and Rescue Regions - SRR The Icelandic aeronautical SRR is bounded by following points: 73 00'00" N '00"W, along 73 N to 73 00'00" N '00"E/W, 61 00'00"N '00" E/W, along 61 N to '00" N '00" W, 58 30'00"N '00" W, along 58 30'N to 58 30'00" N '00" W, 63 30'00" N '00" W, '00"N '00"W, 73 00'00" N '00" W. See annex 2. The unilateral Faroese maritime SRR is bounded by following: Faroese Fishery Zone-FFZ, ref. chart in SAR Foroyar Vol.-1, Part 7.3. See annex 3.

5 3. Co-ordination in SAR occurrences General procedures Reykjavik ACC is the Alerting Post within BIRD FIR. Vagar AFIS is the Alerting Post within V AGAR TIZ. JRCC Iceland and Reykjavik ACC are to use available information and expertise in order to provide reliable DATUM or other appropriate search information in case of aeronautical emergency. JRCC-Iceland is to provide available assets and other assistance from Iceland. JRCC-Iceland undertakes communications with operators and ensures that next of kin of persons involved are informed. MRCC-T6rshavn undertakes surface search co-ordination as well as communications with SRUs on scene within the Faroese maritime SRR. MRCC-T6rshavn is to provide available assets from the Faeroe Islands. As the situation dictates, Reykjavik ACC or AFIS Vagar initially alert JRCC Iceland or MRCC T6rshavn of aircraft emergency within the Faroese SRR. JRCC Iceland is to be alerted of all aeronautical emergencies. AFIS Vagar is to use available information and expertise, in order to provide reliable DATUM or other appropriate search information in case of aeronautical emergency. Ref. AlP Faroe Islands GEN 3.6 paragraph 2.

6 3.2. Communications JRCC Iceland and MRCC T6rshavn are to exchange and update regularly respective telephone and fax numbers and other relevant means of communications between the two centers. See annex 1. MRCC T6rshavn and T6rshavn radio/oxj undertakes maritime emergency communications. 4. Validity: This agreement becomes valid when it has been signed by both parties. This agreement can be modified if both parties agree. This agreement can be cancelled by mutual agreement or by either party with 6 month prior notice.

7 Signature page: Reykjavik, Iceland 4th of February T 6rshavn, Faeroe Islands /f> r,, of February Larusson D ctor General he Icelandic Coastguard Ro ert J: Olsen Manager MRCC T6rshavn. Reykjavik, Iceland 4th of Februu.l. ~ e. 'r L<./IJo1 ASieiPalsson Director ANS Is a via Naviair hannesen Vagar ATS 5

8 Annex 1 -Communications Sj6bjargingarst06in MRCC T6rshavn, Tinghusvegur 64, F T6rshavn, Faroe Islands. Primary tel.: Secondary tel: Secondary tel: Fax.: Inmarsat C: Inmarsat B: Frequencies: To be agreed JRCC Iceland Skogarhlid Reykjavik Iceland Primary tel: Emergency tel: Fax: AFTN: BIRKICGT Inmarsat C: Reykjavik Area Control Centre Isavia. Reykjavik Airport, 101 Reykjavik. Primary tel: Secondary tel.: Secondary tel: Fax: lnmarsat-m: Air traffic control frequencies in BIRD east sector: 126,75 MHz. 132,2 MHz, 125,5 MHz, Iceland Radio Frequencies MHz 6

9 Vagar AFIS V aga Floghavn F0380 S0rvagur Faroe Island Tel: Fax: Freq: 124,85 mhz plus 121,5 mhz Head ofvagar ATS

10 Annex 2- JRCC-ICELAND SRR 8


12 Annex 4 -A letter from Statens Luftfarsvcesen to MRCC THORSHAVN Statens Luftfartsvaesen Civil Aviation Administration - Denmark MRCC/Sj6bjargingarsti?J0in Att:Dj6ni Weihe Tinghusvegur 64 F0-100 T6rshavn Faroe Islands Oato: 19. oktober 2004 Oeres brev af: Vorref.: Deres ref.: Sagsbehandler. Graham Robb Oirekte nr.: Emne: Eftersegnings- og redningstjenester pa Faareerne Tak for bes0get hos MRCC/Sj6bjargingarst00in i T6rshavn sidste mimed. Vi syntes at MRCC/Sj6bjargingarste0in arbejder pa en meget professionelt og fomuftig plan og ser frem til at kunne udvikle et samarbejde mellem MRCC/Sj6bjargingarst00in og Statens Luftfartsvmsen (SL V). SLV er ansvarlig for, og udgiver Aeronautical Information Publication (AlP) Fmr0erne (se link) Under punk! AlP Part 1, Generelt (GEN), GEN 3.6 Efters0gnings- og redningstjenester, omtales "Ansvarlige tjenester'', hvoriblandt MRCC/Sj6bjargingarst00in er nmvnt men, under de f0lgende punkter (2 til 6) refereres til RCC Reykjavik og Vagar AFIS. For at sikrer at efters0gnings- og redningsljenester pa Fmmeme udnyttes optimalt er det vigtigt at, informationen i AlP Fmr0eme gengiver de rigtige oplysninger og at, samarbejdet imellem RCC Reykjavik og MRCC/Sj6bjargingarst00in er beskrevet i henhold til punkter 2 til 6. SL V beder MRCC/Sj6bjargingarst00in om at, indlede en dialog med RCC Reykjavik med henblik pa at formalisere samarbejdet og informationen scm bruges I AlP Fmr0erne. Me~ Graham Robb Luftfartsinspekt0r Flyveoperationer CC: Luftfartsinspekt0r Knud Rosing I SLV Sigurleifur Kristjansson Reykjavik RCC Side 1 af 1 Luftfartshuset Box 744 Ellebjergvej Kebenhavn SV Telefon Fax Abningstid Fredag Internet adresser: E-post: Hjemmesk:te: 10