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1 CRM with ChannelCRM


3 ChannelCRM CRM with ChannelCRM by ChannelCRM A/S The document in front of you is a pdf-version of the interactive help found in the ChannelCRM system. Her on paper you have the opportunity to at your own pace look through all topics without using your computer. On the other hand, the on-line version is far better when you are to search for solutions to problems or getting help at using specific parts of the CRM system. On-line help is started by pressing F1 within ChannelCRM or by visiting

4 CRM with ChannelCRM All rights reserved. No parts of this work may be reproduced in any form or by any means - graphic, electronic, or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, taping, or information storage and retrieval systems - without the written permission of the publisher. Products that are referred to in this document may be either trademarks and/or registered trademarks of the respective owners. The publisher and the author make no claim to these trademarks. While every precaution has been taken in the preparation of this document, the publisher and the author assume no responsibility for errors or omissions, or for damages resulting from the use of information contained in this document or from the use of programs and source code that may accompany it. In no event shall the publisher and the author be liable for any loss of profit or any other commercial damage caused or alleged to have been caused directly or indirectly by this document. Printed: April 2012 Lyngby Publisher ChannelCRM A/S Managing Editor Jens Bo Frederiksen Technical Editors Jonas Almstrup Søren Rasmussen

5 Contents 5 Table of contents 1 A Short Introduction to CRM 2 2 CRM In General 8 3 Where Does the Data Come From? 12 4 Logon to ChannelCRM 18 5 The ToDo list 20 6 Windows 22 Company Contact Project Activity About... Activities 29 Tabbed... folders 31 Info tags Contacts Activities Projects Documents About Journalizing Text 37 Modify... window layout 7 Calendar Views... 8 Seach and navigation Search... lists 46 Quick... search 49 Navigation Navigate by click 9 38 Ordrers and forecast Create... order 58 Send... offer 63 Offers... as pdf 66 Forecast... 67

6 6 CRM with ChannelCRM Data... fields in orders 73 Sales... Models and CRM 75 Project Score - Inspiration Tele Center 80 Call... list 81 Current... call Mail Merge 86 Mail... Merge Fields Word and Excel 86 Mail... Merge Fields Outlook 95 Mass... Mail Merge 96 Word Outlook Reports 98 Reports... in windows 98 Design... a report 99 Report layout 103 View... a report 104 Paper... based reporting Marketing 110 Campaigns... Build a Campaign Campaign functionality Assign callers Create Canvas... Calls 123 Add Info... tags 124 Word Mail... Merge 124 Outlook Mail... Merge 128 Create activities Define questions 130 Campaign statistics 132 Info-tags Outlook Synchronize... with Outlook 136 Mailjournalisering... til projekter 140 Outlook... Changes Sales Management 146 About... Sales Management 146 About... Knowledge Sharing 147 Activity... Levels 148

7 Contents Forecast... Analysis 16 Customizing ChannelCRM Language Grid... settings 153 Layout... settings Administration 158 System... Setup 158 Create... user 159 Access... Rights 160 Global... settings 161 Lookup... tables 163 Business... Calendar 166 Info... Tag Pick List 167 Activity... Categories 168 Sequence... Numbers 169 Scoreboard... settings 172 Project Company Modify... Window Layout globally 174 Service... Monitor 175 Macros Data import 182 Import... from spreadsheets or Outlook 182 Import... from Navne & Numre Markedsdata 185 Drag... drop (DropZone) CRM/Engineering 202 Project... Locations 202 Matrikler Project... Folders CRM/Marketing 204 Campaigns External... bookings 208 Data... Cleansing CRM/Search&Selection 214 On... Search & Selection 214 The... Connection Between CRM and S&S 217

8 8 CRM with ChannelCRM Windows... Search Quality of Service Applicant Tabbed folders As Applicant CV Text Conf. Text Profile Positions Position 225 Tabbed folders Applicants Activities 226 Processes... Steps in the Application Process Candidate Status Matchbuilding Configuration... The Process Profiling CRM/Consultancy 240 Søg... konsulent 241 Konsulentvinduet Assignment fane CV items fane Sammensæt... CV items 245 Assignments CV... items 246 Find... konsulenter til opgave CRM/Human Resource 252 No... text yet 24 CRM/Medico No... text yet 25 Add On Modules Fritekst... indeksering og søg Søgning Avanceret... søgning 260 Full Text Option Setup 260 Installér dansk... i SQL Server 264 Navne... & Numre Markedsdata NNM Context Menu Video Training... KPIs 267 Integration... to e-conomic 267

9 Contents 9 Integration... til C5 (pre ) 271 Integration... til C5 SQL 285 C5 SQL installation C5 SQL brug af data Integration... til andre økonomiløsninger Finans filoverførsel installation Finans brug af data 26 Installation SQL... Server Setup Install SQL Server 2008 Express "Mangler sysadmin adgang" Forbindelser over netværk Check List for SQL Server Security Setup Install a new database Migrate from CASH Classic Database Roles Upgrades... Upgrade the end user client software Upgrade database formats Integration... Access to external data Data links Dataoverførsel BackUp Data... Model 354 Installation... Personal Edition Work Flows 360 Send... a newsletter 360 Remove... duplicates 362 Add... a new user 363 Add... a new company 365 Forecast... setup Video sessions Introduction... Video Intro Search... and find Video training Quick Search Video training Search Video training Navigation by Click Companies... and contacts Company Window Basic Company Window Advanced Contacts and Occupations

10 10 CRM with ChannelCRM Appointments... and calendars Video training Calendar Views 378 Views... and reports Video training Design a Report Video training Mail Merge from View Journalling... Journalising by Drag Drop Journalising by Create Outlook... Outlook SetUp Marketing... and campaigns Build Campaign based on NACE code Video training Mail Merge from Campaign Info Tags Example Forecast,... offers and orders Video training Projects & Scores Navne... & Numre Markedsdata Video training NNM import Installation... and setup Video training Layout No help yet Contact and information 384 Index 385

11 Foreword You have bought or are in the process of buying the ChannelCRM system. We presume that you have come so far because you see the need for selling more, better and quicker. Perhaps also because you see the need for delivering higher levels of customer service and thereby securing your future business. If you recognize the above you are heading in the right direction. CRM surely is a way of upgrading your sales and ChannelCRM is the most efficient way to CRM. To quickly get an overview of the possibilities in ChannelCRM this printed version of the online help is well suited. Note though that all information in this document is also present in the online help. The online version is the better choice if you are to search for information or if you need help tied to the use of specific areas of CRM. You can reach the online help by pressing F1 within the ChannelCRM application or by visiting Best regards, ChannelCRM A/S


13 A Short Introduction to CRM Part 1

14 2 CRM with ChannelCRM 1 A Short Introduction to CRM You are now about to use - or at least you are considering using - the ChannelCRM system. We are assuming that you came this far because you are experiencing the need to improve your selling efforts, in order to sell more, better and faster. Maybe you have also experienced a need to offer better service towards your customers and prospects in order to improve customer retention and satisfaction. If your recognize some of yourself in the above you are on the right track. CRM is the way to achieve better sales and ChannelCRM is the most effective way to CRM. With the manual in front of you, you have a recipe for CRM: How to get started? Not only from a technical perspective in the form of how to install, configure system and network, but also the sales-practitioners perspective: How do I use the system? Where do I get my data from? How do I conduct a campaign? How do I build up the pipeline and forecast? What should I require from the users of the system? Speaking of users: ChannelCRM is used in organizations from 1 to more than 100 users. Depending on the role and job function of the user, there might be differences in what is important to the user. Regardless of the anything it is crucial that the individual user is experiencing that the system gives him or her clear benefits. If not, the system will not provide you with the optimal results you are looking for. The writers of this Short Introduction to CRM are actually the partners behind the company ChannelCRM. Therefore you should not expect an unbiased view of CRM here. We obviously believe that the ChannelCRM system represents the best and most effective way to CRM. Before entering the CRM business on the supply side, the partners spent a combined 60 years of sales, sales-management, and executive management experience in some of the most highly competitive sales organizations on the planet. Believe us when we say, that we have experienced almost anything in the world of CRM from the user side. Our experiences led to the simple idea behind ChannelCRM: CRM should benefit the salespeople - if it doesn't, it fails. So our mission is clear - we want you to sell more. To help you do so we have distilled our experiences into ChannelCRM, we hope that you may benefit! So what should you expect to achieve from CRM? First and foremost CRM is a discipline that helps you work more efficiently with your sales and marketing processes resulting in more sales, more customer satisfaction and more employee motivation. By simply structuring the sales processes and supporting them with the right information you will experience that you: Don t forget about opportunities Don t waste time searching for information

15 A Short Introduction to CRM 3 Always have a clear understanding of where you are and where you are going with your sales and marketing process Don't waste time chasing the opportunities that you clearly will not win The Customer is the key focus of CRM. You should calculate on benefiting from better customer retention. In today s business, a key to success is that you are able to handle your customers as least as good as your best competitor. An important benefit from CRM to have in mind is the increased valuation of your company. Once CRM is implemented you are able to document not only how well your company has hold of its existing customers, but also how well you have planned for the future activities that will secure more and even happier customers. These are very important parameters for a third party assessing the value of your company. With CRM you will have much better control and navigation of your company. Almost all companies have to constantly adapt marketing, sales and customer service to changing market conditions. The current financial climate only increases the pressures on companies to remain agile and anticipative. But without a CRM system it is very difficult, since problems do not become visible in your traditional ERP systems before they are a reality. Your CRM solution allows you to detect trends while they are really still trends. Therefore you can be proactive. You will need that in today s business climate. So Who Is Going To Do All of This For You? The short answer is - you are. Off course we and our partners would like to participate during the CRM implementation, but the actively you and your employees and colleagues are putting in an effort, the faster you get to the result and the better your result will be. CRM in your organization will be tightly integrated with how you do your business, your visions for your customers, and the how you want your values and culture reflected in your way of doing business. It is not a thing you want to leave in the hands of consultants. You can off course let others handle the trivial tasks of data cleansing, import and data entry, but be 100% on top of the process of developing your way of using CRM. So When Should We Get Started? The short answer is - now. We have yet to witness a company that does not have highly visible, easily identifiable, challenges when it comes to sales and marketing. Aim at the solution for these challenges first and then consider what your next move should be. Far too many companies fail with CRM by starting, too complex, too expensive analysis projects in situations where the truth about the need for process improvement is so obvious that the final pre-study analysis report could have been made with cut and paste. Most often the projects have a tendency to end out in conclusions showing the need for very significant customer specific adaptations or maybe even bespoke solutions. If your company has the time (and the money) to

16 4 CRM with ChannelCRM wait for the result, this method might be the route to take. It is the chosen strategy of Fortune 500 companies. But if you are not a Fortune 500 company, then this manual will show you how to get benefits from CRM quickly and how your company can have CRM that lets you compete with the very best when it comes to sales and customer service. Welcome to ChannelCRM. Layout - Reading Directions The manual is composed of general sections (like this one) and sections that are specific to the use of ChannelCRM. Large portions of the manual serves as online help in the ChannelCRM system. But along the specific sections you will find chapters that discusses implementation considerations and issues. When reading from page 1 and down you will be guided through a series of general considerations and gradually led into the practicalities of actually doing them with ChannelCRM. We are aware that you might not be in need of a general introduction, and you might want to bypass some of the chapters or maybe shift the order of the chapters since you might have a different sequence in your CRM project. This is perfectly ok. The important thing is that you use the manual here as a guide to getting from a "CRM level zero" to "CRM MasterClass". And Who The H... is Hyacint? When you are introducing CRM in your company it will spur a lot of emotions with the people who is going to work with it. This is not unusual, since getting to CRM requires that each salesperson will have to take a look at his or her own habits, attitudes and ways of working. Please observe that CRM might be something one or more of your employees have failed with (more than once) before. To spur emotions is fundamentally a positive situation because it will bring around energy. The important thing however is to make sure that the emotions surfaces in a way that they can be used constructively. Therefore it is a good idea to prepare yourself for some of the emotions that might be expected from the people around you. To help you do so we have come with four fictive persons. Four salesperson archetypes. Actually four archetypes of any white collar professional. What we do is that we stereotype each person, their attitude and reaction pattern to the extreme. The persons are:

17 A Short Introduction to CRM Kent Fast Hyacint Oliver Grumple 5 Paula Nice You might get a hint about personality and attitude from the names, and this is also the intention. On the other hand there is no intentional correspondence between the personality/attitude and the age/sex of persons. Whilst our persons here might give you plenty of opportunities to reinforce stereotypes based on age and sex then luckily there are so many real life examples of persons that prove the stereotypes wrong that the stereotypes remain exactly that - stereotypes. When we are using the persons to show possible reactions, they might come across as overly simplified and too extreme to be true. You are possibly right. In the real world there is more depth to persons than to our four stereotypes. But it is our hope that you will find a little bit of yourself and your colleagues in the stereotypes and that your colleagues can find a bit of themselves and that you all can use this as basis for a proactive and open approach to the changes that CRM is about to bring about.


19 CRM In General Part 2

20 8 CRM with ChannelCRM 2 CRM In General CRM is short for Customer Relationship Management. In a world filled with buzzwords and acronyms, one might be tempted to think of CRM as just another management fad that only serves to make smart consultants rich and will soon be over and replaced by yet another buzzword. Eventhough the CRM concept is certainly highly exposed and maybe even "hyped", there is still some very basic and sound business sense in the concept; off course you would want to make sure your customers are treated just as weel with you as they would with your competitor, and off course you would want to enhance the efficiency of your sales efforts. What is CRM? Customer Relationship Management as a term is almost self explanatory. Nevertheless you wil find numerous definitons and explanations if you ask around with suppliers, colleagues etc. In this book we define CRM as "handling of all connections and activities between your company and persons in external companies with the purpose to achieve something" "External companies" could off course be your customers, but it could also be prospects or any other type of company that is influencing your sales: Competitors, suppliers, partners,... "To achieve something" is off course to sell. But it could also be other things related to sales like, spreading a message, establish a contact, provoke a reaction etc. What Do You Get from CRM? Bottom line - the purpåose of CRM should be for you to sell more that you would have without CRM. Be it to existing or new customers. But in your daily processes CRM will give you improvements that in themselves hold value to you, your customers, your employees: One single point of control for all your customer information Improved cooperation salesrep to salesrep and salesrep to sales manager Timely prioritization of your time and activities Protection of information Efficiency in daily routines Trustworthy sales forecast Control of all communication (including s) Effective campaigns Improved use of your customer information - more cross sales, up-sales and better account control Control of your activity level Insight into the pipeline progression Improved reporting

21 CRM In General Knowledge sharing and less dependency on persons The list goes on, but hopefully you will agree that CRM is more than sending direct mails or printing a list of "who bought product A last year". How is the CRM-data Structured? In a CRM system you want to make sure that the data is corrects, and that it is kept safely and that it is "connected correctly". The last item is important and this is really what is special about a CRM system. A customer is not just a name and an address. In a CRM context a customer is also the persons working there, the documents sent back and forth between your company and the customer, the activities conducted over time. The list continues, but the point is that you have to make sure that the connections remain intact. To keep track of all the connections we use what is called a database. A database is a program running on a computer that makes sure that the data is stored correctly and can be fetched, shown, changed and stored again. The database has rules that ensures that everyone can have access to the data at the same time and that your business rules are enforced. In the database we keep the data stored in a way the reflects the real world: There may be many companies in the database and in each company there may be many contacts. Each contact is connected to a company, and therefore, changing the company's phone number will have effect for all the contacts in the company, sine the company phone number is onbly stored one place. Figur 1: Struktur i data 9

22 10 CRM with ChannelCRM In the figure you can see how data is divided into areas, depending on where the data belong to. In the Firma box (Firma = Company) you would find eg the name, phone number and address of the company. In the Contact box you would find data ot related to the company but to the secific contacts working in the company eg their names, phonenumber, , and a field for which company they work. Companies Company Name Company Phone Company Address Company ID Danfoss Nymarksvej 65 1 Lego Vejlegade 11 2 Contacts Contact Name Company Contact ID Title Contact Phone Text Søren Olesen 1 CEO He is keen on improving... Inger Fredsted 2 CEO Inger started as secretary for... Søren Olsen 1 Tech Manager Responsible for pumps Albert Hugo 2 Partner One of the founders Figur: Data i tables The data in the the different tables is linked together through internal "keys" to ensure that the right contacts show up in the right companies. The tables above are only simplified examples. If you take a look at the ChannelCRM database you will find more than 100 tables. This is because of the many functions of the system but also because of a technique called database normalization, that ensures that it is easy to keep data valid, and up to date over time. As a user you will not need to know anything about the actual design of the database and how all the tables are constructed. The system will make sure that data is presented in the context you would expect. For instance: If you look at a window with details of a contact, you will also find the phone number of the company in which the contact is employed. Or - if you watch the documents journalized under a company you will find all documents that are journalized under contacts currently employed by the company.

23 Where Does the Data Come From? Part 3

24 12 CRM with ChannelCRM 3 Where Does the Data Come From? Data about Companies and Contacts CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is about keeping track of your customers and the information relevant to do so. So off course the first consideration is how to get your customer data in to the system. But let us emphasize that it is equally important to consider information about your potential customers (prospects), and even competitors, suppliers, partners, influencers etc. Many newcomers to CRM simply start off by entering customer and prospect information by keying it into the system. There is nothing wrong in this approach and it helps you make sure that all data is relevant and correct. It might be a useful exercise, to actively consider the information you have about your customers and prospects. In our experience from helping hundreds of customers initiate CRM systems the users are quite often surprised by how faulty, inconsistent and deficient their customer information really is when gathered from outlook, spreadsheets, ERP systems and so forth. Another possibility is to buy company information from one of the many suppliers in the marketplace. We are not going to recommend anyone in special, but we will recommend to stay with the same provider over time. The simple reason is that each of the information providers use their own unique identifier for companies and when you purchase updated data, you will be sure that you can update you own data correctly. Do not depend on phone number or vat number to uniquely identify a company. Most companies have many phone numbers and they do switch numbers. Many companies use the same VAT number for several branch offices. Off course you can also just import the company information from your ERP system. This is usually easily done and it gives you the benefit of easily identifying customers (with a debtor ID or similar from the ERP system). But remember that you probably do not want all your CRM initiatives to focus on existing customers. Most companies would be in trouble if they were not actively working to get new customers. The most structured strategy is to buy data from an established supplier (like D&B) and import it into the CRM system. The next step is to import existing data from eg. your ERP system. Then you map the existing customers against your external data. Usually data quantity is not a problem. Data for a Specific Purpose It is certainly a good idea to prepare yourself and decide exactly what you want information about. Usually it is not a good tactic to "collect all information about everything" since doing so will only leave you with 2 problems: a) it becomes harder to update the data b) it becomes difficult to obtain clarity

25 Where Does the Data Come From? 13 On the other hand you want to make sure you have enough information about your customer to be able to behave professionally, and you want to have information about the companies that are relevant for your sales and marketing effort. Many data formats can be kept up to date online with the Navne&Numre subscription. Address- and Segmentation Data Address Information Address Information means company name, address, phone numbers, fax, homepage etc. This data does not take up a lot of space and therefore you can normally include as many companies as you need to avoid having to manually create company information. It is recommended to include VAT number or any other uniquely identifying numbers in your country. Industry Information (NACE-codes) Industry codes follow a standard called NACE. The NACE code example. " Manufacture of coats, dresses, pants, etc.." A given company may have a number of NACE codes listed, one of which can be identified as the primary. NACE codes are good at identifying target groups for campaigns, but be careful not to use them uncritically. First, not all companies that have been meticulous in their original registration of NACE code, and secondly, there are companies for whom the industry might have changed and last but not least: the structure of NACE may not reflect how you would prefer to market your products and services. Eg. a code for "Agents with mixed portfolio" could cover quite a lot of different types of companies. Therefore NACE codes should be used in conjunction with other criteria. Economical Data The most basic economic data would probably be turnover and staff. These figures are available from almost any data provider. But a large number of financial data - perhaps several consecutive years - could be appropriate and useful for your CRM system. As an example the Navne&Numre Enterprise subscription give you access to 27 financial KPIs for each of the last five years. These KPIs can be imported as they are with all of the companies also imported, or you may choose to import them down only in cases where they have your interest. Financial data opens up for opportunities to build campaigns against companies who over time have shown a particular development in performance. Eg. one can imagine the sale of consultancy services to companies who have 2 or more good years followed by one year of decline. Contact Persons

26 14 CRM with ChannelCRM ChannelCRM is a Business to Business (B2B) system. This means that as a main rule you do not want to use it as a tool for sales towards consumers. Nevertheless it is common knowledge that "people buy from people". Therefore you might need to register data about the contacts that you are working with and you will need to treat your contacts in an individualized manner. In ChannelCRM, contacts are automatically linked to the companies where they are working. Contacts may also be represented in an organizational context, so it is possible to keep track of and see who is managing who. Any information (activities, documents etc.) connected to a contact in ChannelCRM will automatically be visible under the company in which the contact is employed. Thus, under the contact you will be able to see the activities and correspondence specific for the contact, and under the company you will be able to see the activities and correspondence which is either specific to the company or connected to any of the contacts in the company. This principle of inheritance is also applies to group structures. It means that you from the parent company, with one glance, are able to see all the activities carried out for the company or any of its underlying subsidiaries regardless of level. Text Notes On most entities in ChannelCRM (Company, Contact, Project, Activity,...) you can add text in free format. This is specifically relevant for Activities, where you write what the activity is about; for instance, if you are conducting a phone conversation you can take notes, so that you or your colleagues can see what took place when the look up the activity later. On Contacts it might be relevant to write a short description of the person, where do you know her from, what does she react to etc. Be careful not to write your notes on the company text or the the contact text, every time you are in touch with the customer. Keep the updates to the activity - CRM is all about activities and these are clearly the best place to keep track of the history. Another situation where text notes might come in handy is the migration from an older CRM system to ChannelCRM. In some situations, your old data might be so in a state that it makes it virtually impossible to import them into structures like activities. Instead you might import the information as text at the company level to at least be able to read what happened earlier. There are no limitations to the length of text notes, but bear in mind that they are only of value if someone cares to read them. Links You will notice that the ChannelCRM system contains links: A contact is linked to the company in which he/she is employed, a project is linked to one or more companies and so on. But in some situations there may be a need for a link - or links - beyond what we have designed system to contain. It might be of interest for you to register for each new customer, the contact (from an

27 Where Does the Data Come From? 15 existing customer), which has referred the lead to you. Or maybe you want to keep records of the fact that Executive Secretary in lead X is married to sales manager at rival Y. It may also be that you want to use the links to register secondary affiliations like membership of a fraternity, a golf club or a football club. Such information can be highly relevant, depending on what kind of market you operate in. Links can connect anything: Companies, Contacts and Projects. There are no rules - it can be contact to contact the Project to Company. Linking lets you decide the name/type of your link. For example, "Hugo Smith loves Dorris Brown". You can also attach a comment to the link. The system keeps track of who created the link and when the links was and changed.


29 Logon to ChannelCRM Part 4

30 18 CRM with ChannelCRM 4 Logon to ChannelCRM To log on to ChannelCRM choose Windows Start All Programs ChannelCRM CASH.NET. The logon dialogue will appear: The fields are explained below: User Id Password Server Integrated security This is the UserID you have been given for the ChannelCRM system. Often it will be the same UserID you are using when you log on to you PC. Write the password you have been given for the ChannelCRM system. If you are using Integrated Security, the password is not necessary Here you write the name of the SQL server that the ChannelCRM system is using. Check this field if you are using Windows Authentication to access the SQL Server. (Normally this requires that you are logged on to a domain) When all fields are filled out correctly - press OK. Passwords are case sensitive all other fields are not. The logon dialogue will remember your credentials except for the password next time you log on.

31 The ToDo list Part 5

32 20 CRM with ChannelCRM 5 The ToDo list The ToDo list is a list of all planned and not yet performed activities. As such it is a useful supplement to the calendar. Most users find it most instrumental when trying to establish overview of activities, and making sure that committed activities are not forgotten. The ToDo list is conveniently organized so that the planned activities for the day are clearly distinguishable. Activities that are overdue are marked in bold. The list can be sorted and grouped on all its elements as you wish. An activity is shown in the ToDo list if you as a user is connected to the activity as Owner or participant. The list can be used for navigation. All items on the list are clickable, and a double click on any of the fields will lead you directly to the window for the activity, company, contact, or project. There is also a Global ToDo if you press the button for this. The Global ToDo shows the combined ToDo lists of all the ChannelCRM users.

33 Windows Part 6

34 22 CRM with ChannelCRM 6 Windows This is the main window in ChannelCRM. It conforms to a standard Windows application behavior with a menu bar on top, navigational controls on the left and drag-in sliders on the right. The center screen is the area used for the different windows that the CannelCRM application is using. The center screen will divide into folders as different menu items are activated. Most windows in the system can open in more than one instance. A window opens using one double click. Shift-double click will open an new instance of the window. This is useful if you for instance want to have more than one company open at the same time, or if you want to work with two instances of a list with different sorting criteria. Below the main window with a number of windows activated:

35 Windows 23 In the main area both the calendar, a list of my companies and the ToDo list. Company The Company window follows the design general for the ChannelCRM system: Basic information in the upper half, folders with additional data in the lower half.

36 24 CRM with ChannelCRM The basic information is organized in logical groups. The formats of phone and fax numbers depends on the country. The Segmentation section is used for the primary segmentation of the companies. Relation is used to differ between prospects, customers, partners, suppliers etc. Potential is used to describe the importance of the company to your business. Some use A, B C but other descriptors are often used.the values are taken from the drop down pick list. You define the values as you find it appropriate -please refer to the section Lookup tables under Administration. Owner is used to show who has the primary responsibility for the customer/prospect. Score is a simple way to register important performance indicators. See zzz The folders Contacts, Activities, Projects, Various, Documents, Text, Info, Team, Trade, Orders, Associates are all showing relevant information for the company. These folders and their content are described in the chapter Tabbed Folders 31. Contact The Contact window has the same structure as the Company window in the top half, and associated data below. 23. Base data for the contact

37 Windows 25 It is important to notice, that the base data for a contact is divided in two: Personal information and occupational information. This is because all contacts in the ChannelCRM system are connected to companies through a specific occupation. Linking the contact through this link enables you to register a contact as being employed in one or more companies and and at the same time registered as being previously employed in one or more companies. Only one of the occupations can be marked as "Primary". This is in this context that the contact is typically used in campaigns etc. The reason for this way of registrating contacts in the system is that you avoid having to register information more than once if it belongs to a specific individual (for instance a personal or mobile phone number). The tab folders contains information that is specific to the contact, This information is still visible on the company level for the contact. Project What is this? Projects in the ChannelCRM system is designed to accommodate a very broad definition of projects. For some user of the ChannelCRM system, projects correspond quite closely to traditional project work, for others the projects are specific sales projects that are terminated

38 26 CRM with ChannelCRM once the customer has signed a contract. A Project is a very useful umbrella for the activities, documents, teammembers needed to conduct the sale of a specific solution to a customer. Under the project you can keep track of the historical and planned activites. The project makes use of your salesmodel through the scoreboard zzz. The scoreboard enables you to determine the progress of you project and the likelihood of success of the sales effort. There can be more than one project for each company, giving you better overview and insight into which activities, which forcast etc. belongs to which sales-project. The Project Window This is an example of a project window : The project has a name, expected contract date, and maybe a project number. The project number is very useful if you have to connect CRM projects with projects in other systems. Relation is used to identify the company that is the target customer for your (sales)project. When to use a project? It is almost easier to say when it should not be used: If a customer calls and wants to order a

39 Windows 27 product. In this case, the activity (phone call) and forecast lie well below the customer directly. Without a project. And there is surely no reason to assess the weighted forecast from information regarding previous activities. The customer has made a purchase. In other cases - more resembling a real sales process - the project comes into its own. So you can overview the activities, the resources involved and to what extent the project is healthy. And how it should be given priority compared to other projects. Another reason to use projects is in cases where there are related businesses in addition to the end customer. It may be that there are partners, suppliers or similar. It may also be that your client is not the end customer but you are acting in a subcontractor role. For example; supplying raw materials to contractors. Particularly in cases where you must offer your products to several contractors bidding on the same project. Here your forecasts cannot all be realized (only one can win the supply order) and therefore it is useful to reflect this in CRM. You can thus make sure that the current offers are adjusted in relation to each other and perhaps even refrain from offering if there is conflict of interest. Technique Technically speaking, a project is an entity at the same level as say a company. This means that activities, documents, links, info-tags, etc. can be linked up to a project. It also means that projects can be named freely. It is not the name that uniquely identifies a project, but an automatically generated key (ProjectId). Activity Activities is one of the most important things in ChannelCRM. Activities are actions: To make a call. to send a letter, to attend a meeting, to present a solution. Or maybe just have an idea. For this you will use the activity window.

40 28 CRM with ChannelCRM Here you can register the type of activity concerned (telephone, letter, meeting,...) - possibly in the category of activity - and a subject. There may also be recorded time and place. Then there is the context: Activities are usually associated with other things in the system. A meeting with a Contact from a Company and it is concerning a project. This linkage is selected with the buttons in the relevant fields, but they will often be completed in advance. That is why it is most efficient to create an activity from the activity list under the contact which is affected by the activity. Then the Contact and Company will be filled in in advance. Even more effective is to create an activity directly from another activity in the same thread. Example: During a phone conversation (Activity 1) you and the prospect agrees to meet tomorrow. If this meeting (Activity 2) is created directly from Activity 1 almost all information will be filled in advance.

41 Windows 29 About Activities Activities Activities - this is where it all happens. Whereas most other information in you CRM system describes what the world looks like, then activities describes what you do, what you have done and what you are planning to do. To send a letter is an activity, to meet with a customer is, even to think about something is an activity. All actions related to customers or prospects we think of as activities. So activities are actions with connections to eg a company, a contact person or to a sales project. Often activites are connected as a string of events; you send a proposal, you follow up by a phonoe call, you send a revised proposal, and you meet with the customer for negotiation and signature. You will find that the more vigorously you use activities to describe what you do and plan to do, the more your day to day activities will be facilitated and the easier you will be able to remember "what we did back then". It is a typical beginners error in the world of CRM to think that activities are cumbersome and that you should only keep record of important situations as activities, and instead write your actions in a text log like "Called today 14th left message", "Called back on the 17th noone in". If instead you get used to create activities for each action you will experience: a) its real easy since the activity can be created automatically based on the previous activity b) you get a much more precise and clear picture into who did what and when Imagine if the customer calls you to discuss a situation and refers to something that he agreed with your company a year ago...? Once you have experienced the benefit of having a clear and precise list of all activities, all correspondence (between anyone from the customer's and your organization), all minutes of meetings and all phone conversations sorted in time or sorted by responsible, then you know what we mean. There is no practical limitations for how many activities the ChannelCRM system can contain. Millions of activities are easily handled by the system. Oliver Grumple is not keen on registrating activities: "What do you want me to do? Sell or fill out forms in a system?" Well, maybe Oliver is afraid that by entering too much information he is relinquishing information about the customers to his colleagues and diminishing his own indispensability. Maybe he is even worried that someone might notice what his actual activity level is.

42 30 CRM with ChannelCRM Paula Nice is real good with activities. She is well aware of the fact that it becomes visible how hard she is working, and it gives her much satisfaction to know that all of her work is documented, "and then it's just fine that my work can be reused and that others can take over when I am out of the office" Meetings It is more or less obvious that meetings must be in the system, whatever it is meetings between you (your colleagues) and the custome or meetings between you andothers that might influence your sales activity. On a meeting you register time, and place but also participants both from the customer side and from your own company. If you have prepared documents for the meeting you can save this directly under the meeting. Also remembver to let the CannelCM automatically fill out your meeting conformation or letter. Telephone Call A Phone Call is also an activity. A special form of telephone activity is telesales in connection with campaigns. This kind of activities are treated in a special way by the Telecenter. Read more about telesales, campaigns and the Telecenter in the Chapter about Campaigns. Written Communication ChannelCRM is able to journalize any document that can be handled as a file in the Windows operating system. s are automatically synchronized into the CRM system. When it comes to creating documents, ChannelCRM effectively lets you use templates(word, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, WordPerfect) with merge fields to quickly and easily build standard letters like meeting confirmation, "thank you for your interest in", proposals etc. All data from the ChannelCRM database can be merged into documents. When created from inside ChannelCRM documents are automatically journalized Other Activities When you create an activity you will notice that there are 7 types of activities to choose from: Information Idea/Plan Phone Call

43 Windows 31 Letter Meeting Presentation Phone Message Information is used if you want to create a quick note on say a company (you might have hard that the company was mentioned in the news and want to write a few words about it. Idea/Plan if you in a structured way want to register ideas for sales efforts. Presentation is used to describe the kind of customer meetings that resembles one way presentations. Very often presentation of a solution has a specific meaning in many sales models. Phone message is used when you take a message for another user or when you leave a message with a contact. Tabbed folders Tabbed folders are used to display information that is linked to companies, contacts, projects or activities. Most often the tabbed folders are shown in the lower half of windows. One example of information in tabbed folders would be Contacts employed by a Company. Info tags Info Tags are found under: Company, Contact, Project and Activity. Structured information is about to recording valuable information about customers, prospects, contacts or projects. Your users could of course simply type the information directly into the text fields. Eg. ask them to write "responsible for security" for each contact, which has such a responsibility. But there are some drawbacks to this method: Users (and sales people in particular) do not like to spend time on writing. When information is needed - eg. to select targets for a campaign - then you will discover that some users have written wholly or partly in capitals, that there are misspellings or that the correct information is written in an unexpected place. It is very difficult to clean up obsolete information. Together these disadvantages causes information to gradually deteriorate and that it is difficult to use.

44 32 CRM with ChannelCRM To improve this situation, you can use ChannelCRM info tags. When this option is used, you will see a tab corresponding to the picture below for each company, contact person, project and activity. To the left is a hierarchical pick list of text that you can use for tagging. To the right can be seen the information stamps (tags), which specifically are linked to the displayed company (or contact or project or activity). Information Hierarchies (pick lists) you build yourself. There may be different pick lists for companies, contacts, projects and activities respectively. When a user are to tag a company, it is done by drag-drop info text on the tab right part. It can also be done by double clicking. Therefore, misspellings are eliminated ensuring that it is easy to find the information again. As part of the process, it will also be automatically registered when the tagging took place and by what user. Info tag pick lists are built in the Marketing part of ChannelCRM. See here how 132. Contacts The Contact tab is seen below Company. In this tab you will se all contacts linked (thru Occupations) to the active company. If one or more contacts are shown in italics, this signals that the contact(s) is not with the company anymore or that the relation (Occupation) is not the primary for the contact. Click on the tool button Occupations to open a dialog with all occupations for the selected contact. If you click on Organization the list will show not only contacts linked to the active company but contacts linked to any subsidiary company as well.

45 Windows To add a new contact to the active company click on the tool button Add. A contact created this way will have the occupation marked as Primary by default. Activities The Activity tab can be seen below Companies, Contacts, Projects and other Activities. This list will show all activities - planned or completed - related to the active company/contact/ project or activity. The tool button Organization will show activities linked to any subsidiary as well. This button is only visible when the main window contains a company. The tool button TextLog will - in one view - show alle notes from this and past activities in the thread. Using the button Add you can add a new activity. This button is a drop-down button giving direct access to the most frequently used activity types (phone, letter, meeting). The current context (company, contact, project) is inherited by the new activity saving you quite a few mouse clicks 33

46 34 CRM with ChannelCRM and typing. Projects The Projects tab is seen below Companies. In the Project tab you will find a list of all projects having the active company as customer. Using the New button you can create a new project (linked to the active company) directly. Documents The Documents tab is seen below companies, contacts, projects, activities and campaigns. Using this tab you will have easy access to all documents (Word, Excel, s or other files), linked to the active subject. Either directly or via inheritance. Inheritance will - as an example see to that a letter created as part of an activity will be visible below that activity but also at the contact and company connected to the activity. And project if that is relevant. This inheritance principle is very handy when you are to find documents. Remembering the

47 Windows 35 document title, the location or the creation date can be very difficult. On the other hand you will often remember the recepient of the letter or the company. Or maybe the project. The column Document Type is optional. Use it to group documents by category. Categories could be Meeting minutes, Contacts, Drawings. You decide. Tech Notes Document management in ChannelCRM requires all users to have access to one or more shared folders used for storing the actual document files. These folders are specified during installation and setup. It is your responsibility to ensure that users have sufficient access rights and also you will have to make sure that backups are created as needed. It is possible to store documents in individual folders for each user. In real life though, doing so will eliminate the advantages of information sharing that the CRM system is supposed to give you. About Journalizing With ChannelCRM you can save any kind of documents in a way that associates the document with the company, contact, project or activity to which they logically belong. For instance under an activity named "hand over proposal" the actual proposal document is stored and visible as a word document or pdf or . But if you open the window with the contact person that participated in the activity you will also find the document in the document folder of this contact. If you look in the company window for the company that the contact is working for (the company that you gave the proposal) you will find the document there aswell. You might say that the associations of a document is "inherited upwards" When looking for the proposal a couple of months later the upward inheritance will probably help you a lot. Journalization happens automatically. The ChannelCRM system will make sure that your sent and recieved s are copied (with attachments) and journalized under the company and contact they belong. If you create the documents from within the system the documents will automatically be journalized where you create them. If you have documents outside the CRM system you may simply drag and drop the onto the document folder of the entity they belong to. Hyacint is not happy that documents are automatically journalized: "I have placed all my s in my own system. have a folder for each company, this works for me" Well, it is fine that Hyacint is trying to control her own communication, she is making a standalone isolated mine CRM system for herself. But what about her manager and colleagues? How do they get access to the s? What about other types of documents? How will you easily get an overview of all proposals?

48 36 CRM with ChannelCRM Kent Fast is fine with journalization "If have ever tried to look for a proposal that your customer is referring to, without being able to find it, then you don't ever want to be in that situation." Kent appreciates that all communication between his company and his key accounts is neatly organized under the company -regardless of who communicated and when. Creating documents and s From most places in the ChanelCRM system you are able to create documents (Office or Outlook). Creating a document from within the CRM systems is done by pressing the "Create New Document" button, choose document type and maybe also a template. For instance from the activity window for a meeting you may use a template for an with a standrd meeting confirmation. Then the meeting confirmation is automatically filled in with customer, information and information about time and place, and you only have to fill in the specifics of he meeting like agenda, purpose etc. When creating the document from inside ChannelCRM it is automatically journalized under the item that you created it. Journalisering ved Drag and Drop I de fleste tilfælde kan det betale sig at oprette dokumenterne automatisk fra ChannelCRM, blandt andet fordi du derved kan flette kontakt- og anden information ind og dermed spare tid. Fra tid til anden vil der dog være dokumenter af anden oprindelse, som du vil have glæde af at lægge ind under kontakter, firmaer, projekter, aktiviteter eller andet. Det kunne f.eks. være at lægge en kontrakt fra juridisk afdeling ind under kontrakten i ChannelCRM. Eller at lægge et scannet brev ind under kontaktpersonen, som sendte brevet til dig. I disse situationer gælder at alle dokumenter blot kan drag-droppes ind på dokumentlister. Hvis du drag-dropper ind på dokumentlisten i faneblad under en kontakt, så vil dokumentet i kopi blive lagt på den udpegede fil-server og der vil blive oprettet et link i dokumentlisten. Fuldstændigt som hvis dokumentet var oprettet af ChannelCRM. Denne drag-drop mulighed virker fra Windows Stifinder, fra skrivebordet og fra Outlooks lister over s. F.eks. din indbakke. Normal er det en fordel at det er dokumentet i kopi, der journaliseres. Det betyder nemlig at du uden problemer kan slette originalen eller i det mindste ikke behøver at bekymre dig om backup mv. af originalen. Det betyder også at dine kolleger kan se dokumentet, uden at de skal have adgang til din PC. Hvis du alligevel - fra tid til anden - vil nøjes med at journalisere links til dokumenter, så kan det

49 Windows 37 også lade sig gøre. Så skal du bare lade kontrol-tasten være nedtrykket mens du drag-dropper. Nogle kunder udtrykker bekymring over det store pladsforbrug ved kopieringen af dokumenter. Vores svar er her at det normalt vil fylde mindre plads at have én version liggende på en fælles server end den ofte forekommende situation, hvor samme dokument ligger på flere brugeres pc ere. Og under alle omstændigheder er lagringsmedier blevet så billige at man kan have megen korrespondance liggende for en krone. De helt store gevinster er dog at du kan have reel sikkerhed mod datatab (det er nemt at lave backup på en server), at dokumenterne (inklusive s) bliver tilgængelige for flere og at dokumenterne gemmes logisk i den sammenhæng de er anvendt. Uden at du skal opbygge mærkelige folderstrukturer for kunderne. Text The Text tab can be seen below: Company, contact, project, activity and other places. In this tab you can enter text (notes) freely. The screen show below shows the Text tab as seen below activities. In this particular case some phone numbers are shown as well. Handy when you are to make a call and take notes during the call. In the text box text can be entered as normal. The text is non-formatted. Do not expect fancy formatting to survive if you paste text from word. The tool button with a clock-face enters a time-stamp into the text. Use this if you want to flag the time of your individual note. The ABC button is used to spell check.

50 38 CRM with ChannelCRM Modify window layout A number of windows in ChannelCRM are modifiable to ensure an optimal match to your needs. (To modify/customize windows in ChannelCRM is regulated by user settings - see under Administration how.) To modify a window (company, contact, project or activity), you will right click with the mouse pointer above an empty space in the window. In the contact menu you choose Customize layout. Doing so will open a small dialog and enable a number of context (right mouse-click) menus: All fields - or groups of fields - can be dragged to the Customize dialog and thereby hidden. Fields - or groups - in the Customize dialog can be dragged into the form and placed for best usability. All fields - or groups - can be moved around and resized. A right mouse-click on a field or group enables: Re-naming field captions

51 Windows 39 Grouping/ungrouping. Insertion of empty-space items (to ensure a trimmed layout). Your modification will be saved automatically when closing the Customize dialog. Before doing so it's possible to save the modified layout to a file. Use such files as undo-points in case you want to get back to past layouts. The files can also be used for ChannelCRM clients on other pc's. The scope of customization is quite wide. As an example you can combine two tabs into one. You always have the option to revert to standard layout. Either the one shipped with ChannelCRM or the one chosen as standard at your site (in case a global layout 174 is present.)


53 Calendar Part 7

54 42 CRM with ChannelCRM 7 Calendar What is it? In ChannelCRM the calendar is used for all work activities for you and your colleagues. If you compare with the Outlook calendar, then the big difference is that in ChannelCRM all agreements (activities) are connected to the companies, people and projects which they relate. So it is very easy to go from one activity to another activity that are in the same sales cycle, etc. It is also possible to see a calendar only for those activities that relates to a specific customer. The ChannelCRM calendar can be synchronized with the Outlook calendar. This feature facilitates, among other things, that your business appointments can appear in Outlook (PDAs) and that your more personal appointments from Outlook (eg drive your kids to school) can be displayed in ChannelCRM as busy time. Technique The ChannelCRM calendar is a true multi-user calendar. This means that all activities/ appointments for all employees are updated, always. If you use it in conjunction with Outlook, it is a two-way synchronization. If you change an appointment in CRM it will update Outlook. If you change in Outlook, it will update ChannelCRM.

55 Calendar Views The calendar can be arranged in different views: Day view - here one or more days are shown. Which is determined by clicking on the calendar navigator or by click-drag (for several days). You can also keep the control button pressed, enabling several non-consecutive - days to appear. Work Week - a week from Monday to Friday. Week - a full week. Month - one or more months. Timeline - The time shown along the x-axis. Especially relevant when the calendar is displayed for a group. Eg. all sales department employees will appear in the same picture. Even though there may be many. 43


57 Seach and navigation Part 8

58 46 CRM with ChannelCRM 8 Seach and navigation You can find data in many ways: Traditional search, Quick Search and through the history list. These methods, you can see in this section. The best "search engine" is, however, that your CRM data are related. This means that you automatically see the links between, for example a business and your contacts in this. Between a company and all s that have been sent between your business and contacts in the company. Between your forecast and the projects / companies related to it. If you use the system to its full extent - and enter data in their relationship - you will discover that you get less and less need to search in the traditional sense. Search lists 46 ChannelCRM is delivered with a variety of ready made search lists, which gives access to companies, contacts and projects. Quick Search An easy way to find just the company or the contact you need. 49 Navigati on 53 How to "travel" from one place in the system to another. Search lists

59 Seach and navigation The search function can be used for searches of companies, contacts and projects. For example, click on Companies will open this window: 47

60 48 CRM with ChannelCRM In the Criteria field, the whole or part of the company name (or phone number, customer number, VAT number) can be entered. If ex. Auto is entered, all businesses starting with auto in the company name, will be listed. Wildcard * (asterisk) can be applied in this case; we want all companies containing the word auto. In this case *auto should be entered in the search box. If you subsequently want to narrow the results to a particular instance means (eg Gammel Køge Landevej), put the cursor in the address field and begin entering the street. Search Results narrow automatically as the name is entered.

61 Seach and navigation 49 Similarly, you can search in contacts and projects. Searching companies, contacts and projects can also be supplemented with info tags. For instance, searching for contacts with infotag jul. julekort will be chosen in this drop-down menu. Quick search Kviksøgning i egne data Kviksøgning er en hurtig måde, hvorpå du kan finde et specifikt firma eller en kontakt. Søgningen startes ved at skrive en del af søgeteksten i QuickSearch-boksen i ChannelCRMs knaprække. Det er normalt ikke nødvendig at bruge joker-tegn (* eller?).

62 50 CRM with ChannelCRM I eksemplet er det skrevet olsen i søgeboksen. Ved tryk på tastaturets Enter-tast fremkommer nu en liste over de firmaer og kontakter, hvori firmanavn, fornavn eller efternavn starter med olsen. Hvis søgeresultatet er uoverskueligt stort i antal kan der skrives videre på kriteriet i øverste linie. Her er der skrevet *lake, hvad der ændrer resultatet til de firmaer/kontakter hvori teksten lake (lakering) indgår.

63 Seach and navigation 51 Det ønskede firma eller den ønskede kontakt åbnes ved dobbeltklik. Kviksøgning i data fra Navne & Numre Markedsdata Hvis din virksomhed abonnerer på denne ydelse kan kviksøgningen gå et skridt videre: Den kan søge blandt alle registrerede danske virksomheder ( ). Som standard vil denne søgemulighed blive udnyttet, hvis der ikke findes et resultat i egne data. I eksemplet nedenfor skriver vi tivoli i søgeboksen. Da der ikke er noget firma i de allerede registrerede data om tivoli, går søgningen videre til Navne & Numre Erhvervsdata. Her findes 100 eller flere virksomheder, der indeholder ordet tivoli.

64 52 CRM with ChannelCRM Hvis denne liste er uoverskuelig lang kan der igen filtreres ved at angive yderligere kriterier. Her er teksten *A/S (fordi vi mener at vide at den tivoli vi leder efter er et aktieselskab) angivet. Straks bliver listen noget kortere og vi kan let finde det "rigtige" Tivoli. Dobbeltklik på dette og to ting sker:

65 Seach and navigation Data om Tivoli bliver importeret automatisk. Firmavinduet med Tivoli bliver åbnet. Navigation One characteristic of a good CRM system is that it's easy to get to the information you need. Fast. In ChannelCRM we ensure this in several ways: Throughout the system double-click takes you to the information behind the view. A history list which "remembers" where you have been recently. Most searches, reports and lists can be found in a "My" version: "My accounts", "My forecast", etc. You can leave the most commonly used lists, calendars, events,... open so that they are readily available. Drill-down from graphs.. Click on a bar and see the data behind. Click on the data and see what actions led to them. 53

66 54 CRM with ChannelCRM In this section, we see examples of these types of navigation in ChannelCRM. Navigate by click As shown in the ChannelCRMs data model almost all the information in ChannelCRM is linked. Or connected. Contacts in companies. Activities belongs to contacts, companies and perhaps projects. Forecasts relates to customers, etc. This means that you, can easily go from one place in the system to another. From a list of companies to company details. From a contact's detail information to the company, in which the contact is employed. At all places where this is feasible, it is indicated by the cursor turning into a hand (instead of the usual arrow). You can double-click and thus open detailed information on the subject. You can also keep your keyboard's Shift key pressed while double-clicking. Doing so will open the detailed information in a new window.

67 Seach and navigation 55 In the screen shot above navigable fields for one activity are shown with red arrows. Double click on one of these fields and detail information for it relevant company, contact, project or activity opens. This approach to navigate the data is used throughout ChannelCRM and after a short time you will discover that you can intuitively find your data with click navigation. The truth is that the real sales world is linked in a similar manner. And so it is easy to remember. It also means that it will be easier to navigate your own data structure, the more you use it when you enter data. If you create an activity, remember to let the activity be linked to both the company, contact person, and possibly project. This usually happens automatically because the activity will be created with knowledge of the context. (If it is created by clicking the plus button to a contact's activity list, the system will "know" both the person concerned and the company.) Thus, the basic (Windows default) method to create an activity via the menu File New Activity is also the most cumbersome. In this case, the new activity knows nothing about the context and you must attach yourself to contact, company and project. Technique The way all this information is linked is via system key fields. For every contact, there is a unique

68 56 CRM with ChannelCRM ContactId - for every company, there is a unique CompanyId and so on. In the system default editors and views, this information is automatically linked. However, you can use it even when you build personal and global lists. If you - in such lists - include the key fields (even if you choose not to show them), the lists will be "navigatable" as the rest of the system.

69 Ordrers and forecast Part 9

70 58 CRM with ChannelCRM 9 Ordrers and forecast Forecast, offers and orders are closely linked in ChannelCRM. Basis for this is a timeline as follows: 1. Prepared - the order and order lines are under preparation. 2. Forecasted - order and order lines included in the forecast with either an explicit set weighting or weighting calculated from what has happened during the sales cycle. 3. Offered - having sent an offer to a customer. 4. Accepted - now it's an order. 5. Rejected - now it's a lost bid. See more on weighting under scoreboard. Create order Forecast and order can be created directly under the company acting as a customer or they can be created as part of a sales project. If the order process is trivial (a customer is ordering a product), it is most easy to set up the order directly below the company. If the order process is not trivial (it takes time, there are several contacts and there are more activities), it would be most efficient to create the order (forecast) below a project linked to the customer. The screen shot shows such a project. The project is created from the Projects tab directly below the customer Hirago Coding ApS.

71 Ordrers and forecast Select Orders/Forecast tab(orders) and click on the button New This will create an Order in the Order Configurator. There is room for plenty of detail information, here are examined only the most important: 59

72 60 CRM with ChannelCRM Status indicates how far in the sales process the order has reached. For a start, this field is filled with Preparation. There may also be appointed an expected accounting period. Normally, the order will be linked to the Company, Project and Contact automatic, but if, for example, Contact is missing you just choose this. At least, you have to before sending an offer. Then switch tab to the price book. In this price book you can drag-drop product lines down to the order line area (or double-click) and well below you can be change for quantity, discount, price, etc. Dependent values are calculated automatically.

73 Ordrers and forecast The weighted value of an order line is calculated by examining the project's scoreboard. In this example no scores are registered and therefore the order lines are weighted by the value that is set as the minimum (1%). Now is the order created - with the status of being prepared. If we went back to the project, the order/forecast could be found under the tab Forecast. 61

74 62 CRM with ChannelCRM And - as the project is related to a company (Hirago) - the order/forecast can be seen here as well.

75 Ordrers and forecast Send offer Opening the tab Documents you can create a document and select the template to generate the offer. 63

76 64 CRM with ChannelCRM

77 Ordrers and forecast You select a template in Word format. Doing so will produce a document including customer details and order/order lines. Merge codes can be seen here 86. In our example the merge document will look like this: 65

78 66 CRM with ChannelCRM The Merge Template is created in MS-Word and saved as a standard Word document (.doc or. docx) Offers as pdf The most accurate way to merge an offer (or order confirmations) is using the merge to PDF. With this feature, your current offer will be produced as a PDF file and attached to an that you can send to a customer. To use the function, there are some preparations: 1. You must have created a template for the PDF document. 2. This template are to be saved in the same directory as your template. 3. The template for the PDF document and template for the should have the same file name (but different file extension). Create Template The template created from an existing bid. Doing so provides realistic data for testing it. In Order Configuration menu, choose File PDF Design templates. This opens a designer which starts with a default template loaded. Use this as the basis for your merge letter and add / remove fields and so on until the template looks like you want. You can at any time test the results by clicking on the preview tab. When you are satisfied with the appearance, save the template. Choose a name which will be identical (except for the extension) with the template you want to use for . Operating principle With this template - every time you use template from a order configuration - a PDF document with current contracting data will be attached.

79 Ordrers and forecast 67 Forecast The order and order lines are included in the forecast, with either an explicit set weighting or weighting calculated from what had happened in the sales cycle Forecasts that have been created directly, at the company are weighed manually, with a desired ratio (weight percent). Forecast that have been created in projects at companies, are weighted by setting the stage reached in the project. Here is shown forecasts, directly on the Company, by selecting the tab forecast in the company image. Then select New (forecast) and the following window opens:

80 68 CRM with ChannelCRM Then you type the order title, status is selected, the period chosen. Any comments entered here. Then select the tab Price book. In the price book, you chose product (s) by Double-click product lines

81 Ordrers and forecast 69 The selected product lines are adjusted in quantity. And weight (probability) adjusted as desired. The expected date for the closing of the order, are adjusted in total for all lines or by order line. Forecast in projects are entered on the forecast tab in the project.

82 70 CRM with ChannelCRM Order lines are chosen in the same manner as stated earlier, under the direct forecast. Forecast projects differ in that the weighting, is a function of how far the project has been reached. In the project scores field, you can choose what steps are performed. Weighting will be adjusted accordingly.

83 Ordrers and forecast The table for scores of projects is maintained by the administrator, to create the required steps and weights them. There can be expressed both positive and negative rates. In this way, several steps can be summed as achieved and may be punished accordingly for the missing steps. 71

84 72 CRM with ChannelCRM The input orders are included in the forecast for the individual user as well as the overall organization. Each user can view its forecast in this way

85 Ordrers and forecast 73 How own budget viewed against forecast and possibly for complete the sale The module sales management shows how individual forecasts are consolidated and compared using pivot tables and advanced graphics. This can be displayed for one or more users. Data fields in orders Orders and orderlines contains a lot of fields to accomodate many different ways of setting up the system for precisely your company's way of doing business Please refer to the list below to understand the meaning of the fields:

86 74 CRM with ChannelCRM English title Danish title Database field Description Product Produkt OrderDetail. ProductName The name of the product. Normally taken directly from the price list. Quantity Kvantitet OrderDetail. Quantity Number or amount. Entered as a decimal number eg. 12 licenses or 23,4 tons of cement. Account Konto OrderDetail. Account Account name. Must be chosen among the sales accounts. Normally taken directly from the price list. Owner Ejer OrderDetail. Owner The user who is responsible for the orderline/forecast. Period Periode OrderDetail. PeriodId Month as taken from the business calendar in the system. For a given oprder you may have order lines with different period, in cases of phased delivery. Value Værdi OrderDetail. Value The value of the order line in standard currency. The customer sees it as the price. The value is is affected by both quantity and discount: Value = Quantity * Unit Price * (1-Discount) Weight Vægt OrderDetail. Weight The weighting factor that is used as long as the order line is not yet completed. The weighting factor is determined by whether the order belongs to a project or not. 1. Project: Automatic depending on project scores checked. 2. Company: Manually entered. Weighted Value Vægtet værdi Beregnet felt Computed as Weight * Value Value1..4 Værdi1..4 OrderDetail. Value1..4 Fields to be used for any economic information of your choice. The values will be scaled by quantity but not influenced by discount ListValue Listepris OrderDetail. ListValue The value of the orderline before discount. Protected Discount Rabat OrderDetail. Discount Discount. Shown as a percentage (but saved as a factor). If a value is entered value is calculated. If a value is entered the discount is calculated. DiscUnitVa DiscUnitV OrderDetail. lue alue DiscUnitValue Unit price after discount. Protected Status OrderDetail. Status Textfield. Can be used to register a status when interfacing with other systems. OrderDetail. Completed Completed (when not Lost) means that the order line has been approved and sold. Weighting is then 100% Status Completed Afsluttet

87 Ordrers and forecast Lost Tabt 75 OrderDetail.Lost Lost means that the orderline was not sold. Weighting is hen 0% By choosing lost you do not have to delete the order line and you avoid loosing valuable information. Also for sales where the customer accepts only parts of a proposal it is usefull to have won/lost Sales Models and CRM What is a Sales Model? A sales model is an operational description of the prerequisites, circumstances, actions, and rules that together fully describes a sequence of events in a sales process, from the conception of an idea to the signing of a contract. Prerequisites Do we have a solution that fit the prospect? Does the prospect have a need? Is the prospect in a buying process? DOes he have any money? Are we able to deliver? Circumstances Who are we competing against? Do we have time and resources to conduct the sale? Actions What can we do to improve our position? Who should we talk to? Who should we listen to? Where should we engage or disengage? Rules What are the things we simply have to do in order to move forward? What are the criteria for not disengaging the sales process? When we use the term operational it is to emphasize that a good sales model should give guidance in any combination of prerequisites, circumstances, and actions. However, the real world is rarely perfect, and no sales model has the answer to every question, and a sales model itself surely is not the guarantee for success. But it need not necessarily be a guarantee. Most anyone working in sales will be so far from working the optimal way, that even small adjustments will have significant positive impact. An if you should be one of the talented who is working efficiently, then a sales model (and your input to the sales model) can help ensure your colleagues' success Advantages: A good sales model can be a strong support for the unexperienced sales representative. A good sales model can be an inspiration to the highly experienced sales rep (for whom experience sometimes gets in the way) A good sales model facilitates the cooperation between sales rep and sales manager A good sales model gives you much better possibility to evaluate the possible outcome of a sels project

88 76 CRM with ChannelCRM A good sales model gives you a better way to gradually improve your sales process and mode of operation over time How are Sales Models Used and Supported in ChannelCRM? ChannelCRM is a CRM system and not a sales model. But the CRM system is made to make the sales model operational because it: Makes it visible where in your sales cycle (according to your sales model) you are for each of your sales projects Guides you towards the next constructive move Assesses the probability for success for your sales project Establishes a common understanding of the state of the sales project throughout the organization Collects data that will make it possible to improve the sales model to serve you product/ market/customer mix situation better There are two areas in ChannelCRM that are important to implementing your sales model in the system: 1. Scoring Projects 2. Activities Scoring The idea behind scoring is that a sales project can register a number events or facts about the project or customer - did they happen or not? Are they satisfied? Some examples: Does the prospect have a need? Does the prospect have a budget allocated? Can we identify a time pressure?? Do we know the sponsor? Do we have a dialogue with the sponsor? Do we know who signs the contract? Do we know the formal and the informa buying criteria? Do we know our competition?... Each sales model has it own scoreboard or qualification questions. Some are extremely detail oriented, some are more general. Some are primarilay concerned with questions relating to the prospect, some are oriented towards you. If you spend a little time building the scorbaord that reflects your sales model/sales process and if you make sure it contains exactly the things that you know are of relevance to your successful

89 Ordrers and forecast 77 sales campaign, then the degree to which your scoreboard has been checked off will determine the likelihood of success. We have seen customers use the checkpoints in their sales models one by one in the scoreboard, and we have seen customers define the main stages (eg. suspect, prospect, qualified, working prospect, committed prospect, signed), keeping numerous qualifying questions offline. It is up to you as to determine what way of working fits your sales model and your customer buying cycle. When using common sense the sales model approach will surely help you. In ChannelCRM the scoreboard is created under the Administration menu. The scorebaord is not a thing you want to change too often and the changes you make will take effect all over the system. To enter values into the scoreboard can be done both from the project window and from the acitivy window (if the activity is connected to the project). Therefore it is easy to register changes in the scores. ChannelCRM will automatically and immediately calculates the weighted forecast (the compound probability for the scores checked times the forecast value). You - and everyone with access to the forecast module can immediately observe the changes. Hereby you are sure that the forecast is always updated for everyone and you are not relying on different sales reps judging whether a case has a 60 or 70% probability. Activities Since you can register all activities that has to do with a specific sales project in ChannelCRM, you can utilize that the the activities themselves are an indicator of the status/progress of your sales project. You may say that the scoreboard gives you the helicopter view of a sales project, but the activities gives you the details and the documentation: It is fine that we know the decision maker, but when did we meet with him last time face to face? Who did so and what happened? Did we follow up and have we planned for the next activity with the decision maker? Project Score - Inspiration Below you will find a list containing examples of project scores. Do not think of all the scores to be used in the scoreboard. But feel free to pick and choose any that makes sense in your company. Dialogue with sponsor We are in dialogue with the person at the customer who understands and is responsible for the business impact of our solution Dialogue with decisionmaker We are in dialogue with the person at the customer who takes the final decision Dialogue with approver We are in dialogue with the person (or group of persons) at the customer who is responsible for the approval of our solution We have an ally We are in contact with a person at the customer who favors our solution and will help us and share inside knowledge Budget confirmed It has been confirmed by the c ustomer that our solution can be purchased within the current budget

90 78 CRM with ChannelCRM Need identifed We have determined a need for our solution Need acknowledged There is a need for our solution and the customer admits to that Timepressure The customer admits that he is loosing money by postponing a decision to buy our solution. We know our competition We know who we are up against We know our opposition You have identified those with the customer who would rather see you loosing the deal Cost Benefit The customer has seen and approved a cost/benefit calculation for you solution Customer The customer has bought from us before Reference The customer has visited or spoken with one of our references Ressources allocated The customer has allocated ressources to the evaluation and test of our solution Test Test or PoC has been successfully performed Tecnically validated Our solution has been validtaed by the customer Contract with legal Our contratc is under review by the customer's legal advisor Contract approved The customer's leal advisor has approved our contract from a legal standpoint Decision criteria known We know what the customer's formal decision criteria are

91 Tele Center Part 10

92 80 CRM with ChannelCRM 10 Tele Center What is it? The TeleCenter is an integrated workbench for the professional working with outbound marketing or telesales. All the functions needed in one screen. From the TeleCenter you can control access and execute your call-lists, you can phone-out, register answers and feedback from prospects, book meetings, place orders, postpone actions, call again and much more. Also the TeleCenter gives you immediate access to information about the company you are about to call such as infotags, website etc. Layout of the TeleCenter The TeleCenter is divided into two main areas: The Call List 81 A list of all the calls in a given campaign(s) that are already in progress. The Current Call 82 In this window is all the information and functionality needed to execute the call to a prospect.

93 Tele Center 81 Call list The Call List contains all the "canvas" calls that has not yet been terminated ("done"). It might be calls that has been created for you as a telesales professional to perform, or it might be calls that you have created yourself. It might be fresh calls, where you have not yet lifted the phone, or it may calls in some kind of progress status where you have called but not yet finished your business with the prospect, maybe you are just scheduled to call later. Do not be confused that the list is initially empty. This is typically because a) you haven't chosen a campaign og b) because you need to press New Call to obtain the first call in your list. The Call List has series of action buttons with the following meanings: Campaign Choose the campaign you hav to work on. You may only choose among campaigns that are marked as "active" You may also choose All Campaigns and this way your Call List will contain all calls - from all campaigns - which have not yet terminated. If you choose All Campaigns you cannot create new calls - this can only be done when working in an individual Campaign Refresh Will read the the campaign list from the database server again New Call Will show you a new call and make it the Current Call in. The new call will only be made if there is no other calls due in the call list. Open Will show you a list list of all the calls in the campaign that you Closed Calls have already terminated. This might be useful if you mistakenly ave terminated a call or if the prospect calls back wanting more information or even to t purchase. Just above the Call List you will notice some information: Number of calls that has been performed by you in the specific campaign. The number of calls that have been assigned to you but not yet terminated. The number of calls left in the campaign that has not yet been assigned to you or other users.

94 82 CRM with ChannelCRM Current call The current call is shown in the bottom half of the TeleCenter. Remember that you might adjust the look and layout of the screen so it might look somewhat different in your organization) The call is divided with base information in the top part and associated information and menu items in the lower area.only information in fields with white background is immediately changeable. The action buttons gives you opportunity to: Save Savs all the changes you have done on the call. Postpone A shortcut to an easy postponement of the call without having to actually write a new date and time. First Contact Click this button to register that this is the first time that you have lifted the phone and called the prospect First Call Click this button to register that this is the first time that you have been in contact with the prospect and delivered your value proposition to a person that understands it (not just the switchboard operator). Book Meeting An easy shortcut to creating an activity (booking a meeting) with the prospect and perhaps with participants in you organization. Text & Response tab folder Here you can write notes about the call and you can fll out answers to the questions in the campaign check-scheme/questionnaire that the creator of the campaign has designed. Web site

95 Tele Center 83 Shows the corporate website of your prospect (to the extent that the URL is actually registered on the company) Documents Shows a list of documents aready journalized under the prospect Company Info Shows the info tags that has already been associated with your prospect comapny Kontakt info Shows the info tags that has already been associated with your prospect contact Campaign Documents Contains the campaign specific documents. For instance the initial letter leading up to your call, or the campaign marketing letter that you can immediately should the prospect be interested in more information


97 Mail Merge Part 11

98 86 CRM with ChannelCRM 11 Mail Merge With the ChannelCRM Mail Merge you can easily merge any information from the CRM system into any document (word, excel, outlook ) in several ways: Directly into one specific document created directly from eg. an activity under a company and contact. Mass merge from a campaign Mass merge from a list To make this powerful feature possible we place merge-codes inside the documents. The documents with merge codes may be stored in the template folder for easy access to them. The merge-codes are substituted by the CRM content from the context in wich the merge is activated: Example: From a contact window we create a word document. We use a template in which the merge-code <<Contact.FirstNames>> is part of the text. When opening the document the mergecode ios replaced by the contacts first name(s). Learn more about the different ways of merging: Merge Codes Word og Excel How to merge single documents (letters) in word or excel 86 Merge Codes Outlook 95 How to merge into Outlook s Mass How to mass merge to many recipients via word or outlook 96 Merge Mail Merge Fields Word and Excel When you need to merge into a single document or spreadsheet, you do so by choosing a template containig one or more merge codes of the ChannelCRM system. Generally, the merge codes are of the form <<TabelName.AttributeName>>. TableName is the name of the database table containing the data you need to merge. AttributeName is the actual field in the database table where the data you need is stored. Examples: 1. Company name = <<Company.Name>> 2. Contact first name(s) = <<Contact.FirstNames>> 3. Contact title = <<Occupation.Title>> Below you will find the most commonly used merge codes. You may use the directly by copy pasting into your template documents.

99 Mail Merge Company <<Company.Name>> <<Company. Department>> <<Company.Address1>> Contact Occupation <<Contact.FirstNames>> <<Occupation.Title>> <<Contact.LastNames>> <<Occupation. PhoneDirect>> <<Contact.Salutation>> <<Occupation. PhoneExtension>> <<Company.Address2>> <<Contact.Mail>> <<Occupation. FaxDirect>> <<Company.Zip>> <<Contact.SSN>> <<Occupation.Mail>> <<Company.City>> <<Contact.Owner>> <<Occupation. Department>> <<Company.State>> <<Contact. PhoneMobile>> <<Company.Country>> <<Contact. User PhoneHome>> <<Company. <<Contact.Address1>> <<User.UserId>> VisitAddress>> <<Company.Phone>> <<Contact.Address2>> <<User.FirstNames>> <<Company.Fax>> <<Company.Mail>> <<Company.Web>> <<Company.Owner>> <<Company. PhoneCode>> <<Company.CVR>> <<Activity.ActivityId>> <<Activity.AllDay>> <<Activity.BusyStatus>> <<Activity.CampaignId>> <<Activity.ChangedBy>> <<Activity.ChangedOn>> <<Activity.CompanyId>> <<Activity.ContactId>> <<Activity.CreatedBy>> <<Activity.CreatedOn>> <<Activity.Done>> <<Activity.FinishTime>> <<Activity.HR_ProcessId>> <<Activity.IsTimeTracked>> Activity <<Activity.StartTime>> <<Activity.FinishTime>> <<Activity.Subject>> <<Activity.Owner>> Project <<Project.Name>> <<Project. ContractDate>> <<Project.ProjectKey>> <<Project. LocationCode>> <<Project.Owner>> <<Contact.Zip>> <<User.LastNames>> <<Contact.City>> <<User. >> <<Contact.State>> <<User.PhoneMobile>> Time <<Contact.Country>> <<User.PhoneDirect>> <<Current.Date>> <<Contact.PhoneCode>> <<User.FaxDirect>> <<Current.DateLong>> A complete list of mail merge codes is given below: 87 <<Current.Time>> <<Current.TimeLong>>

100 88 CRM with ChannelCRM <<Activity.KindId>> <<Activity.Location>> <<Activity.NextActivityId>> <<Activity.Owner>> <<Activity.PositionId>> <<Activity.Priority>> <<Activity.ProjectId>> <<Activity.RecurrenceInfo>> <<Activity.RecurrenceType>> <<Activity.StartTime>> <<Activity.Subject>> <<Activity.T_ID>> <<Activity.Text>> <<Activity.TypeId>> <<Activity.WizGen>> <<Company.Address1>> <<Company.Address2>> <<Company.AuditDate>> <<Company.AuditUserId>> <<Company.BankAccount>> <<Company.ChangedBy>> <<Company.ChangedOn>> <<Company.City>> <<Company.CompanyForm>> <<Company.CompanyId>> <<Company.CompanyType>> <<Company.Country>> <<Company.CreatedBy>> <<Company.CreatedOn>> <<Company.CustomerKey>> <<Company.CVR>> <<Company.DefaultCurrency>> <<Company.DefaultDiscount>> <<Company.DeliveryTermId>> <<Company.Department>> <<Company.Fax>> <<Company.ImportKey>> <<Company.Mail>> <<Company.Name>> <<Company.NumEmployees>> <<Company.Owner>> <<Company.P_NO>> <<Company.Parent_CompanyId>> <<Company.PaymentTermId>> <<Company.Phone>> <<Company.PhoneCode>> <<Company.PotentialId>>

101 Mail Merge <<Company.PrimRelationId>> <<Company.Priority>> <<Company.State>> <<Company.T_ID>> <<Company.TDC_ID>> <<Company.TDC_Renewal>> <<Company.Text>> <<Company.TopOrg>> <<Company.TurnOver>> <<Company.VisitAddress>> <<Company.Web>> <<Company.Zip>> <<Contact.Address1>> <<Contact.Address2>> <<Contact.AuditDate>> <<Contact.AuditUserId>> <<Contact.ChangedBy>> <<Contact.ChangedOn>> <<Contact.City>> <<Contact.ContactId>> <<Contact.Country>> <<Contact.CreatedBy>> <<Contact.CreatedOn>> <<Contact.DateOfBirth>> <<Contact.FirstNames>> <<Contact.Gender>> <<Contact.GermanSalutation>> <<Contact.ImportKey>> <<Contact.LastNames>> <<Contact.Mail>> <<Contact.NoMail>> <<Contact.Owner>> <<Contact.PhoneCode>> <<Contact.PhoneHome>> <<Contact.PhoneMobile>> <<Contact.Photo>> <<Contact.Salutation>> <<Contact.SSN>> <<Contact.State>> <<Contact.T_ID>> <<Contact.Text>> <<Contact.TypeId>> <<Contact.Zip>> <<Contract.ContractId>> <<Contract.Name>> <<Contract.CompanyId>> <<Contract.Owner>> 89

102 90 CRM with ChannelCRM <<Contract.StartTime>> <<Contract.FinishTime>> <<Contract.RenewalDate>> <<Contract.SignerCustomer>> <<Contract.SignerSelf>> <<Contract.CreatedOn>> <<Contract.ChangedOn>> <<Contract.CreatedBy>> <<Contract.ChangedBy>> <<Contract.Text>> <<Contract.ContractKey>> <<Contract.Terminated>> <<Contract.T_ID>> <<Contract.ProjectId>> <<Contract.ConsultantId>> <<Contract.Finance1>> <<Contract.Finance2>> <<Contract.Finance3>> <<Contract.Finance4>> <<Contract.Finance5>> <<HR_Position.ChangedBy>> <<HR_Position.ChangedOn>> <<HR_Position.Closed>> <<HR_Position.CompanyId>> <<HR_Position.CreatedBy>> <<HR_Position.CreatedOn>> <<HR_Position.Name>> <<HR_Position.Owner>> <<HR_Position.PositionCountCompleted>> <<HR_Position.PositionCountTotal>> <<HR_Position.PositionId>> <<HR_Position.PositionKey>> <<HR_Position.ReferenceNo>> <<HR_Position.T_ID>> <<HR_Position.T1>> <<HR_Position.T1Date>> <<HR_Position.T1UserId>> <<HR_Position.T2>> <<HR_Position.T2Date>> <<HR_Position.T2UserId>> <<HR_Position.T3>> <<HR_Position.T3Date>> <<HR_Position.T3UserId>> <<HR_Position.T4>> <<HR_Position.T4Date>> <<HR_Position.T4UserId>> <<HR_Position.T5>>

103 Mail Merge <<HR_Position.T5Date>> <<HR_Position.T5UserId>> <<HR_Position.TargetDate>> <<HR_Position.Text>> <<HR_Position.WLink>> <<Matrikel.Address>> <<Matrikel.Betegnelse>> <<Matrikel.City>> <<Matrikel.Ejerlav>> <<Matrikel.IndleveringsNr>> <<Matrikel.IsPrimary>> <<Matrikel.KommuneKode>> <<Matrikel.KommuneNavn>> <<Matrikel.Latitude>> <<Matrikel.Longitude>> <<Matrikel.Matrikel>> <<Matrikel.OwnerAddress>> <<Matrikel.OwnerCity>> <<Matrikel.OwnerCountry>> <<Matrikel.Owner >> <<Matrikel.OwnerName>> <<Matrikel.OwnerPhone>> <<Matrikel.OwnerState>> <<Matrikel.OwnerZip>> <<Matrikel.ProjectId>> <<Matrikel.RegionsKode>> <<Matrikel.RegionsNavn>> <<Matrikel.Retskreds>> <<Matrikel.Zip>> <<Occupation.CompanyId>> <<Occupation.ContactId>> <<Occupation.Department>> <<Occupation.FaxDirect>> <<Occupation.FinishTime>> <<Occupation.FunctionId>> <<Occupation.FunctionInternal>> <<Occupation.IsPrimary>> <<Occupation.Mail>> <<Occupation.ManagerId>> <<Occupation.PhoneDirect>> <<Occupation.PhoneExtension>> <<Occupation.StartTime>> <<Occupation.Title>> <<Order.CampaignId>> <<Order.ChangedBy>> <<Order.ChangedOn>> <<Order.Comments>> 91

104 92 CRM with ChannelCRM <<Order.CommentsInternal>> <<Order.CompanyId>> <<Order.ContactId>> <<Order.CreatedBy>> <<Order.CreatedOn>> <<Order.DateForecasted>> <<Order.DateInvoiced>> <<Order.DateOffered>> <<Order.DateOrdered>> <<Order.DatePaid>> <<Order.DateSuggestedLaunch>> <<Order.DateValidTo>> <<Order.DeliveryTermId>> <<Order.DeliveryTermOverride>> <<Order.Heading>> <<Order.InvoiceId>> <<Order.OrderId>> <<Order.OrderStatusId>> <<Order.Owner>> <<Order.PaymentTermId>> <<Order.PaymentTermOverride>> <<Order.PeriodId>> <<Order.ProjectId>> <<Order.StatusString>> <<Order.T_ID>> <<Order.TemplateFile>> <<OrderDetail.Account>> <<OrderDetail.Comment>> <<OrderDetail.Completed>> <<OrderDetail.Description>> <<OrderDetail.Dimension1>> <<OrderDetail.Dimension2>> <<OrderDetail.Dimension3>> <<OrderDetail.Discount>> <<OrderDetail.DiscUnitValue>> <<OrderDetail.ListValue>> <<OrderDetail.Owner>> <<OrderDetail.ProductGroup>> <<OrderDetail.ProductName>> <<OrderDetail.Quantity>> <<OrderDetail.ReferenceId>> <<OrderDetail.ShortComment>> <<OrderDetail.Status>> <<OrderDetail.Value>> <<OrderDetail.Value1>> <<OrderDetail.Value2>> <<OrderDetail.Value3>>

105 Mail Merge <<OrderDetail.Value4>> <<Project.Budget>> <<Project.CampaignId>> <<Project.ChangedBy>> <<Project.ChangedOn>> <<Project.Closed>> <<Project.CompanyId>> <<Project.Confidential>> <<Project.ContractDate>> <<Project.CreatedBy>> <<Project.CreatedOn>> <<Project.Forecast>> <<Project.LeadRating>> <<Project.LocationCode>> <<Project.Name>> <<Project.Owner>> <<Project.PeriodId>> <<Project.PriorityId>> <<Project.ProjectId>> <<Project.ProjectKey>> <<Project.ProjectTypeId>> <<Project.Realized>> <<Project.T_ID>> <<Project.T1>> <<Project.T1Date>> <<Project.T1UserId>> <<Project.T2>> <<Project.T2Date>> <<Project.T2UserId>> <<Project.T3>> <<Project.T3Date>> <<Project.T3UserId>> <<Project.T4>> <<Project.T4Date>> <<Project.T4UserId>> <<Project.T5>> <<Project.T5Date>> <<Project.T5UserId>> <<Project.Text>> <<Project.Weight>> <<Project.WonLost>> <<Project.WonLostReason>> <<ProjectLocations.AddressId>> <<ProjectLocations.FirstNames>> <<ProjectLocations.LastNames>> <<ProjectLocations.CompanyName>> <<ProjectLocations.Address1>> 93

106 94 CRM with ChannelCRM <<ProjectLocations.Address2>> <<ProjectLocations.Zip>> <<ProjectLocations.City>> <<ProjectLocations.State>> <<ProjectLocations.Country>> <<ProjectLocations.Floor>> <<User.Address1>> <<User.Address2>> <<User.City>> <<User.Country>> <<User. >> <<User.FaxDirect>> <<User.FirstNames>> <<User.HasBudget>> <<User.IsActive>> <<User.IsVisible>> <<User.LastNames>> <<User.ManagerId>> <<User.PhoneCode>> <<User.PhoneDirect>> <<User.PhoneHome>> <<User.PhoneMobile>> <<User.RolePart>> <<User.SecLevel>> <<User.State>> <<User.UserId>> <<User.WebAccess>> <<User.WebLevel>> <<User.WebRole>> <<User.Zip>>

107 Mail Merge 95 Mail Merge Fields Outlook The mail merge codes used in outlook messages are the same as for word and excel documents. See these 86. However, when merging into Outlook s you have to observe, that the merge function may be influenced by a number of technical issues: It is common to use HTML as format since it allows for very nice looking s, combining different fonts and graphics. ChannelCRM can easily merge into HTML s But when the system performs the merge it does this by using the HTML-code behind the graphic view of the . The problem that may occur is that if you use Outlook to create the -template, it might happen that Outlook is not cleaning the HTML code. Example: Imagine you use the merge code <<Contact.FirstNames>> and then format it with bold. Mistakingly at first you only format part of the merge code with bold <<Contact.FirstNames>>. To correct the error you then mark the entire mail merge code and click the "bold" button. Now the field is all bold: <<Contact.FirstNames>>. The field looks nice but it can not be used for mail merge because it contains superfluous HTML formatting codes inside the merge code. Consequently the ChannelCRM cannot recognize the merge code. To avoid such situations it is important to write and format the merge codes in one single go Der er nogle faldgruber, som kan gøre at et flettefelt ikke virker i Outlook: 1. Feltet kan være "forurenet": Outlook er ikke god til at "rydde op efter sig". Det betyder at der let kommer skjulte html-koder ind i tekst. Hvis et flettefelt således formateres delvist til fede typer og dernæst hele feltet til fede typer, fjerner Outlook ikke altid de overflødige formateringstegn. I dette tilfælde kan du simpelthen skrive flettefeltet på ny. (Det er ikke nok at kopiere det - her vil koderne også blive kopieret.) 2. Feltet kan af Outlook være markeret som stavet forkert: Outlook 2007 markerer stavefejl med den kendte røde zigzag-linie. Den laves af Outlook ved simpelthen at lave om på HTML'en, som så ikke kan flettes. Løsningen er allerede mens du opbygger designet at højreklikke på flettekoderne og vælge "tilføj til ordbog".

108 96 CRM with ChannelCRM Mass Mail Merge Mail Merge for more than one recipient at a time can be done from athe Target List of a campaign or from any given list created by the View Builder inside ChannelCRM. The way you do the Mass Merge depends on which media you are using to perform the merge. Read about it here: Mass Merge to MS Word 96 By using Word's built in merge capability Mass Merge to MS Outlook s 96 The specials about merging into Outlook s Word When you need to create many word documents from a list of data (letters, labels etc.) you do so by using Word's internal merge functionality. WHen the Word document is opened from ChannelCRM it will automatically have access to all data relevant from the context and ready to use in the Word Merge menu. To start merge chose menu item "Word Mail Merge". You can do this either from a list built by the View Builder xxx or from the target list of a campaign. Outlook When merging and sending many s at a time you should choose the menu item Outlook Mail Merge from a list. Select the data in the list to be merged and right click. The list may be any list either built with the View Builder or the Target list of a campaign. However, please note that address should be part of the list. As template you may use the same templates as you have been using for Single Merge 95.

109 Reports Part 12

110 98 CRM with ChannelCRM 12 Reports In the ChannelCRM System we use Reports as a common denominator for all reports, printouts, lists or graphical representations of data that is not meant for basic data entry or data manipulation and which could typically be used as "paper-reports". When we write "could be used" it is because much waste of paper could be avoided when it is easy to pull the information you need directly from the screen. It is easy, and when you pull the information on the screen you are sure that the data is 100% up to date. All sales professionals will agree that conducting your sales meeting, using the CRM system interactively is far more effective and binding, than conducting a meeting with reports created the day before yesterday. Read more about Reports in Windows How to Build a Report 99 How to Show a Report Reports in windows Most places in the ChannelCRM system you will find a local toolbar offering different reporting options: The raw report is created using the print button, but the Excel-, PDF- and HTML-options are there if you whish to save the report for further manipulation of the data. If you clisk Print you will get a preview (below you see an example of print of the ToDo List). As you see, the report will show the data that you have selected in the current listing, regardless of space limitations on the screen.

111 Reports Using buttons and menu during preview such a report can be modified significantly (formatting, color, etc.) Please note the buttons: Theese offers the opportunity to save the report in a number of formats or to send the report as via in one of several formats. This means that you can send the report as a PDF file to several recipients in one simple workflow. Design a report Reports can be built from any data in the CRM system. Please have a look at the Video Training 378 on report building. To build a report choose the lefthand navigator called Reporting. Inside the Reporting Menu you may click on Create View. This opens up the View Builder. 99

112 100 CRM with ChannelCRM As you see the window contains an area with tabfolders (to the left) and a list of database tables (to the right), The idea is that you choose the data to be used in the report, by selecting from the right hand list (drag and drop or double click). The data-tables will appear in the left hand area, and you can actively choose the actual fields to use in the report. Let us create a quick report of all companies in the city of Herning: We have chosen the data source ccrm.companybasic_us. Under the Querybuilder in the left hand side of the screen we have selected some fields from the data source. In the Criteria section we have made sure that the criteria for City = "Herning". The report is almost done, and we can observe the result under the folder View.

113 Reports 101 Here we see what the report is going to look like. We can modify the look of the list. We do not want to show the Company ID - we want it among the data since it allows us to have a navigational report (when clicking on a company in the list the Company window will open. To hide the Company ID - right click on the column title. This looks nicer, and now we can save the report. Click save and fill in the fields.

114 102 CRM with ChannelCRM The Report shjould have a name and a group since you might end up with many reports. Usefull also is to pick an Icon and maybe also a securtiy level for the report. Security levelis relevant if you remove the mark for "Personal". Doing so will make the list public in the system, but if you have given it a security level only users with access rights over the level you have chosen are able to see the report. Once you press OK, the report is available in the lefthand navigator. Always with fresh data.

115 Reports Report layout Until now we have been looking at reports with a table type layout; a number of columns for the fields to be shown and a number of rows reflecting the criteria setup for the report. But reports come in oter formats. In the View Builder you may choose from: Cards: Pivot: Pivot tables are useful when your data is well suited for summation or grouping. For instance forecast data or economic data or data with a time dimension. 103

116 104 CRM with ChannelCRM View a report Reports are found by selecting Reporting in the left hand navigator. A list of reports will appear. Click the report you whish to look at. If you cannot find the report you are looking for in the left hand anvigator it might be for one of two reasons: 1. You don't have the access rights to see the report 2. The report is deleted Most reports will open immediately, but since reports can be designed to access large quantities of data, you might experience reports that take a long time to open. If you have half a million companies in your database and create a list to show them all, the data server will be busy fetching them to your PC. Når rapporten vises sker det med den formattering, der er valgt i designet. Du kan ændre midlertidigt på dette design. Ændre sortering, filtrering, kolonneorden, bredder, indsætte sumfelter og gruppere. Klik og højreklik dig frem, så ser du hvordan.

117 Reports 105 Der er også en lokal knaprække (toolbar) til rapportvisningen. I denne er der mulighed for: Genlæs (Refresh) Eksport til Excel Eksport til PDF Eksport til HTML Print Gendanne kolonnetitler Modificere rapporten Paper based reporting ChannelCRM contains a number of standard reports in which the design is tailored with printing to paper in mind. The reports are not quite as dynamic (they are, for example, not navigable by double clicking and can not be re-sorted, etc..) But they are easier to get on paper in a reasonable appearance. To generate and view reports, select the ChannelCRM main menu File Report Report. This opens the report explorer:

118 106 CRM with ChannelCRM Reports Explorer is composed of: A menu where you choose which reports to display An area where reports appear A dialogue at the far right, where you can enter parameters for the reports to be formed. Click on the parameter tab and select / enter the values to fit the need:

119 Reports The parameters are divided into two groups: Period User (s) Period chosen either as start date and end date (both days inclusive), or chosen by clicking on one of the predefined periods. Users selected by either: Choosing just one user in the selection box, or Click Group, whereby users who are elected in ChannelCRMs main image used or Click All users. Note: Only if you have rights equal to the system administrator or sales manager, you can choose from users other than yourself. Once the parameters are selected, you can choose one of the many reports. Below is the report showing Activities: 107

120 108 CRM with ChannelCRM From this window, the report can be printed directly or it can be modified slightly in terms of scaling and color in print. As depicted by the red arrow in the picture, it is possible to show several reports at the samme time. The reports will then be displayed in individual tabs. The reports can also be saved (disk icon) and then retrieved again (menu File Load print file). Finally reports can be exported to a number of formats, and possibly sent by simultaneously. Technique The reports can not be modified (although they automatically follows language). We have chosen to let the reports be fixed until we during some time - together with customers - have come up with optimal basic designs.

121 Marketing Part 13

122 110 CRM with ChannelCRM 13 Marketing The Marketing module in ChannelCRM is centered around Campaigns xxx Campaigns A Campaign is a commonly used descriptor for marketing activities. In this chapter we shall have a look at what campaigns really are and what we use them for. We will do so with an emphasis on what constitutes a good campaign. Most people with sales experience has experienced that even expensive marketing efforts based on expensive brochures has been a waste of money and time, at least from the perspectives a) the campaign did not generate any sales or b) it was not not possible to determine whether the campaign generated any additional sales. What is a Campaign? A campaign is a series of activities that you seek to execute towards a group of targets recepients (companies or contacts). Campaigns can be simple; send out a letter to a number of persons. Campaigns can be more complex; 1) send out a letter to a number of contacts, 2) call up all the contacts, 3) register the feedback from the respondents and the 4) group them into three groups - those to be ignored or put on hold, those to be invited to a meeting, those to recieve extra material and called up again later. There are really no limitations to how you can design a campaign, however it is extremely important that you make sure that your campaign has a purpose that is quantifiable so that you can determine that your campaign has been a success. A campaign can be conducted through different media. The classic direct mail letter is one, but phone canvas, , breakfast meetings are other aternatives. The different media can off course be combined in a single campaign. What Constitutes an Effective Campaign? First of all it is useful to note that there are two basic Campaign forms: 1. Campaigns with the purpose to create "mindshare" with your target audience, so that the audience will recognize you at some point when it is close to making a buying decision or so that the target audience connects your company to certain qualities or values. Sometime this type of campaign is referred to as "Image Campaigns". 2. Campaigns in which you seek to have the target group act actively. Active actions could be purchase, but it could also be to hand over valuable information or to engage in further dialogue (meetings). We think of this type of campaign as "Action Campaigns"

123 Marketing 111 The ChannelCRM Systems main purpose is to help salespeople sell more. Therefore Action Campaigns is the main focus of the system and the Help text here. Using the campaign module is where you can create results easy and fast. Off course you can use the system for Image Campaigns, and off course an Action Campaign will automatically work as an Image Campaign (and a positive one too as long as the targets experience a professional approach from your company. To ensure campaign effectiveness you might want to use the following checklist: Make sure you have defined a clear goal for your campaign. Make sure that your goals are quantifiable (eg. x meetings with new prospects, or y qualified leads created and documented in the CRM system) Make sure that the taregt group understands the purpose of you camapign activity Follow up! Never let a prospect slip out of the campaign activities because you have something else to do. Make sure you have alternative ways of connecting with your prospects; if the prospect does not want a face to face meeting, he might still be interested in attending a seminar Make sure to fine tune the campaign before executing it; If you are about to send direct mail letters, it is a good idea to test out the letter and the reaction to it on a group of say 50 prospects first. Make sure that the message of the camapign is clear. We have seen campaigns where the follow up routine has been like setting cold porridge on fire. Make sure the timing is right; do not go for a general campaign towards accountants in January, or Banks in December. Involve the Sales People In some organizations it is marketing and marketing only who is conducting the campaigns. Marketing sends out direct mails, marketing hosts seminars etc. Of course marketing expects sales to follow up on the campaign activities, but without involvement of sales in the campaign planning this very often ends up wrong! Sales will suddenly "have no time"to follow up or they will have other prioritized activities, and off course the target group that marketing selected is totally wrong! If you recognize this scenario you are not alone. But there is a simple solution to improve the situation. The solution is to involve sales and make sure that campaigns a joint effort of marketing and sales. Early on in the process you have to make sure that marketing communicates to sales what the intention of the campaign is asking for input and ideas. Sales will have valuable input with respect to most every aspect of the campaign (message, timing, target group selection etc.). The effect will be not only better campaign design but just as important that sense of common purpose and responsibility and commitment from sales.

124 112 CRM with ChannelCRM In the ChannelCRM campaign module you will find a number of features to support the involvement of sales in the campaign planning process. The campaign Review functionallows for sales people to review a campaign before it is executed to ensure the content of the campaign and perhaps add/remove targets from the target list in the campaign. Read more about How To Build a Camapign 112. Build a Campaign To build a new campaign - in the main menu chose F ile New Campaign Hereby you open a window with a new campaign. To build up the campaign please follow these 4 steps: 1. Fill in base Campaign data 2. Select the companies or contacts you want as you campaign target group 3. Define the actions to be taken on the target group 4. Create the qualifying questions or checkpoints to be asked to the targets by the phoner Step 2 - you may think of step 2 as a repeatable task where you build up your target group by selecting first one segment, adding it to the target group, then another, and so forth. This way you can build your target group without having to construct complex selection criteria. The campaign tool will make sure that the target group is free of duplicates. The target group (ie the list of companies or contacts that you are directing your campaign against) is saved along with the campaign. The events that is registered during the execution of the campaign is saved as well and can be used for reporting, follow up, creation of new campaigns etc. Lets have a look at the 4 steps in more detail: Step 1: Base Campaign Data In the first tab folder in the campaign window you fill out the basic data for the campaign: Name, Type, Explanation, Script, and status for campaign progress It is a good idea to give the campaign a meaningful name, since the name will be used by you colleagues to identify the campaign. You also fill in the date for the campaign to take effect (The campaign is not visible for users until it is effective). Finally you have to choose whether your target is companies or contacts: Company If you do not know which person to actually talk to or write to you may choose company as target kind.

125 Marketing 113 Contact A campaign targeted at contacts may include the same company several times - a row for each contact selected. On the other hand a company will only enter the target group if there is a contact in the company. Even if you chose TargetKind = Company, it is possible to add contact persons on the individual prospects in the target group (for instance when phoners are talking to the prospect). In fact it is commonly used to start a campaign as TargetKind = Company to let your salespeople call up companies to find out who are the right contacts, and then send material and subsequently engage in sales activities with the contacts. In the group Type and Pool choose Type = Standard. Later we will explain what different types of Pools are used for.. I the group Status: Active = Check if the campaign is ready to be visible in the TeleCenter and ready for your staff to execute. Personal = Not in use. Intended for individual salespeople run statistics on the canvas activities Done = The campaign is done and can not be used any longer by the TeleCenter

126 114 CRM with ChannelCRM Involver sælgerne Jeg giver ikke fem potter for kampagner! Det er altid de forkerte de bliver sendt til og jeg gider ikke gøre arbejde som marketing burde lave. siger Ole Suhr. Ole er af natur lidt doven og det kan da også være træls at skulle ringe til hundreder af kundeemner, hvis man er vant til at kunne vente på at de kommer dumpende. Hvis Ole involveres i at udvælge og godkende de personer, der skal modtage kampagnen og som han får til opgave at følge op på så er han tømt for modargumenter fra start. Og ender måske endda med at blive positiv. Bente Flid er heller ikke så glad for kampagner. Hun har en naturlig modvilje mod at ringe til nye emner (Kanvas). Til gengæld véd hun at det er nødvendigt for at opnå salgsmålene og så er der da den fordel ved en kampagne at man bliver tvunget til at ringe. Det er også fint, at det kan gøres så struktureret: Hvis et emne har for travlt med andet til at tænke på vores løsning nu, så aftaler vi bare at jeg ringer om 2 måneder. Systemet sikrer at jeg husker det og at jeg kan tage tråden op fra sidste samtale. Og kunden han bliver positivt overrasket over, at jeg har styr på det. Step 2 Criteria: To find the prospects to include in the campaign, the ChannelCRM system offers a number of methods; Simple point and click query, Advanced Query or SQL for database experts. If your criteria is less sophisticated ("give me all customers in zip code to 92999") simple query is quite useful. If your criteria is complex ("give me all companies with two consecutive years of return on equity of less than 10% followed by a year of negative EBIT") you might need SQL to get to the data. Lets have a look at the simple criteria. The criteria can be based on: Number of employees: If both fields are 0 the Number of Employees are not in the criteria. If you use Number of Employees as a criteria please not that companies without a number registered will not be included. Turnover: Same comments as above. Zipcode: Enter an interval. The numbers are evaluated alfa numerical. Thus "74" is higher than "3460". Title containing: Here you may enter a text string which you seek as being contained in the Job Title; "Sales" will include all contacts with titles like Sales Representative, Sales Manager, VP of Sales etc.

127 Marketing 115 NACE codes (a standard industry code): If you are using NACE DB07 as standard coding for companies, the codes can be used for selection. Company info /Contact info: You can click on one or more of the info tags that you whish to use for your selection criteria. If you place a check mark in "Exclude if in currently open campaigns" you can avoid having a company or a contact that is already part of an active campaign to be included in the new campaign you are building. Below you see an example of a criteria intended to find all companies that we have not yet given a Relation and where the word "frugt" ("fruit" in Danish) is present in the companies industry code.

128 116 CRM with ChannelCRM When you click Execute you will see the result corresponding t the criteria. Below you can see that 39 subjects corresponds you criteria. The Subjects have not yet been included in the Target Group of your campaign. What you have here is just a temporary list. You can select parts of the list and add to the Target Group or you can delete some of the lines before adding all to the Target Group.

129 Marketing 117 If you decide that the list contains the right subjects you have to add them to the Target group. Do so by pressing "Add All" in the top of the screen or select the rows you want to include and right click: Note that you may also remove subjects from the Target Group. This can come in very handy if you need to create a list like "Give me all bicycle repair shops, with more than 3 employees and less than 1 million in turnover and not in zip code 92075". The easy way to do so is to: 1. Make a criteria for all Bicycle Repair shops with more than 3 employees and more than 1 million in turnover. Add to Target Group. 2. Make a criteria of everyone in zip code (regardless of their business and turnover). Remove them from the Target Group. Adding removing subjects to your campaign target group is an iterative process. You may continue until you are happy with the Target Group. The system will automatically make sure not to create duplicates of subjects in the Target Group. Step 3: The Target Group List Now we finally have a Target Group. We can observe it by looking at the "Targets" tab.

130 118 CRM with ChannelCRM As you see there are quite a few columns in the list. This is for you to evaluate and determine actions on the Targets. The list is however not containing all the data about the companies and contacts included. It is a dynamic list where data will be picked as needed. For instance if you choose the merge to a Word document you will automatically have far more data fields available for merging. Limitations on a normal windows computer makes it impossible to show all data in the list. Actions on the Target List Now the time has come to define and conduct the Actions you want to perform on the subjects in the list, actions such as mail merge, create activities, assign action owners etc. To do so you have to select the subjects you want to work on. If you want to work on all the subjects in the list press Ctrl-A. Alternatively use click of the mouse in combination with Ctrl and Shift. To choose actions either press Action in the top menu or right click in the highlighted area of selected subjects. In both cases you will see an Action Menu show up:

131 Marketing 119 You may now: Assign Action Owners 120 This is typically what you do when you need to assign sales representatives or phoners with the task to execute phone calls to the subjects. You canny assign individually, from pick list or based on rules. Create Calls and Assign Action Owners 123 For those subjects where there is already assigned a responsible action owner, you may create the actual activities (Canvas Calls). The Canvas Callas will then be visible in the TeleCenter for the individual phoners. Alternatively you can just let the TeleCenter create the Canvas Calls one by one as the phoners executes his calls and asks for a new one. Add Info Structure to Selected Companies 124 You may pick from the Info Tag list and attach a tag to the selected companies. Add Info Structure to Selected Contacts 124 You may pick from the Info Tag list and attach a tag to the selected contacts. Word Mail Merge This will open a word document in Merge Mode. From here you can merge mass letters, create labels, lists etc. 124 Outlook Merge 128 This will open a dialogue that allows you to select a template for the s into which you may merge all relevant fields from your subject selection. The dialogue allows you to test and send the

132 120 CRM with ChannelCRM s. Add Direct Mail Activity to Selected Targets 130 If you send out material it is useful to register this by creating a specific activity for each of the receiving subjects. This way it is visible for sales reps and other users that the material (and which material) has been sent. Remove targets from list Here you can remove subjects from the target list. However you cannot remove subjects once they have been subject of campaign activities in the TeleCenter. Select All Corresponds to Ctrl-A Unselect All Removes selection but not the Subjects Step 4. Create the qualifying questions or checkpoints Read further on 130. Campaign functionality Tilknyt handlingsansvarlige 120 Opret kald med tilknytning til handlingsansvarlige 123 Tilføj infotag til markerede firmaer Tilføj infotag til markerede kontakter Word brevfletning Outlook -fletning 128 Opret Direct Mail aktivitet til markerede emner 130 Assign callers If the subjects of a campaign (the Target Group) is to be handled by a number of sales representatives or phoners, it might be useful to control the assigment of subjects to the salespeople. Either because you have rules around territory, account ownership or simply beacuse you want to distribute the calls evenly. Alternatively you may choose not to assign the calls at all. Thereby the phoner that is most energetic will get the most subjects from the campaign. This might actually not be too bad.

133 Marketing To assign action owners, select the part of the target group you want and right click: Hereby a menu appears: Clear all assignments This will clear all asignments Assign to User Alle the selected, not yet assigned subjects, will be assigned evenly among the selected user Distribute on users Alle the selected, not yet assigned subjects, will be assigned evenly among the selected users 121

134 122 CRM with ChannelCRM Assign to Company Owner For those companies where there is assigned a Company-Owner this Owner will be assigned the the call. Assign to Contact Owner For those contacts where there is assigned a Contact-Owner this Owner will be assigned the the call Exchange ownership You may shift calls from one user to another - for instance in case of illness I the example below we chose to assign the calls to Bente Flid and Helle Tværs, by selecting these two users and clicking Execute.

135 Marketing 123 Create Canvas Calls Using this function you may create the actual Canvas Call activities for all the selected subjects to the extent that an action owner has been assigned. The function opens a dialogue that allows for distribution of the Canvas Calls within a certain period. The result of creating the calls in advance is that they will show up in the Telecenter for the phoner as a list of Calls to be made There are pros and cons to this approach: Pros: The Phoner can see what awaits him/her and prioritize his/her time. The Phoner might be motivated by the interesting subjects. Cons: The Phoner might be tempted to "cherry-pick" from the list, meaning that he/she takes out the most interesting sujects first. In many cases this leads to a "remainder-group" of subjects that are simply never called. If the phoner looses his/her energy, there might be a number of calls left in the list for too long The Phoner misses the motivation and excitement of being surpised with a new fresh subject every time he/she finishes the current subject.

136 124 CRM with ChannelCRM Add Info tags Using this function, you may attach info tags to either companies or contacts. You simply choose the desired info tag from the pick list as shown below: Word Mail Merge Se også video

137 Marketing 125 Using this funtion you are able to use the Word merge funtions on the data from your selection in the Target Group. First you have to choose between an already created merge document or to simply create a new document on the fly. Here we choose to create a brand new document: Hereafter Words open with a new document:

138 126 CRM with ChannelCRM To insert the merge fields simply press the button Inert Merge Field in the Word menu. A list with all the relevant merge fields from your target group will appear:

139 Marketing 127

140 128 CRM with ChannelCRM Outlook Mail Merge Important Notice: Strict rules of Law may apply to what about, when, to who and how, you are allowed send s in campaign form. The ChannelCRM system is a tool that enables sending s in large quantities. However, you as a user are responsible for the operation and respoinsible for sending out s ONLY in adherence to applicable Law. With ChannelCRM you may conduct campaigns. You can define an template and let the system: 1. Insert personalized information into the using the ChannelCRM merge codes. 2. Send the s "one-by-one" via Outlook. The merge function is often used for newsletters, price lists, catalogues, alerts etc. To start the merge the following conditions must be satisfied: 1. All recipients must have a valid address. If there are more than one address on a single recipient the prioritization is 1) BusinessMail, 2) PersonalMail 3) CompanyMail. 2. There must be an template. In the Target Group list select the subjects to receive an and right clisk in the selection area choosing Outlook Mail Merge. Hereafter you will see the dialogue for merging & send

141 Marketing 129 From the top you see: Statistics Showing how many recipients you are about to send an . Settings By default the system will use the BusinessMail. Alternatively you may allow for s going out to PersonalMail or the CompanyMail. Template Choose a template of the Outlook *.msg file format. The template is created inside Outlook by creating a new and saving it as Outlook messageformat *.msg. You may create the template by clicking Create. Subject Line can be filled out with the subject of the , there will be one subject for all the s. Actions : Test You can use this function to test whteher the mail merge is correct. The funtion will creat an with alle the merge informationfrom the first recipient in the list but it will send the to your own address (as defined under your user account settings). Always use the Test Function before sending out mass s to external recipients. Send Will execut the send out. Progress can be followed in the list below. Close Closes the dialogue. Do not close until send out is completed.

142 130 CRM with ChannelCRM Create activities With this funtion you can create an activity of the type Direct Mail for all selected subjects in the Target List. The activity will appaer with the date of your choice and there will be access from the activity to the documents attached to the campaign. Define questions If your campaign is a Tele-Campaign (conducted by staff calling prospects on the phone), it is often relevant to collect answers to structured qualifying questions like: Is the subject interested in our solution? Can we qualify a need with the prospect? How many or much do they have of this and that? and so forth These questions can be attached to th camapign in a way that makes it very easy for your staff to register the answers to the questions. In addition the questions/answers will enable you to run statistics of your campaign. To define the questions choose the tab "Questions" in your campaign:

143 Marketing You may enter as many questions as you want. For each question you can register: ActionIn dex A number that decides what number in the sequence of questions you want for the specific question Caption The question in short form like: "How many employees are you?" Descripti The question with some more details like "How many employees on converted to full-time positions" ValueTyp Choose Among: e Yes/No - the result is a checkbox. Check corresponds to Yes Integer. For instance "1", "7" or "54567", but not "45.2" Decimal Number. For instance "45.2" DateTime Enables the phoner to pick from a calendar object Text - Free form text Pick - A pick list selection will appear (enter the values separated by ";") Pick List Simply enter the values separated by semicolon: For instance Monday;Tuesday;Wednesday;Thursday;Frida To add an action click the "Add Action" in the top menu. For the individual user of the TeleCenterthe qustions will appear like below: 131

144 132 CRM with ChannelCRM You can change, add or remove questions, but be very careful: If your campaign is already running and you have been collecting answers you should not change the questions. You will loose the meaning of the answers to the original questions you have already collected. Campaign statistics Campaign statistics are updated real time. In the tab folder Statistics you can monitor the progress and results of a campaign at any time. Info-tags Info tags is a very effective and systematic way to record data. Popular said it is a kind of stamps that can be put on companies, contacts, projects or activities. Being stamps this eliminates spelling errors and inconsistencies. As a result it becomes very easy to find the data again. A query like "show me all those who should have Christmas Greetings" can be dealt with 2-3 mouse clicks. To facilitate users' work it is important that you put some thought into building the pick lists. These lists are hierarchical in order to gather similar information in groups. That way it can be used easily although there may hundreds of combinations. Pick lists are created separately for Company, Contact, Project and Activity. This is so, because most often it will be very different things you need to register. You create pick lists by selecting the tab (Company, Contact, Project or Activity) and clicking Add Info Item (for adding text on the root level) or Add Info Child (for adding text below the active item). Below you see some examples for Contact and Company:

145 Marketing 133 In case you edit existing pick list data, this will not affect existing stamps put on companies etc. As an example you could remove a certain info tag from the pick list and the only result would be that this tag cannot be added to more companies.


147 Outlook Part 14

148 136 CRM with ChannelCRM 14 Outlook Synchronize with Outlook Outlook Sync creates links and consistency between CRM and Outlook from Microsoft. Synchronization can optionally be preformed in 3 areas. 1. s 2. Activities 3. Contacts s s that are sent and received in Outlook are scanned and journalized to the relevant contact and company om ChannelCRM. For an to qualify for sync either one of the recipients or the sender has to be registered in CRM with the precise -address. Mails in Outlook on with the addresses are not known by ChannelCRM are skipped. The journalized is a copy of the . The original mail still exists in Outlook and can be deleted or saved in other ways. Later we will show how Outlook can be arranged so that you at a glance can see which s are synchronized. Activities Activities like meetings are kept in sync with Outlook. A meeting created on a company can also be viewed in Outlook. Other people in your company (which does not use ChannelCRM) can in this way see the meetings as an appointment in Outlook. Moreover Outlook synchronizes with most mobile phones or other handheld computers (PDAs). Thus, meetings created in ChannelCRM will eventually also be visible on your mobile phone. Company Addresses, note boxes, etc. are of course kept with. Appointment created in Outlook or PDAs, will appear as individual activities in CRM. They synchronize, but act as personal. It could of course bee that the agreement was of a commercial nature. In such cases you can convert the activity - once in ChannelCRM - and add links to the relevant company, contact and project. On next sync this information will be visible in Outlook (and on your pda, phone,...) Contacts

149 Outlook Contacts synchronizes between ChannelCRM and Outlook contacts. And as such to any PDA. You will have your contact information everywhere. To setup for Outlook sync press the Synchronize tool button just below the main menu. 137

150 138 CRM with ChannelCRM Doing so will open a dialog. If this is a first time sync, press Settings and fill in some parameters. You can set up sync to be performed automatic at some frequency. This would normally be the preferred way to do it as the sync will take place without interrupting your work. In some cases though, you may want to sync manually. (This could be to prevent some confidential mails to be journalized). If this is your situation either sync manually (and remove the confidential mails from the In box before sync), or set up sync to scan another folder in Outlook into which you drag-drop s that are to be journalized.

151 Outlook 139 Clicking the Scan button will start a manual scan. If the Deep scan button is checked before clicking scan, the scan will also look at s marked as seen before. This is to allow for finding s where the sender (or recipient) is created in CRM after the first scan.

152 140 CRM with ChannelCRM To select the folders in Outlook for sync you can click on Get default Outlook folders. Most often this will set up sync with the correct folders. In the case of inbound s up to 4 folders can be selected. Scan to activities will create an activity of type letter for each . If you need to see in Outlook which s are journalized you can set up Outlook this. 142 to show Mailjournalisering til projekter Hvis der i en s emnefelt (subject) eller tekst (bodytext) er specielt formatterede felter, der udpeger projekter i CRM, kan disse s under synkronisering med Outlook blive linket til projekterne. Dette gælder såvel modtagne som afsendte s. Mekanismen er at du indsætter nogle flettekoder i det forlæg du benytter ved generering af s. Felterne kan indlægges i emnefeltet og i hovedteksten. Bedst er det normalt at indlægge feltet begge steder. Derved minimeres risikoen for at modtageren fjerner informationen inden de f.eks. svarer på en fra dig. De to mulige flettefelter er:

153 Outlook 141 <<Project.TagId>> (Flettefeltet bliver her baseret på den interne projektnøgle, som altid er til stede) <<Project.TagKey>> (Flettefeltet bliver her baseret på projektnummeret, hvor det er dit ansvar - via opsætning af CRM - at sikre at der altid dannes projektnumre for ny projekter) Der benyttes enten TagId eller TagKey. Det er vigtigt at du ud over flettefelterne også opsætter en global parameter (ChannelCRM Administration Systemopsætning Globale indstillinger) ved navn ProjectTagPrefix. Værdien for denne sætter du til en forkortelse der med rimelig sikkerhed ikke vil blive benyttet af andre. Hvis dit firma hedder Andersens Maskinfabrik, kan du vælge AMask - bare som eksempel. Formålet med ProjectTagPrefix er at sikre mod den situation at du kommunikerer med et andet firma, der også benytter ChannelCRM projektjournalisering, og i derved kommer til at journalisere mails forkert fordi jeres projektnumre er forskellige. Hvis et projekt har den interne nøgle (ProjectId) = 4711 og projektnummer (ProjectKey) = P så vil de to flettefelter - efter flet - komme til at se ud som følger: #[AMask4711]# og #(AMaskP )# Outlook Changes For ChannelCRM to keep track on what appointment in Outlook correspond to what activity in ChannelCRM, what s has been scanned and other things, a feature in Outlook called UserProperties is used. s When s are scanned by ChannelCRM they are assigned a value CCRMID = 1 in cases where the is matched with a contact in ChannelCRM and the as a result is copied to the document folder. A value of CCRMID = 0 is assigned in cases where the is scanned, but no match with any contact in the database is found. Appointments Appointments kept in sync with activities are assigned a CCRMID value equal to the internal key for the ChannelCRM activity. These key values are incremented from 1 - each new activity gets a new key. Contacts Contacts in Outlook are assigned a CCRMID value equal to the internal key for the contact in the ChannelCRM database. The CCRMID's in Outlook are under normal conditions handled automatically. You do not need to

154 142 CRM with ChannelCRM bother. If - for any reason - you want to investigate the keys in Outlook, you can do so by rearranging the relevant list i Outlook. Add a field from the list of UserDefined fields. The field (look below though) is there already if you have synced before and it is named "CCRMID". Notes on Outlook2003 For reasons unknown to us Outlook2003 in some cases "refuses" to add a UserProperty at the folder level. This hinders the correct sync between ChannelCRM and Outlook. To solve this you have to add the field by hand for each of the folders in Outlook you plan to keep synced. Right-click the column header - select Customize custom view. Select Fields

155 Outlook Select User defined fields 143

156 144 CRM with ChannelCRM Select new field, type CCRMID (capital letters), type Number and click OK

157 Sales Management Part 15

158 146 CRM with ChannelCRM 15 Sales Management In the group Sales management we have compiled some of the functions normally performed by a sales manager or director. Many of the features herein treat the same data as the sales person can see for himself. The Sales manager though, may see the data across the organization and thus gain an overview. A good example is forecast. Each sales person has Activity centre My forecast. The Sales manager can view the same data - and in many aggregations - in Sales Management Forecast analysis. About Sales Management If you as a ChannelCRM user has been associated with a group with access to the Sales Management Functions, you will find the Sales Management Menu in the left hand navigaor. In this group you will find a collection of tools that can come in extremely handy when you are fulfilling your role as sales manager What is Sales Management? Some say that the job of a sales representative is the best in the world. Well, if that is true then the job as a sales manager is the next best job in the world. To be a sales manager, can be one of the most exiting, rewarding and challenging jobs. It offers you the chance to use almost every talent you have because the job requires so many competencies and human/psychological insight. And this in a balance, that becomes most evident when it is missing. One of the exiting things about sales management is that payback is immediate and quite explicit. If you do well, everybody will notice and be happy. If you perform poorly it is even more visible... Vi have quite a few (also painful) experiences with sales management, but in the context of this book we will focus on the tools that ChannelCRM gives you as a sales manager and leave it to professional sales management training experts to teach you sales management. Tools for the Sales Manager As a sales manager, you can see the same information as your sales representatives in the ChannelCRM system. At any time you can "dig in to" a specific sales project or customer situation and make sure that things are progressing as you want them to. The ability to see everything is sometimes removed for salespeople - to make sure that they focus on only their own processes. But for you as a sales manager, everything is visible.

159 Sales Management 147 If you act as a "playing coach" with your sales team, you might even use the system yourself in the same way that your team members are doing, when you are working with your own customers and sales projects. In addition to this, ChannelCRM contains a set of tools focused specifically on sales management. They are forecast reporting facilities, pipeline analysis tools, activity level monitoring. All builtin functions that are tightly integrated to the CRM system so that it is easy to use the management tools as an integrated part of the daily coaching of your sales team. About Knowledge Sharing One of the major advantages of CRM is that it enables the effective sharing of knowledge in your company. Even if one sales tend to differ from all other sales, there are also many similarities. These could be effective sales proposals, good project descriptions or ideas about which sales arguments works best etc. In a way you might say that CRM enables your company to function like one organism based on the best practices of all of your employees. The prerequisite however, is that your employees must be ready to share their knowledge. Why should they? Well, lets look at some of the advantages of sharing knowledge: Regardless of point of contact - your customer will receive qualified service When employees leave, their sales projects and activities are documented and can be transferred to other employees without loosing time or information Less experienced salespeople can benefit from the work of more experienced salespeople It is easy to keep track and statistics on the actual work performed by your employees, so that areas for improvement can be identified If you observe only the advantages of knowledge sharing, there would hardly be any doubt that knowledge should be available for everyone, but there are downsides as well: A salesperson with low moral standards could "fish" for prospects among those of his more energetic colleague Salespeople might be tempted to spend time searching for arguments for why territories, quotas, commission etc needs to be changed And the individual salesperson might even have an argument against knowledge sharing (and CRM) that he or she will never speak out explicitly: Suddenly it becomes painfully visible how energetic and efficient you are in your daily work... but for you as a sales manager, this is exactly the argument in favor of Knowledge sharing and CRM Clearly you will be faced with resistance to knowledge sharing. You should expect to find resistance from both extremes of the scale. The most lazy salespeople will prefer to keep their

160 148 CRM with ChannelCRM lack of commitment hidden. The highly effective salespeople would probably like to keep the secrets about why they are so successful and stay indisposable. Since normally there is no doubt that knowledge sharing is an overall benefit to your organization, the trick becomes how to deal with the resistance. First of all we recommend that you deal with the resistance on an individual level, don't use the same method towards the lazy salesperson as you you use towards the successful. Most often it works quite well being informative and making sure that everyone understands exactly what CRM is meant to do, how it is going to be used, by who, and which benefits you expect to achieve. And off course it helps to give rewards to those who have the will to share knowledge. Give the successful salesperson the opportunity to act as a mentor on projects staffed with perhaps not so experienced salespeople. Resistance based on pure laziness or motivated by a wish to hide "own information"about customers from colleagues and fellow employees must be dealt with from a managerial perspective. The motives behind resistance like this is under all circumstances highly detrimental to your company. Implementing CRM only makes them visible. Activity Levels The Activity Levels interface is a tool for the sales manager to ensure that his customer potential is utilized effectively. The idea behind the tool is to open a list based on the following principle: For all companies where we have user assigned as Company Owner - show me a list in which I can see a count of all the "contact-creating" activities since a certain date. Somewhat of a long sentence, but essentially the list will show you how actively your customers/ prospects are being contacted by your staff. Customers without activities for a long time is alarming. Prospects without activities for a long time are hardly prospects. In the example below we are having a look at all of our companies with an assigned owner and the for each we see the number of activities since Activities are ONLY meetings or Phone Calls in this list. A sent letter is not considered a Contact-Cretaing activity.

161 Sales Management 149 You might be curious as to what the activities are about.. The activities can be inspected by a click on the "+" by the company name. Hereby you will open a local list of ALL the activities conducted with the company (not limited to contact creating and not limited to the period you chose initially) Forecast Analysis The Forecast Analysis interface is the sales managers workbench for understanding his pipeline, forecast and sales. The window is divided into to halfs: Top Half: A pivot-table containing all the data about orders, order lines, whether prepared, forecasted, won or lost. The table serves as the pivot table and can be sorted, selected, summed

162 150 CRM with ChannelCRM after any criteria or wish. Bottom Half: A graphical representation of the data that have been marked from the Pivot-table. You can choose from more than 20 graphical principles, you can zoom, twist and color as you want.

163 Customizing ChannelCRM Part 16

164 152 CRM with ChannelCRM 16 Customizing ChannelCRM If you experience that you tend to focus on different things than your colleagues or that the ChannelCRM systems contains funtions and content that you actually never use or benefit from, you will be interested in modifying your ChannelCRM user interface to suit your needs Therefore the CannelCRM is actually customizable to enable you to make it fit your needs. Customization can be changing color scheme, language, column widths, sorting, fields to show up in lists or menus, tab folders visibility to the extent that you can actually completely redesign the User Interface. Some of the customization functions can be controlled centrally. Therefore some of the features might noty be available to you as a user. Ask your CRM administrator. Language The User Interface in ChannelCRM is available in Danish English and German. By default the System will select the language that is standard on your PC, but you may change it: Choose in the menu Vælg i menuen Edit Preferences Chose the folder Language and select Change UI Language. Now you can choose among the (3) languages available.

165 Customizing ChannelCRM 153 Click OK and once ChanelCRM is restarted the new language will be in effect. Der er ikke noget problem i at brugerne vælger forskellige sprog. Har i medarbejdere med der foretrækker deres eget sprog skal i dog nok finde nogle retningslinier for sprog i de felter hvor der kan skrives fri tekst. Grid settings Most any table lists in ChannelCRM are customizable. You are probably familiar with the customization techniques since they are common throughout well known Windows applications such as Outlook or Excel. Column Width Can be regulated by pulling in the thin line between the individual columns in the Column Title Row. You can also right click on the title and choose Best fit or Best fit (all columns) Sorting When you click on the Column Title the grid will automatically be sorted after the content of this column. A new click reverses the sort. If you whish to sort on more than one column you may do so by holding down the Shift Key while clicking on the second and subsequent sorting columns. Filtering By filtering we mean that the table or grid is changed to show only rows satisfying specific

166 154 CRM with ChannelCRM criteria. Use the tiny funnel in the column title to define the criteria on a single value or right click and choose Custom to obtain access to a wealth of criteria. If a table is filtered it will be shown in the bottom line of the table. The filter in use is shown and you can access the filter and edit it there. Grouping If a grouping box is visible above the table you may group the table by drag dropping the column title to the grouping box. If there is no grouping box visible you may right click on the column title and choose Group by Box or Group by this Column from the menu Choosing Fields If you right click on column title you can select menu item Column Chooser. Hereby a msall dialgue opens that lets you drag and drop columns to and from the column chooser (to either activate them in the table or remove them from the table). Layout settings There are many opinions of which UI design is the best. Some prefer the newest design and some are more happy with the Windows XP look and feel. In ChannelCRM you may choose the overall design template that you prefer Start in the menue Edit Preferences Display. You will see a simple dialogue with a umber of "skins". Standard upon delivery is Office 2007 Blue. But as yo see below there are others.

167 Customizing ChannelCRM Office 2003 The Asphalt World 155


169 Administration Part 17

170 158 CRM with ChannelCRM 17 Administration System Setup Setting up ChannelCRM system is assembled in one screen. The general idea is that different areas are examined from the left top corner and a setup is completed when the lower right corner is reached. The areas are opened by clicking on the links. If there is a message in red text, it is a signal that the setting must be changed or added a value for the system to work. The same information can be observed through the three different icons seen in the individual regions upper right corner. Red Triangle signals lack of information. Gray squares means that there may be configuration needed. Green circle means that everything is probably ok. Look for more help in the individual sections.

171 Administration 159 Create user In order for a given user to be able to use ChannelCRM two conditions must be satisfied: 1. The user must be able to log on to SQL Server, and must be created as a user or group in the database CCRMDB and have the role crm_user 2. The user must be created in the CRM system itself. Condition 1 is handled via scripts or via the administrative tool that comes along with SQL Server. The tool is SQL Server 2005 Managemment Studio (or it 2008 successor) and the procedure is described here 330. Condition 2 is handled from within the ChannelCRM system under Administration User Management Using this function, a menu like this opens up: Remember to use the same User IDs that your users are using in the Windows operating system. Fill out as much information as you want, however you must supply: UserId - Maximum 20 characters correpsonding to the ID the user is known under in the domain. If the full ID of the user is CRM\DEMO then you should use "DEMO" FirstNames + LastNames - If you leave these fields blank the user will not be recognizable in the system. IsActive - Must be checked in order for the user to be able to log on and to use the system SecLevel - Must have a value different from 0

172 160 CRM with ChannelCRM All other information is clearly useful but not required. Access Rights ChanelCRM lets you decide which users are allowed to use which parts of the system. This is done by dividing the users into different groups that are defined in different security levels. From scratch the different levels have numbers, it is up to you and your security policy to give the classes meaningful names. In the example below the levels are 1 Administrator, 2 Top Management, 3 Sales Management, 4 Marketing, 5 Sales, 6 Guest. Level 0 is special. With this level you cannot even start the system. Regardless, all users recieve level 0 when they are created, because it is important that the administrator actively decides which security level to give to a user. There is a certain ranking in the security levels; for instance it will be possible to give access to reports in the ChannelCRM system to users at a certain security level and above. For example a report can be made available to level 3. This means that Administrators, Top Management and Sales Management have access to the report, but Marketing and Guests do not. The different Security Levels are associated with specific rights in the Security Matrix. Updates in the Security Levels and Matrix will not take place until the users in question has started ChannelCRM again after the update.

173 Administration 161 The SecurityIDs are: CRM May create users and acces all the functions in the left hand navigator in the group Administrato Administration. r CRM Sales Have access to consolidated forecast and analysis functions throughout the system. Management CRM Have acces to the marketing menu and can design and create campaigns, build ino Marketing tags, build pricelists, and import data Management UI Modify Is able to change the layout of the primary windows, the changes are local for the Local user UI Modify Is able to change layout of the primary windows, changes can be made global for all Global users of the system N&N Access to NN Markedsdata (relevant only for Danish customers) Markedsdata Global settings When configuring or setting up the ChannelCRM system there are a number of values or settings that are common for all users of the system, for instance the shared folders for journalized documents or templates. By assignin standard settings to the user SYSTEM as seen below, the settings will be shared by all users of the system (unless otherwise defined for individual users).

174 162 CRM with ChannelCRM The Standard Settings are: Documen This is the folder in which all documents created within ChannelCRM or Journalized into tfolder ChannelCRM or synchronized into ChannelCRM are saved. Preferably use the format \ \ServerName\ShareName. This is much more robust than using the format like Z: \ChanneCRM\Dokumenter (as an example) Documen This is a secondary folder in which you can archive documents. If a user is opening a tfolder2 document in ChannelCRM the system will try to find it in the document folder. If it is not there the system will continue to the DocuemntFolder2 Template This is the folder containing your templates for merging (Word, Excel, , PDF or Folder other documents) DefaultCo The country that is the default country when creating new companies and contacts. untry Format is ISO. ProjectFo This is the path which is used by the tabfolder "Folder" (requires ChannelCRM/ lder Engineering license) to look up in a dedicated folder for the active project. The folder is described in the format \\Server\ShareNavn\<<ProjectKey>>. ProjectKey is the actual proect number ProjectSu This is a list of folders which will be automatically created under ProjectFolder. The list bfolders is described with semicolon as a separator. Example: Et eksempel på en folderliste er "Drawings; Contracts;MinutesOfMeetings"

175 Administration 163 Lookup tables Under this window we have gathered a number of the tables that the ChannelCRM system is using for selection of data in drop downs. You have full control over the values and therefore you can use the to set up the right way for you company to segment the market in which you operate. In each table there is a NULL value. This value is normally not to be removed. The meaning of the NULL value is to be used by the system when the user has not yet chosen a value. This way the user is not forced to make a selection. Lets walk through the different tables and their purposes: Company Primary Relation Is used to describe what you determine as your company's primary relation to the company in question. Is the company a prospect, a customer, ex-customer, partner, a competitor, a reseller? There must be a NULL value. Potential This lookup value is used to describe the sales potential that the Company in question represents to your organization. Often the term A, B and C customers are used, other use Platinum, Gold Silver. Remember that it is a good idea to have a "No sales Potential". In the exaple below it is the value X. There must be a PotentialID = 0 which means unkown potential

176 164 CRM with ChannelCRM Contact Type Some sales-models operates with ways of characterizing contacts. To support this way of dealing with and categorizing contacts the ChannelCRM system lets you attach a lookup value to contacts. The ChannelCRM comes default with 5 types + unknown. There must be a TyepID = 0 for unkown Contact Function For marketing purposesi marketing sammenhæng vil man ofte have behov for at kontakte personer hos kunder/emner baseret på personernes jobmæssige funktion. Traditionelt håndteres

177 Administration 165 dette ved at udvælge på f.eks. titel, men det giver ofte problemer. F.eks. kan en kontakt med ansvar for IT have titler som: IT-Leder, IT Direktør, CTO, EDB Chef, Afdelingsleder med ansv. for teknik, osv. I ChannelCRM kan du definere en række jobmæssige funktioner, som er relevante for det salgsarbejde i udfører. I eksemplet vil du således sætte CTO (Chief Technology Ofiicer) på alle de personer der har titler som ovenfor. Det gør det væsentligt lettere at lave effektive udtræk til f. eks. kampagner. Binding: Der skal som minimum være en funktion med FunctionId = 0 (svarende til ukendt). Salgskonti Her angives simpelthen de salgskonti som forecast og ordrer skal kunne vurderes og rapporteres på. Opret ikke for mange. Det vil føre til uoverskuelige forecasts. For det tilfælde at der ønskes detailleret rapportering kan man i stedet dér vælge at rapportere helt ned på produkt og produktgrupper.

178 166 CRM with ChannelCRM Business Calendar In ChannelCRM forecasts and budgets are tied to a Business Calendar and not directly to dates. The reason behind this is that your Business Year may start on a day different from the New Year and your Business Periods may differ from the traditional months. If the Business Calendar does not extend far enough into the future you can extend it by clicking Add month. Doing so will add one row with approximate values (based on previous rows).

179 Administration 167 The field IsYearStart is worth noting. A check mark here (and only one) will instruct the system as to what month should be presented as the first in forecast graphs etcetera. Info Tag Pick List Info tags is a very effective and systematic way to record data. Popular said it is a kind of stamps that can be put on companies, contacts, projects or activities. Being stamps this eliminates spelling errors and inconsistencies. As a result it becomes very easy to find the data again. A query like "show me all those who should have Christmas Greetings" can be dealt with 2-3 mouse clicks. To facilitate users' work it is important that you put some thought into building the pick lists. These lists are hierarchical in order to gather similar information in groups. That way it can be used easily although there may hundreds of combinations. Pick lists are created separately for Company, Contact, Project and Activity. This is so, because most often it will be very different things you need to register. You create pick lists by selecting the tab (Company, Contact, Project or Activity) and clicking Add Info Item (for adding text on the root level) or Add Info Child (for adding text below the active item). Below you see some examples for Contact and Company:

180 168 CRM with ChannelCRM In case you edit existing pick list data, this will not affect existing stamps put on companies etc. As an example you could remove a certain info tag from the pick list and the only result would be that this tag cannot be added to more companies. Activity Categories All activities in the ChannelCRM system will be associated with a category. Some user are very systematic in their use of categories, others leave it up to the system to choose a category. The idea behind using categories is that you will be able to group your lists and your calendar and show appointments with different color codes corresponding to the categories.

181 Administration 169 Sequence Numbers ChannelCRM kan opsættes så der for virksomheder (kunder) og projekter kan udtages kundenumre/projektnumre systematisk. Numrene kan være simple tal i sekvens, men de kan også være mere komplekse som f.eks. "P ", hvor 27 er løbenummeret, mens P2009 er et præfiks der ændres år for år. Opsætningen af sekvensnumre foregår i trin. Vi gennemgår her kundenumre som eksempel, men metodikken er helt analog for projektnumre. NB: Den her beskrevne funktion kræver at ChannelCRM anvendes i version eller nyere. 1. Overfør allerede eksisterende numre Hvis der allerede er indtastet/importeret kundenumre for nogle virksomheder, gælder det om at få disse reserveret så sekvensgeneratoren kun behandler nyudtagne numre. I gruppen Administration vælges Opsætning og herunder åbnes Sekvensnumre.

182 170 CRM with ChannelCRM Denne liste viser de numre der er udtaget af sekvensgeneratoren. Lige nu er den tom fordi der ikke er udtaget noget endnu. Klik på Hent numre. Nu ses det at en række numre (12) er hentede fra de data, der allerede ligger i CRM systemets data. Gem disse data ved at klikke på Gem. Som det ses af kolonnen Id vil det næste nummer dannes med basis i talværdien 13. Dette noteres. 2. Opsæt nummergeneratoren

183 Administration 171 Nummergeneratoren opsættes via Administration Opsætning Globale standarder. I denne indsættes en række med parametren CustomerKeyMask. Værdien for masken består at en eller 2 dele: Selve masken og en deltaværdi. Masken Masken består af en eller flere faste grupper og netop én talmaske. De faste grupper angives ved at placere teksten i enkelt-citationstegn (under stjernen på tastaturet). I eksemplet er der en fast gruppe som skal vises som CRM-. Talmasken angives som 0 (nuller) hvor antallet bestemmer hvor mange foranstillede nuller der skal være i resultatet. I eksemplet vil et kundenummer ud fra tallet 7 altså blive til CRM Delta Deltaværdien bestemmer hvilket tal der eventuelt skal tillægges generatorværdien før kundenummeret dannes. I eksemplet noterede vi at det næste Id ville blive 13 og vil tillægger derfor en delta på 987 således at det næste kundenummer bliver CRM (Ingen kan jo lide at signalere at den næste kunde er nummer 13 eller lavere). Klik på Gem. Dagligt brug Kundenumre tilknyttes/udtages ved at klikke på plusset ved feltet kundenummer. (Fordi der nu benyttes kundenummergenerator er feltet ikke åbent for normal indtastning).

184 172 CRM with ChannelCRM I eksemplet bliver det ny kundenummer som forventet CRM Scoreboard settings Enter topic text here. Project

185 Administration 173

186 174 CRM with ChannelCRM Company Modify Window Layout globally In the following window, an joining of two tabs has happened. Tab for contacts and activities are combined in a tab. And the name of the tab is changed

187 Administration 175 If you want to, this and other changes can be propagated globally. If done so they will apply to all users within the organization. This feature requires that you have rights to do so. Service Monitor Hvis du har én eller flere af ChannelCRM Services kørende på serveren (Full Text Indexing, C5 SQL Import, Finance File Import) kan det være gavnligt at se status for de seneste kørsler. Dette er muligt under punktet Administration Service Monitor. Til en start vises alle de meddelelser der er logget fra de forskellige services gennem tiden. Hvis du er interesseret i data fra én bestemt service kan du filtrere data ved at klikke på kolonneheaderne. Det samme gælder for tidspunktet. Funktionen Purge benyttes til at slette data der er så gamle at de er uden interesse (det er kun loggen der slettes - ikke de overførte data).

188 176 CRM with ChannelCRM Fra tid til anden kan det være ønskeligt at "bestille" f.eks. en overførsel af økonomidata snarest muligt. Dette sker under menupunktet Run next. Vælg her hvilken type data du ønsker overført. Servicen vil så sikre at denne overførsel sker snares muligt (ved normal opsætning inden maksimalt 5 minutter).

189 Administration 177 Macros (læs sikkerhedsadvarsel nederst på side) I ChannelCRM kan man oprette makroer, som kan kaldes fra forskellige steder i systemet. Denne funktion er under opbygning, men vi har valgt at lade den være brugbar efterhånden som de enkelte funktioner er til stede. Makroerne kan i dag kaldes via brugerdefinerede knapper over enten firmabilledet eller projektbilledet. Systemet er at der til hvert af disse billeder er forud definerede nogle Knap Id'er som så i databasen kan knyttes til enten scripts eller operativsystemkald. Knap Id'erne er: Firma Konta Proje Matrik billed ktbill ktbill elfane e ede ede COM0 CON0 PRO01 MAT COM0 CON0 PRO02 MAT COM0 CON0 PRO03 MAT COM0 CON0 PRO04 MAT COM0 CON0 PRO05 MAT Via Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio åbnes tabellen ccrm.script I denne tabel lægges værdier ind som følger: ContextId Her indtastes KnapId svarende til tabellen ovenfor. Host Her vælges mellem Shell, VB og C# (Kun Shell er anvendelig pt.) Label Her indtastes den tekst, der skal være titel på knappen. Hint Her indtastes den tekst, der skal vises som "fly-over" hjælp.

190 178 CRM with ChannelCRM Script Her skrives selve den kommando eller det script der skal eksekveres ved tryk på knappen. Se nedenfor. Shell Som shell-kommandoer kan anvendes alt der i andre sammenhænge kunne skrives i en kommandoprompt. I tillæg til dette kan alle miljøvariable benyttes (som f.eks. %SYSTEMDRIVE%) og alle de felter der i ChannelCRM kan anvendes i brevfletning (som f.eks. <<Company.City>>). (Ved Matrikel anvendes værdier for den række der er fokuseret i fanebladet på det tidspunkt hvor makroknappen klikkes.) I de tilfælde hvor kommandoen er på formen Programnavn med parametre kan anvendes til at adskille programnavn og parametre. At benytte Notepad til at åbne en fil på C-drevet kunne således være: notepad.exe %SYSTEMDRIVE%\sql.txt Sikkerhed og makroer Som det fremgår af ovenstående kan makroer benyttes til at kalde rutiner i operativsystemet direkte. F.eks. kunne man godt lave en makro der sletter alle filer i folderen Dokumenter. Dette åbner op for problemer af to arter: 1. Ondsindet brug: En bruger eller andre med adgang til crm-databasen kan indlægge makroer, der ødelægger eller manipulerer data imod din virksomheds interesser. 2. Fejlagtigt brug: En makro kan med de bedste intentioner være opbygget, så den for en bruger alligevel vil ødelægge data. Derfor: Check og dobbeltcheck makroer før de tages i brug. Og opbyg dem så de ikke tager udgangspunkt i fysiske drevnavne mv. Brug makroerne til opslag, fletninger, dataoverførsler men brug dem ikke til at slette, flytte eller manipulere med data OLD_TEXT (læs sikkerhedsadvarsel nederst på side) I ChannelCRM kan man oprette makroer, som kan kaldes fra forskellige steder i systemet. Denne funktion er under opbygning, men vi har valgt at lade den være brugbar efterhånden som de enkelte funktioner er til stede. Makroerne kan i dag kaldes via brugerdefinerede knapper over enten firmabilledet eller projektbilledet. Systemet er at der til hvert af disse billeder er forud definerede nogle Knap Id'er som så i databasen kan knyttes til enten scripts eller operativsystemkald.

191 Administration 179 Knap Id'erne er: Firmabil Projektb Matrikel lede illede fane COM01 PRO01 MAT01 COM02 PRO02 MAT02 COM03 PRO03 MAT03 COM04 PRO04 MAT04 COM05 PRO05 MAT05 Via Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio åbnes tabellen ccrm.script I denne tabel lægges værdier ind som følger: ContextId Her indtastes KnapId svarende til tabellen ovenfor. Host Her vælges mellem Shell, VB og C# (Kun Shell er anvendelig pt.) Label Her indtastes den tekst, der skal være titel på knappen. Hint Her indtastes den tekst, der skal vises som "fly-over" hjælp. Script Her skrives selve den kommando eller det script der skal eksekveres ved tryk på knappen. Se nedenfor. Shell Som shell-kommandoer kan anvendes alt der i andre sammenhænge kunne skrives i en kommandoprompt. I tillæg til dette kan alle miljøvariable benyttes (som f.eks. %SYSTEMDRIVE%) og alle de felter der i ChannelCRM kan anvendes i brevfletning (som f.eks. <<Company.City>>). (Ved Matrikel anvendes værdier for den række der er fokuseret i fanebladet på det tidspunkt hvor makroknappen klikkes.) I de tilfælde hvor kommandoen er på formen Programnavn med parametre kan anvendes til at adskille programnavn og parametre. At benytte Notepad til at åbne en fil på C-drevet kunne således være: notepad.exe %SYSTEMDRIVE%\sql.txt

192 180 CRM with ChannelCRM Sikkerhed og makroer Som det fremgår af ovenstående kan makroer benyttes til at kalde rutiner i operativsystemet direkte. F.eks. kunne man godt lave en makro der sletter alle filer i folderen Dokumenter. Dette åbner op for problemer af to arter: 1. Ondsindet brug: En bruger eller andre med adgang til crm-databasen kan indlægge makroer, der ødelægger eller manipulerer data imod din virksomheds interesser. 2. Fejlagtigt brug: En makro kan med de bedste intentioner være opbygget, så den for en bruger alligevel vil ødelægge data. Derfor: Check og dobbeltcheck makroer før de tages i brug. Og opbyg dem så de ikke tager udgangspunkt i fysiske drevnavne mv. Brug makroerne til opslag, fletninger, dataoverførsler men brug dem ikke til at slette, flytte eller manipulere med data.

193 Data import Part 18

194 182 CRM with ChannelCRM 18 Data import Import from spreadsheets or Outlook Import from excel is used frequently in many organizations. The import engine in ChannelCRM makes it simple to import business information, contacts, activities and info tags. ChannelCRM can read spreadsheets that have data organized in columns, each containing one part of information (eg Company Name, Business Phone, Address, Postal Code, City, etc.) In the Administration open sub menu Import Data. Choose File Open and select the worksheet from which to import from. Once the spreadsheet data is loaded, its contents must be mapped to the ChannelCRM database tables. This is done by right clicking on the top frames and selecting Select field and then designate the appropriate field. For all columns of data to be imported, this action is repeated. Then press the Test button. The system will test whether the data, that are to be imported, are already in the CRM system or not. If it exists ( "1 found"), you can look it up, by double-click and examine whether the company, located in the system, must be overwritten or preserved. When you press the Start bottom, the import engine will read all lines into the CRM database. If you choose Open Outlook Contacts, a dialog will open. Here you select your contact folder in Outlook. The system will do all necessary mappings and import your contacts into the CRM database. Feel free to do cleaning on data, before importing into CRM. This cleaning could be removing private contacts etc.

195 Data import Fields to import into are: Company.CompanyId (only to be used if the data originates from an earlier export) Company.Name Company.Department Company.Address1 Company.Address2 Company.Zip Company.City Company.State Company.Country Company.VisitAddress Company.Phone Company.Fax Company.Mail Company.Web Company.Text Company.Owner Company.PhoneCode Company.ImportKey Company.TDC_ID Company.CVR Company.P_No Company.CustomerKey Company.TurnOver Company.NumEmployees Company.PrimRelationId 183

196 184 CRM with ChannelCRM Company.PotentialId Contact.ContactId Contact.Name Contact.FirstNames Contact.LastNames Contact.Text Contact.Owner Contact.Mail Contact.PhoneMobile Contact.PhoneHome Contact.Address1 Contact.Address2 Contact.Zip Contact.City Contact.State Contact.Country Contact.PhoneCode Contact.SSN Contact.Salutation Contact.NoMail Occupation.Title Occupation.PhoneDirect Occupation.PhoneExtension Occupation.FaxDirect Occupation.Mail Occupation.FunctionInternal Occupation.Department Activity.Subject Activity.StartTime Activity.FinishTime Activity.Text Activity.Owner Activity.Done Activity.Location Activity.TypeId CompanyInfo.Text ContactInfo.Text CompanyNace.Code CompanyNace.Text CompanyNace.PrimaryCode CompanyTeam.UserId Primrelation.Name Potential.Name Product.Name Product.ReferenceId Product.Description

197 Data import 185 Product.UnitPrice Product.Value1 Product.Value2 Product.Value3 Product.Value4 Product.Account Product.Book Product.Discontinued Product.ProductGroup Product.FloatingPrice Import from Navne & Numre Markedsdata Importing from Navne & Numre Markedsdata is a feature, currently available in Denmark only. It is a Market Database containing data regarding Danish Companies.

198 186 CRM with ChannelCRM

199 Data import 187 Drag drop (DropZone) DropZone er en særlig funktion til at få data ind i CRM systemet. Med denne funktion kan særligt indrettede s drag-droppes ind på et område i navigatoren eller i de enkelte skærmbilleder, hvorved informationer som er indeholdt i en opdaterer eller opretter information i CRM systemet. Et eksempel: En jobansøger udfylder en ansøgningsformular på din hjemmeside. Formularen indeholder stamdata (navn, -adresse, osv.) samt tekst, afkrydsede kompetancer, tilknyttede dokumenter og reference til den stilling det drejer sig om. Når jobsøgeren klikker send, sendes en til dig. Denne kan så trækkes ind på en DropZone i CRM, hvorved: 1. Ansøgeren oprettes 2. Knyttes til stillingen 3. Tilknyttes Info Tags svarende til kompetancer og ønsker 4. Friteksten lægges ind i rette felter 5. Tilknyttede dokumenter journaliseres som en del af en 6. Jobhistorik registreres

200 188 CRM with ChannelCRM Du kan indsætte DropZones forskellige steder i CRM. Pt. er der support for DropZones i forbindelse med ansøgninger og DropZones kan derfor vises i systemet venstrenavigator og på positionsbilledet. Når du placerer DropZones kan du tage højde for at funktionen lettest benyttes når det er nemt at vise Outlooks indbakke ved siden af CRM på en måde så DropZonen er synlig. For at benytte DropZone-funktionalitet skal du i systemets hovedmenu vælge Rediger Indstillinger Generelt. I denne dialog afkrydses Benyt DropZone. Efter genstart af CRM vil DropZone vises i venstrenavigatoren og i Positionsbilledet. Hvis an ansøgning droppes i venstrenavigatoren skal der i ansøgningens data være en korrekt reference til den position der søges. Kun hvis denne reference er til stede vil ansøgeren blive tilknyttet positionen (ansøgeren og alle andre informatione vil blive oprettet - kun tilknytning til position vil fejle). Hvis en ansøgning droppes på DropZone i positionsbilledet, vil ansøgeren blive tilknyttet den viste position uanset hvilken reference der måtte være i ansøgningen iøvrigt. Når droppet er tilendebragt åbnes et vindue med ansøgeren og du kan ved selvsyn sikre dig at alle nødvendige informationer er til stede. Teknik DropZone teknologien betjener sig af strukturerede data i xml-format. Du (eller din web-designer) skal altså sikre at der i de aktuelle s er xml, der 100% korrekt beskriver de data der skal oprettes/ajourføres. Xml'en kan indgå som plain text i ens body, eller den kan være tilknyttet som attachment. I sidste tilfælde skal attachmentet være navngivet "DropZone.xml" Formatet på xml'en kan ses her (eller vi kan sende til dig efter behov): Først et eksempel på xml-data: <?xml version="1.0" standalone="yes"?>

201 Data import <DropZoneDS xmlns=""> <Contact> <ContactId>0</ContactId> <FirstNames>Ole</FirstNames> <LastNames>Test</LastNames> <Text>Fri tekst</text> <Owner>DEMO</Owner> <PhoneMobile> </PhoneMobile> <PhoneHome> </PhoneHome> <Address1>Testvej 1</Address1> <Address2>Testvejekstra</Address2> <Zip>2800</Zip> <City>Lyngby</City> <State>CA</State> <Country>DNK</Country> <PhoneCode>45</PhoneCode> <ImportKey>I23</ImportKey> <SSN> </SSN> <Salutation>Mr.</Salutation> <NoMail>false</NoMail> <Gender>Male</Gender> <DateOfBirth> T00:00:00+01:00</DateOfBirth> </Contact> <HR_Applicant> <ContactId>0</ContactId> <CvText>CVTekst</CvText> <NoteText>NoteTekxt</NoteText> <ConfText>ConfTekst</ConfText> <Owner>DEMO</Owner> <Renewed> T00:00:00+02:00</Renewed> <P1>5</P1> <P2>5</P2> <P3>5</P3> <P4>5</P4> <P5>5</P5> <P6>5</P6> <P7>5</P7> <P8>5</P8> <P9>5</P9> <P10>5</P10> <P11>5</P11> <P12>5</P12> <P13>5</P13> <P14>5</P14> <P15>5</P15> <InternalStatus>Ny</InternalStatus> 189

202 190 CRM with ChannelCRM <JobStatus>Active</JobStatus> <SaleryFixed>100000</SaleryFixed> <SaleryVar>200000</SaleryVar> <SaleryBenefits>300000</SaleryBenefits> </HR_Applicant> <ContactInfo> <ContactId>0</ContactId> <Text>Branche.Skomager</Text> <CompanyId>0</CompanyId> <Value>0</Value> <ChangedOn> T08:14: :00</ChangedOn> <ChangedBy>IMPORT</ChangedBy> </ContactInfo> <ContactInfo> <ContactId>0</ContactId> <Text>Branche.Skolelærer</Text> <CompanyId>0</CompanyId> <Value>0</Value> <ChangedOn> T08:14: :00</ChangedOn> <ChangedBy>IMPORT</ChangedBy> </ContactInfo> <HR_PersonOnPosition> <ContactId>0</ContactId> <PositionId>0</PositionId> <Stage>0</Stage> <Comment>Kommentarfelt</Comment> <PositionReferenceNo>Pos11</PositionReferenceNo> </HR_PersonOnPosition> <Occupation> <ContactId>0</ContactId> <CompanyId>0</CompanyId> <Title>Salgschef</Title> <FunctionId>0</FunctionId> <ManagerId>0</ManagerId> <PhoneDirect /> <PhoneExtension /> <FaxDirect /> <Mail /> <FunctionInternal /> <IsPrimary>false</IsPrimary> <StartTime> T00:00:00+01:00</StartTime> <FinishTime> T00:00:00+01:00</FinishTime> <Department>Salg</Department> <NumReferring>8</NumReferring> <OccupationId>0</OccupationId> <CompanyName>CafeAmokka</CompanyName> </Occupation>

203 Data import 191 <Occupation> <ContactId>0</ContactId> <CompanyId>0</CompanyId> <Title>Salgsdirektør</Title> <FunctionId>0</FunctionId> <ManagerId>0</ManagerId> <PhoneDirect /> <PhoneExtension /> <FaxDirect /> <Mail /> <FunctionInternal /> <IsPrimary>false</IsPrimary> <StartTime> T00:00:00+01:00</StartTime> <FinishTime> T00:00:00+01:00</FinishTime> <Department>Salg</Department> <NumReferring>8</NumReferring> <OccupationId>1</OccupationId> <CompanyName>Instant Coffee</CompanyName> </Occupation> <Occupation> <ContactId>0</ContactId> <CompanyId>0</CompanyId> <Title>Direktør</Title> <FunctionId>0</FunctionId> <ManagerId>0</ManagerId> <PhoneDirect /> <PhoneExtension /> <FaxDirect /> <Mail /> <FunctionInternal /> <IsPrimary>true</IsPrimary> <StartTime> T00:00:00+01:00</StartTime> <FinishTime> T00:00:00+01:00</FinishTime> <Department /> <NumReferring>8</NumReferring> <OccupationId>2</OccupationId> <CompanyName>Oles Kaffehus</CompanyName> </Occupation> </DropZoneDS> Dernæst det komplette schema: <?xml version="1.0" standalone="yes"?> <xs:schema id="dropzoneds" targetnamespace="" xmlns: mstns="" xmlns="" xmlns: xs="" xmlns:msdata="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:xml-

204 192 CRM with ChannelCRM msdata" attributeformdefault="qualified" elementformdefault="qualified"> <xs:element name="dropzoneds" msdata:isdataset="true" msdata:usecurrentlocale="true"> <xs:complextype> <xs:choice minoccurs="0" maxoccurs="unbounded"> <xs:element name="contact"> <xs:complextype> <xs:sequence> <xs:element name="contactid" msdata:readonly="true" msdata:autoincrement="true" type="xs:int" /> <xs:element name="firstnames"> <xs:simpletype> <xs:restriction base="xs:string"> <xs:maxlength value="50" /> </xs:restriction> </xs:simpletype> </xs:element> <xs:element name="lastnames"> <xs:simpletype> <xs:restriction base="xs:string"> <xs:maxlength value="50" /> </xs:restriction> </xs:simpletype> </xs:element> <xs:element name="text"> <xs:simpletype> <xs:restriction base="xs:string"> <xs:maxlength value=" " /> </xs:restriction> </xs:simpletype> </xs:element> <xs:element name="owner"> <xs:simpletype> <xs:restriction base="xs:string"> <xs:maxlength value="20" /> </xs:restriction> </xs:simpletype> </xs:element> <xs:element name="mail"> <xs:simpletype> <xs:restriction base="xs:string"> <xs:maxlength value="128" /> </xs:restriction> </xs:simpletype> </xs:element> <xs:element name="phonemobile" minoccurs="0"> <xs:simpletype> <xs:restriction base="xs:string">

205 Data import <xs:maxlength value="20" /> </xs:restriction> </xs:simpletype> </xs:element> <xs:element name="phonehome"> <xs:simpletype> <xs:restriction base="xs:string"> <xs:maxlength value="20" /> </xs:restriction> </xs:simpletype> </xs:element> <xs:element name="address1"> <xs:simpletype> <xs:restriction base="xs:string"> <xs:maxlength value="50" /> </xs:restriction> </xs:simpletype> </xs:element> <xs:element name="address2"> <xs:simpletype> <xs:restriction base="xs:string"> <xs:maxlength value="50" /> </xs:restriction> </xs:simpletype> </xs:element> <xs:element name="zip"> <xs:simpletype> <xs:restriction base="xs:string"> <xs:maxlength value="10" /> </xs:restriction> </xs:simpletype> </xs:element> <xs:element name="city"> <xs:simpletype> <xs:restriction base="xs:string"> <xs:maxlength value="50" /> </xs:restriction> </xs:simpletype> </xs:element> <xs:element name="state"> <xs:simpletype> <xs:restriction base="xs:string"> <xs:maxlength value="4" /> </xs:restriction> </xs:simpletype> </xs:element> <xs:element name="country"> 193

206 194 CRM with ChannelCRM <xs:simpletype> <xs:restriction base="xs:string"> <xs:maxlength value="3" /> </xs:restriction> </xs:simpletype> </xs:element> <xs:element name="phonecode"> <xs:simpletype> <xs:restriction base="xs:string"> <xs:maxlength value="4" /> </xs:restriction> </xs:simpletype> </xs:element> <xs:element name="importkey"> <xs:simpletype> <xs:restriction base="xs:string"> <xs:maxlength value="24" /> </xs:restriction> </xs:simpletype> </xs:element> <xs:element name="ssn"> <xs:simpletype> <xs:restriction base="xs:string"> <xs:maxlength value="24" /> </xs:restriction> </xs:simpletype> </xs:element> <xs:element name="salutation"> <xs:simpletype> <xs:restriction base="xs:string"> <xs:maxlength value="12" /> </xs:restriction> </xs:simpletype> </xs:element> <xs:element name="nomail" type="xs:boolean" /> <xs:element name="gender"> <xs:simpletype> <xs:restriction base="xs:string"> <xs:maxlength value="6" /> </xs:restriction> </xs:simpletype> </xs:element> <xs:element name="dateofbirth" type="xs:datetime" minoccurs="0" /> </xs:sequence> </xs:complextype> </xs:element> <xs:element name="hr_applicant">

207 Data import <xs:complextype> <xs:sequence> <xs:element name="contactid" type="xs:int" /> <xs:element name="cvtext" minoccurs="0"> <xs:simpletype> <xs:restriction base="xs:string"> <xs:maxlength value=" " /> </xs:restriction> </xs:simpletype> </xs:element> <xs:element name="notetext" minoccurs="0"> <xs:simpletype> <xs:restriction base="xs:string"> <xs:maxlength value=" " /> </xs:restriction> </xs:simpletype> </xs:element> <xs:element name="conftext" minoccurs="0"> <xs:simpletype> <xs:restriction base="xs:string"> <xs:maxlength value=" " /> </xs:restriction> </xs:simpletype> </xs:element> <xs:element name="owner"> <xs:simpletype> <xs:restriction base="xs:string"> <xs:maxlength value="20" /> </xs:restriction> </xs:simpletype> </xs:element> <xs:element name="renewed" type="xs:datetime" /> <xs:element name="p1" type="xs:short" minoccurs="0" /> <xs:element name="p2" type="xs:short" minoccurs="0" /> <xs:element name="p3" type="xs:short" minoccurs="0" /> <xs:element name="p4" type="xs:short" minoccurs="0" /> <xs:element name="p5" type="xs:short" minoccurs="0" /> <xs:element name="p6" type="xs:short" minoccurs="0" /> <xs:element name="p7" type="xs:short" minoccurs="0" /> <xs:element name="p8" type="xs:short" minoccurs="0" /> <xs:element name="p9" type="xs:short" minoccurs="0" /> <xs:element name="p10" type="xs:short" minoccurs="0" /> <xs:element name="p11" type="xs:short" minoccurs="0" /> <xs:element name="p12" type="xs:short" minoccurs="0" /> <xs:element name="p13" type="xs:short" minoccurs="0" /> <xs:element name="p14" type="xs:short" minoccurs="0" /> <xs:element name="p15" type="xs:short" minoccurs="0" /> 195

208 196 CRM with ChannelCRM <xs:element name="internalstatus"> <xs:simpletype> <xs:restriction base="xs:string"> <xs:maxlength value="12" /> </xs:restriction> </xs:simpletype> </xs:element> <xs:element name="jobstatus"> <xs:simpletype> <xs:restriction base="xs:string"> <xs:maxlength value="12" /> </xs:restriction> </xs:simpletype> </xs:element> <xs:element name="saleryfixed" type="xs:decimal" /> <xs:element name="saleryvar" type="xs:decimal" /> <xs:element name="salerybenefits" type="xs:decimal" /> </xs:sequence> </xs:complextype> </xs:element> <xs:element name="contactinfo"> <xs:complextype> <xs:sequence> <xs:element name="contactid" type="xs:int" /> <xs:element name="text"> <xs:simpletype> <xs:restriction base="xs:string"> <xs:maxlength value="128" /> </xs:restriction> </xs:simpletype> </xs:element> <xs:element name="companyid" type="xs:int" /> <xs:element name="value" type="xs:double" /> <xs:element name="changedon" type="xs:datetime" /> <xs:element name="changedby"> <xs:simpletype> <xs:restriction base="xs:string"> <xs:maxlength value="20" /> </xs:restriction> </xs:simpletype> </xs:element> </xs:sequence> </xs:complextype> </xs:element> <xs:element name="hr_persononposition"> <xs:complextype> <xs:sequence>

209 Data import <xs:element name="contactid" type="xs:int" /> <xs:element name="positionid" type="xs:int" /> <xs:element name="stage" type="xs:int" /> <xs:element name="comment" minoccurs="0"> <xs:simpletype> <xs:restriction base="xs:string"> <xs:maxlength value="120" /> </xs:restriction> </xs:simpletype> </xs:element> <xs:element name="positionreferenceno" type="xs:string" minoccurs="0" /> </xs:sequence> </xs:complextype> </xs:element> <xs:element name="occupation"> <xs:complextype> <xs:sequence> <xs:element name="contactid" type="xs:int" /> <xs:element name="companyid" type="xs:int" /> <xs:element name="title" minoccurs="0"> <xs:simpletype> <xs:restriction base="xs:string"> <xs:maxlength value="50" /> </xs:restriction> </xs:simpletype> </xs:element> <xs:element name="functionid" type="xs:int" /> <xs:element name="managerid" type="xs:int" /> <xs:element name="phonedirect"> <xs:simpletype> <xs:restriction base="xs:string"> <xs:maxlength value="20" /> </xs:restriction> </xs:simpletype> </xs:element> <xs:element name="phoneextension" minoccurs="0"> <xs:simpletype> <xs:restriction base="xs:string"> <xs:maxlength value="20" /> </xs:restriction> </xs:simpletype> </xs:element> <xs:element name="faxdirect" minoccurs="0"> <xs:simpletype> <xs:restriction base="xs:string"> <xs:maxlength value="20" /> </xs:restriction> 197

210 198 CRM with ChannelCRM </xs:simpletype> </xs:element> <xs:element name="mail"> <xs:simpletype> <xs:restriction base="xs:string"> <xs:maxlength value="128" /> </xs:restriction> </xs:simpletype> </xs:element> <xs:element name="functioninternal"> <xs:simpletype> <xs:restriction base="xs:string"> <xs:maxlength value="50" /> </xs:restriction> </xs:simpletype> </xs:element> <xs:element name="isprimary" type="xs:boolean" /> <xs:element name="starttime" type="xs:datetime" /> <xs:element name="finishtime" type="xs:datetime" /> <xs:element name="department"> <xs:simpletype> <xs:restriction base="xs:string"> <xs:maxlength value="80" /> </xs:restriction> </xs:simpletype> </xs:element> <xs:element name="numreferring" type="xs:int" /> <xs:element name="occupationid" msdata:readonly="true" msdata: AutoIncrement="true" type="xs:int" /> <xs:element name="companyname"> <xs:simpletype> <xs:restriction base="xs:string"> <xs:maxlength value="80" /> </xs:restriction> </xs:simpletype> </xs:element> </xs:sequence> </xs:complextype> </xs:element> </xs:choice> </xs:complextype> <xs:unique name="constraint1" msdata:primarykey="true"> <xs:selector xpath=".//mstns:contact" /> <xs:field xpath="mstns:contactid" /> </xs:unique> <xs:unique name="hr_applicant_constraint1" msdata:constraintname="constraint1" msdata: PrimaryKey="true">

211 Data import <xs:selector xpath=".//mstns:hr_applicant" /> <xs:field xpath="mstns:contactid" /> </xs:unique> <xs:unique name="contactinfo_constraint1" msdata:constraintname="constraint1" msdata: PrimaryKey="true"> <xs:selector xpath=".//mstns:contactinfo" /> <xs:field xpath="mstns:contactid" /> <xs:field xpath="mstns:text" /> <xs:field xpath="mstns:companyid" /> </xs:unique> <xs:unique name="hr_persononposition_constraint1" msdata:constraintname="constraint1" msdata:primarykey="true"> <xs:selector xpath=".//mstns:hr_persononposition" /> <xs:field xpath="mstns:contactid" /> <xs:field xpath="mstns:positionid" /> </xs:unique> <xs:unique name="occupation_constraint1" msdata:constraintname="constraint1" msdata: PrimaryKey="true"> <xs:selector xpath=".//mstns:occupation" /> <xs:field xpath="mstns:occupationid" /> </xs:unique> </xs:element> </xs:schema> 199


213 CRM/Engineering Part 19

214 202 CRM with ChannelCRM 19 CRM/Engineering This Option to ChannelCRM includes everything from ChannelCRM/Base as well as a number of features and options that are especially attractive if you are working with the sale and supply of technically-oriented solutions. Typical industries for companies that use this version are: Network Providers Surveyors Advisory engineers Production equipment etc. Project Locations Matrikler Project Folders Idéen bag projektfoldere er at lade projekterne "kigge" ned i en folderstruktur, hvor stien kan udregnes ud fra de informationer der ligger om projektet. Den typiske anvendelse er at opbygge en folderstruktur i stil med \\VoresServer\Projekter\PXXXX\ hvor PXXXX angiver projektnummeret. Hvis et konkret projektnummer således er "SP0047" vil der f.eks. kunne dannes foldere som: \\VoresServer\Projekter\SP0047\ \\VoresServer\Projekter\SP0047\Tegninger \\VoresServer\Projekter\SP0047\Mødereferater \\VoresServer\Projekter\SP0047\Opsætninger Når et sådant projekt åbnes vil der i fanen Foldere automatisk blive vist den første folder. Hvis denne ikke eksisterer vil den (og underfolderne) blive dannet.

215 CRM/Marketing Part 20

216 204 CRM with ChannelCRM 20 CRM/Marketing Denne udgave af ChannelCRM indeholder alt fra ChannelCRM/Basis samt en række funktioner og muligheder, der er specielt interessante for dig, som arbejder med markedsføring for andre virksomheder. Den typiske kunde til ChannelCRM/Marketing gennemfører kampagner og mødebooking på vegne af kunder. Campaigns Campaigns in ChannelCRM / Marketing has expanded in some key areas: They may indicate the company that the campaign is conducted on behalf of There may be given a booking price (your price to book a meeting) You can for each item in the target group, assign whom from the client (or client's business partners) will take the meeting You can design and assign templates to send an to the client meeting member and a second on the subject (optional) You can see statistics on the results You can report to the client, about the campaigns progress and status Company and booking price The company chosen, is normal among all the companies that are in the CRM system. Bookingprice stated is in local currency and it can also indicate how many meetings to be booked.

217 CRM/Marketing Set meeting participant The meeting participant may be selected, for all or part of the target group. Since the meeting participants are only attached to the selected items in the target group, one can dispatch according to optional criteria s. 205

218 206 CRM with ChannelCRM As an example one can imagine a campaign on behalf of a company that has geographically distributed retailers. The booked meetings must then be allocated among dealers according to the targets address (zip code). By this is the nature of the campaign design, the final choice will be out of the phone's hands. It happens automatically. For those targets where there is not yet booked meetings, you can change the distribution. Design and allocate merge templates Merge templates are standard merge templates in Outlook. When they are treated separately here, it s because we do not believe that phoners should be burdened with having to choose merge template each time to book a meeting or send a confirmation. But templates can look very different from campaign to campaign. See here how the templates are designed.

219 CRM/Marketing Statistics and Results When the campaign is in progress, it can be assessed by opening the tab Bookings. As shown below, there are aggregated figures and the economy for all activities related to the campaign. Activities are grouped by type so that bookings, cancellations and calls are shown individually. Bookings counts, plus values in the economy. The list is navigable, so that a double click leads to the current meeting. 207

220 208 CRM with ChannelCRM External bookings The booking of the meeting itself takes place from Telecenter in Activity Center. In each call, there is now a button - Book meeting external - which starts the process.

221 CRM/Marketing 209 Firstly a dialog appears where it is possible to set meeting time, duration and optional free text. In the dialogue box, it should also be indicated who from your client / partner to participate in the meeting. If the campaign is fully specified, this choices are already made. However, you can select other participants from the same company as the meeting participant.

222 210 CRM with ChannelCRM When everything is completed, click OK, and one or two s will appear on screen. These s are created from the templates attached to the campaign, but with content stemming from the current call.

223 CRM/Marketing 211 Edit each mail if needed and click Send. Behind the curtain, an activity is also created with your client meeting participant and the subject contact on the participants list. This activity can be found as all other activities in ChannelCRM and may be changed or canceled. This also means that you can keep track of all activities (meetings) that have come out of a campaign.

224 212 CRM with ChannelCRM Data Cleansing When it comes to data import and enrichment from Navne & Numre Markedsdata ChannelCRM / Marketing is expanded. Here also Key Performance Indicators for the past five years for all the companies that are imported. This means it is possible to build up campaigns at companies that match a desired profile in terms of economic development over time.

225 CRM/Search&Selection Part 21

226 214 CRM with ChannelCRM 21 CRM/Search&Selection This edition of ChannelCRM includes everything from ChannelCRM Base as well as a number of features and options that are especially interesting for you, working in the field of Human Resources. It may be in the form Search & Selection, or it may be Recruiting. Often it is on behalf of other companies, but several companies are using the solution too, to systematizing internal recruitment or HR tasks. In addition to the "normal" CRM functions, this product option gives you access to: Information about candidates Information about positions to be staffed Functionality to match candidates against positions Functions to control and support the processes that you are using in the phases of recruitment Functionality to avoid missed actions Functions to support government regulations with respect to Personal Information On Search & Selection You have chosen the Search&Selection (S&S) option from ChannelCRM - or you are considering to do so - so now is the time to gain insight into the workings of the module. The first chapter will try to explain what makes ChannelCRM stand out among the (few) Search & Selection solutions in the marketplace. First of all - rest assure that you have chosen one of the best if not the best solution for you business The reasons we dare to put it so boldly are numerous, and we will uncover them in the following chapters and at the same time you will learn exactly which processes that are supported by ChannelCRM S&S. The word "processes" has been carefully chosen. S&S is a discipline that is all about processes. There are loads of applications that allows you to store CVs and some basic information about clients, this you may even do in Excel for that matter. It may even be quite fine if you are building up a collection of candidates or if you work entirely alone. But when it comes to "real" S&S you will realize that all candidates are going through one or more processes. Just to keep track of them all is often extremely difficult - and avoiding to "drop the china on the floor". As a S&S professional you are familiar with the fact that it is the processes that determines the outcome - the effort you put into the process, and the quality of your work: When the candidate is experiencing the different steps in the process she will build up expectations, resistance, and reactions will be tested. All of these things helps you make a better decision about who is the right person for the position, and equally important, that the candidate

227 CRM/Search&Selection 215 starts in the new job with the right set of expectations. On the other hand, if there is no control of the processes, the outcome is bound to be poor. You might be able to attract a few candidates for the position, but the candidate who is chosen for the position might begin the the job with inappropriate expectations. You might have found a better candidate, but you did not because your process was ill timed or flawed. Maybe your customer did not realize the potential of your candidate, because you did not manage a process to create a set of balanced expectations. Processes are the single most important factor in successful S&S. ChannelCRM S&S has been designed from a process perspective. The data is a trivial matter. It is not incidental that the processes-support has been designed into the system. ChannelCRM started as two companies. ChannelCRM Software and HeadCount Search & Selection. HeadCount S&S funded the development of ChannelCRM Software and once ChannelCRM Software took off, HeadCount S&S was discontinued. Today ChannelCRM S&S is used by some of the most successful Danish S&S companies. The collective experience of these organizations and our own background makes for a unique industry insight. We know the processes. One specific area where processes are important is how you treat your "product". Your product is human beings. This sets S&S apart from most other businesses. Where in other industries you may store your product or put it on the shelf, then in S&S you have limited opotions to do so. Instead you are faced with the challenge of having to sell twice: The product must be sold to the customer and the customer must be sold to the product. Both sales needs to be executed succesfully, or the entire sale will miss. But a lot of S&S professionals have experienced that the sale must not be conducted "to well". If the product is oversold, the result will be that the expectations with your customer and your product are not properly alligned. This will eventually always fall back on you. The candidate leaves within a year or does not perform, and your customer will choose another party for S&S next time around. Your product is even perishable. Probably more so than most other products. If you forget your feedback to the candidate, if interviews are sloppy, or if you are unprepared with respect to knowledge of the position, the customer organization, the candidate will immediately register this. You might not discover it, because the candidate will not tell you, but surely she will tell others in her network. Even this you might not discover, since you still have a steady flow of fresh candidates. But what is happening now is that the overall quality of candidates is falling. The best candidates can pick and choose among S&S companies and to make it even worse: The exact network that has been informed about a faulty process will consist of the best candidates. (Experience shows that when a candidate shares his experiences with his network, he always confide himself to colleagues at his own level or at a higher level. In other words, with an example from the world of sales: The best salespeople do not care about the experiences of poor salespeople, and poor salespeople are not considered worthy of confidentiality by excellent salespeople.)

228 216 CRM with ChannelCRM An easy way to make ensure an optimal relation with the best candidates is to live up to your commitments and appointments 100%. If you have met a candidate for an interview, she should expect structured feedback within a reasonable timeframe. If the candidate calls you for an update, he should expect that you are up to date with the process. With CannelCRM you will easily be able to live up to such expectations, but you would be surprised to learn how many S&S who fails here. Why then this coupling of S&S with CRM? Well, we have devoted the next chapter for an in depth explanation of this, but lets look at the first argument here: Because in the real world S&S and CRM are two entirely integrated disciplines. The degree of success depends on the ability to connect the right people to the right people. Your customers will be in your CRM system, your candidates in your S&S system. Contacts in the CRM system could turn into candidates in the S&S system. If you find a coandiate in your S&S that you determine would be an asset for a customer, you might wnat to proactively sell this candiate to the customer using the CRM system. Given these obvious connections - who would not want to have an integrated solution? Another way of putting it: What good is it to have loads of prime candiates if you do not have any customers to sell them to? And how do you want to attract the best candidates, if you cannot tell them about your exciting customers? A successful S&S company will be in control of the flow of both candidates and customers - and this control is most easily obtained in an integrated CRM/S&S solution. We have now seen that processes are important, that you need to carefully handle your perishable goods, and that you still need to take care of sales towards your customers. Anything else? Yes indeed - you have to collect information in your S&S System. For two reasons: Knowledge in the system is what makes it possible for you and your colleagues to work together and deliver an output of high quality Knowledge in your system is what gives you an advantage when you are discussing the price of your services with your customer For many years, the S&S industry has been characterized by individuals with strong networks, who has been successful. Most often all of their knowledge is stored in their brains, and most often these individuals are happy doing business this way. If you are such a person - fine, you probably don't need a system to help you along. But if you are not, then you have to make sure, that knowledge about customers and candidates are made into an asset for your company. This can only happen if the knowledge is is easily stored in a system and easily put into use in your business processes. Finally there is the matter of price. It serves noone any good to be chosen as a supplier just for being the cheapest. If this is the case you have only one way to go: towards even lower prices. You have to show your customer, that you are worth a higher price. One way of doing so is to have the customer experience relevant information about how you do your business. Which suspects have been identified, how is your rating of the candidates, who have you been in contact with, how did your tests go? etc? In most cases, your customer will see the process that you are conducting as a part of the total impression of his company left with both the candidate who gets

229 CRM/Search&Selection 217 the job but also with those candidates who doesn't. Openness and professionalism in the transfer of knowledge between you and your customer is important. ChannelCRM is your mean to this end. The Connection Between CRM and S&S In the previous chapter you read about all the good reasons for a CRM system (with customers, contacts, and sales opportunities) and a S&S system (with positions and candidates) must be tightly integrated, if not be one coherent solution. Vi viste at der er mange koblinger mellem de to områder i den virkelige verden. Kunderne er i CRM varen (kandidaterne) er i S&S. Mennesker med ansvarsområder (kontakter) er i CRM kandidatemner (med kompetencer) er i S&S. We showed you that there are many connections between th two areas in the real world. The customers is in the CRM system - the product (the candidates) is in the S&S system. We also demonstrated that the balance between selling to customers and selling to candidates is important for your success. You can only attract the best candidates, with the best customers (and thus the best positions) and you will only get the best customers if you have good candidates. But there is more to it: Matchmaking: In a good CRM system you have access to information about companies and the primary contacts in these companies. Off course you can add new contacts to your CRM database. When you combine this with information like industry codes, titles, job-function, etc. you will be able to create a list of possible candidates for your open position - a list sometimes referred to "the hunting field". With ChannelCRM/Search&Selection you are always able to match contacts to a position by finding contacts with experience from companies in relevant industries. Another area is "the no go area". Most Search&Selection companies are restricted from searching their customers' contacts. Even if you do not have any contractual obligations to refrain from searching within certain companies, there might be very good ethical reasons not to do so, or at least to know when you are crossing the boundaries. When using the integrated solution it is easy to avoid mixing customers and "hunting field". Search&Selection companies have traditionally been organized in a way that some employees (researchers) finds candidates, while others (partners or consultants) handles the customers. But many situations requires that only one person or a small tightly connected team is handling all matters for a customer. This is especially the case when hiring at the executive level. In such situations it is most convenient that there is only one system. The same applies when an employee is changing his/her role in your company. Most often we see researchers in a career move towards more and more customer contact. Also in th situation it is

230 218 CRM with ChannelCRM most practical that there is only one system learn and operate. Windows ChannelCRM/Search&Selection is using most of the Windows that you are used to in the ChannelCRM/Base. The Company window and the Activity window are the same, and contacs and applicant windows are almost the same. There are two new windows: Position and Applicant. Whereas Position is an enterily new window, the Applicant window is just another way of looking at a contact. There are more data fields and you can off course still modify the way the user interface is presented. When navigating between CRM and Search&Selection modules - this takes place exactly like within the CRM system. There is only one system, not two independently operating systems. Search In order to find a candidate or a position you can use one of the two search-functions in the navigator menu for Search&Selection. In both cases you will be able to narrow down the search result by specifying a criteria (part of the name or part of the position name) To open a window with the applicant data (or position data) just double click on the row.

231 CRM/Search&Selection 219 As usually you can use the History-list in the right hand folder. This is particularly if you are only working with a relatively small number of positions and applicants. Quality of Service Quality of Service is all about making sure that your work with your candidates is correct and timely. In other words: That you ensure that all candidates get the correct answer within the timeframe they expect to get it. If you and your colleagues make sure that you always plan for the next step when concluding an activity - eg. that you plan to send a reply letter, when you receive an application - then the ToDo list will ensure a visible markup of all activities not yet performed and their deadlines. But what if there is no planned next activity? To find out and to monitor this, we have created a list called: Quality of Service for Applicants. In short - what the list does is that it runs through all data concerning activities on applicants connected to postions not yet filled. For each activity a check is performed to determine whether a follow up activity is needed, and if it has been planned. If the follow up activity is required but not yet planned the activity is shown in bold red letters. In the example below, the third activity is OK since we have planned for a Waiting-letter. The two activities above are not OK since both the Waiting-letter and the Open Application requires follow up but none has been planned so far.

232 220 CRM with ChannelCRM You can navigate and sort the list like any other in the system. Double click on a row will open the applicant window. Applicant With the Search&Selection option, a contact can be observed or shown in two different ways: 1. As a normal CRM contact 2. As an applicant In both cases it is the same person. In the example below there is only one Søren Viggo Mortensen in your data. However Mr. Mortensen can be seen as both a contact and an applicant. The system will remember in which role the person was shown the last time he/she was used. Next time a user is opening the person in a window the window will be the applicant window because this was how Mr. Mortensen was observed the last time.

233 CRM/Search&Selection 221 You can customize the windows for contatcs and applicants individually. If you right click on an empty area and choose Customize, the current window can be altered and customized. The system will remember if the adjustments are meant for applicants or f they are meant for contacts. Techincal Internally in the database the Search&Selection data are stored in a seperate tables. It is only in the user interface that the data is presented in a way that you as a user can see eg. name and home address in the same window as salary expectation and personal profile. The separation of data is important when it comes to deleting data connected with HR and the separation ensures that you can live up to the most strict legal requirements to the handling of personal sensitive data. Tabbed folders As Applicant The Folder As Applicant shows basic data especially relevant for applicants. The data is grouped: Ownership: Renewal date This date field is used to determine when the last action took place

234 222 CRM with ChannelCRM Created date Owner Situation: Job situation Internal rating Foto: that would entitle you to contain information. Usually you would have right to contain the data in 12 months from this date. The date upon which you created the applicant in your system. The primary responsible for this applicant A lookup value that tells whether the candidate is pasivley seeking, actively seeking or without a job. A lookup value that is used to categorise the applicant with respect to his Opslagsværdi der i grove træk kategoriserer ansøgeren med hensyn til egnethed indenfor de områder du rekrutterer til. Fotos taken with any digital camera can be sotred on your pc and placed in the system. You fetch the picture by right click to the åpicture field and "insert" Salary: Salary fixed Salary var Benefits Her you can store the current salary of your candidate, it can either be the actual salary, but it could also be the candidates salary expectation for a new position. Whether you use one or the other is your decision, but keep in mind that you sould be consequent and not store expectation for some and actual for others Variable pay, most often commision. The total value of benefits CV Text CV Text is an extra folder for the insertion of free text. In this situation it is particulary suited for the plain text that would normally be part of the CV of an applicant. Many of our customers like the fact that they can read this type of information without having to

235 CRM/Search&Selection 223 open a document, and that the information becomes searchable. All text in the text folder is full text indexed by the system Conf. Text Confidential text is an extra folder for free text. It can be used for comments and/or notes of inernal or temporary or sensitive nature. All text in the folder is full-text indexed by the system Profile Profilling and testing are somewhat controversial disciplines subject to much discussion. Quite a lot of the methods and techniques is intellectual property that is protected by copyright In ChannelCRM it is possible store test results on the individual applicant, and show them graphically. Below you see a primitive example:

236 224 CRM with ChannelCRM The principle is that each test-parameter has a line with a descriptive text and a value in a number-interval of your choice. The value is shown as both a number and as a green bar indicator. When the values are entered it is done by entering the number directly or by pointing to the indicator with the mouse and using the "scroll-wheel" on the mouse Positions FoFor each applicant it is possible to see the positions, to which the applicant is connected. The list canb be navigated (double-click will open the position) and you may edit two of the fields: Stage: Here you may choose any of the stages in your Applicant Status 230. Comment: Her you can add a short comment about the connection. When you want to connect the applicant to another position, press the "plus" (+) buttom above the list.

237 CRM/Search&Selection 225 Position The window Position contains information about a vacant position to be. The basic data includes: Name Company Date Owner Reference Closed The name that you and your colleagues are using for the position/ assigment End customer (The company where the candidate is supposed to work) Accession date for the new position The primary responsible for the assigment within your organization If you are using a number series or other kind of unique key for assigments Checkmark when the position has been occupied Extended information contains: WLink A link to the website, where the position is advertised. Count total How many candidates to be hired for the position. Default is 1 Count Completed Shows how many candidates have been hired

238 226 CRM with ChannelCRM Tabbed folders Applicants This folder shows all the applicants connected to the actual position. For each applicant, you may edit the JobStatus and the comment. Job Status is chosen among the values relevant for your installation. Please note that if you sort the list on JobStatus, the list is sorted by the status sequence numbers and not alphabetically. Thus the candidtaes will be sorted with respect to how far they are in the recruitement process. The plus button is used to connect more applicants to the position. The Applicant list can be used for navigation. Double click on applicant will open the Applicants detail window Matchbuilding A simple yet effective method of connecting candidates to positions is to search amon the applicants 231 you already have in your system (from other positions or from open applications). You can also search among contacts in the CRM system. You can open the search function by clicking the button MatchBuilder. Activities Activities connected to a position differsomewhat from normal CRM-activities. 1. You can see the position (but not the campaign or the project) 2. There is a process step 3. There is a next step

239 CRM/Search&Selection 227 When you choose a contact you can do so among the applicants that are already connected to the position (in this example 3 contacts): If the company field is filled out you may also choose among contacts from this company.

240 228 CRM with ChannelCRM For the steps in the applicant process 229 you can only choose among the steps that you have put into your process model. This ensures consistent structure in the information in your system. The structure also suggests a next step in the case that your modell contains a next step and you have not already created a next step. In such a situation a small red reminder will appear.

241 CRM/Search&Selection 229 Choose the the correct next step and click the checkmark. Now you have created a new activity in the applicant's process and you have ensured that appropriate action will be taken within a reasonable amount of time. The activity will appear in your ToDo list, and if it is outdated it will be marked with bold. Further to this there is functionality that ensures that a candidate process is concluded with a step that does not let the candidate expect further from you. Processes In the Initial Chapter Search&Selection. 214 we argued that processes play an extremely important role for successful Three main areas have to do with processes: Steps in the application process (letters, meetings, interviews, presentations, rejections...) Position Status which indicates how far in the process a specific candidate has come. MatchBuilding wich is the process of finding the right candidates for a given position. Steps in the Application Process You want to design steps in the application process to implement a systematic pattern of actions towards your candidates. The process could be very simple: "Recieve application, interview, hire". But in the real world it is much more complex. And sometimes not all applicants follow the same process. Therefore you have to plan for a process with more that one way from start to finish.

242 230 CRM with ChannelCRM Let's look at a few examples: Example 1: 1. Applicant send open application 2. You answer with a "thank you for you letter- we will return to you" 3. You call for an open interview 4. You conduct an open interview 5. The candidate recieves a letter with answer from the open interview (you may have found a position for the candidate) 6. You conduct a specific interview 7. The candidate receivs an answer on the specific interview 8. You call for a test 9. You conduct a test 10.The candidate receives answer with test results 11.The candidate is called for a presentation for the customer 12.The candidate gets the job offer 13.The candidate is hired 14.You conduct a follow up interview 15.Eksempel 2: 1. Candidate sends specific application. 2. You answer with a "thank you for you letter- we will return to you" 3. You call for a specific interview 4. You conduct a specific interview. 5. Candidate receives rejection letter. These are just examples, but what we already notice is that: 1. There might be quite a lot of different events during a process 2. Each event can have 0, 1 or several outcomes and thus consequential events Once you have written down the process that suits the way you want to do business best, you can enter it into the system. Once you have done so, every activity can easily be categorized, and you can easily determine where in the process a given applicant is, and last but not least, you avoid building a backlog of unperformed activities. No more candidates that you forgot about or that got stuck in a pile of paper on some desk. Candidate Status In the ChannelCRM Searc&Selection it is possible to to register how far he/she is in the process. Whether or not it has taken few or many interviews to reach that status has nothing to do with the status - but it is off course also registered. One sould not confuse the actual status with the process. That you have performed the step "interview" does not necessarily mean that the candidate has reached status "Interviewed". Many companies are using status levels similar to: Rejected The candidate will not get the job (everyone except 1 ends up with this status)

243 CRM/Search&Selection Not Evaluated Matched Candidate Interview1 Screened Presented Referenced Top3 Hired 231 The candidate is connected to position but not yet evaluated It seems that the candidate fits the position The candidate has agreed that he/she is a candidate for the position The candidate has gone through the first interview The customer has ok'ed the candidate based on anonymous data The candidate has been presented for the customer References has been taken The candidate is one of three most qualified The candidate is hired Matchbuilding The Matchbuilding tool will assist you in finding the right subjects and candidates for a given position. The Matchbuilder can look for candidates among already created candidates, but it can also extend its search for candidates among the contacts. Thus it becomes possible to find candidates among contacts based on their current or historic occupation giving them experience in a given industry. The Matchbuilder is invoked from the candidate list under a given position (because you search for candidates for a specific position). Hereafter three tabs become visible: Criteria: You can choose to search in the textfields (CV etc.), you can search for info tags, industry experience, zip code intervals and home address. Result: Here you will find the temporary result of candidates/contacts matching the search criteria. Candidate list: Shows the candidates who are already connected to the position. Kriterier

244 232 CRM with ChannelCRM The idea is that the result list is built over several iterations. For each iteration in which you look for words, info tags or zip codes, subjects will be added to the result list. But this is not the only thing that happens: Each of the subjects receive a score point for each time it is has been hit by your criteria and added to the result list. If a person matches both a search word, then another search word, then an info tag - then the subject will have a total score of 3. Off course not all candidates are equally relevant, so when you determine that you have a draft list of possible subjects you can "freeze" the list by check marking. Hereafter you will not add more subjects to the result list (regardless of search criteria used), but the score values will be counted if there is a it among the existing subjects. For each search (shown belkow with info tags) you ckick Go. In the Go button a number tells you how many hits you had on exactly this criteria.

245 CRM/Search&Selection 233 After a few iterations you end up with a result list with a number of cabdidate subjects for the position. On the left hand side you will see the score value, and you can sort the list based on this value leaving the most probable candidates on top. Right click and add the marked candidate to the position.

246 234 CRM with ChannelCRM For de visuelt orienterede er det muligt at vise fotos i resultatlisten og dermed støtte sin hukommelse. Fotos er dog mest relevant hvis man får det ind som fast rutine at fotografere kandidater f.eks. ved første interview.

247 CRM/Search&Selection 235

248 236 CRM with ChannelCRM Configuration To get the most out of your ChannelCRM Search&Selection, you will need to configure the system to your way of working. The two main areas are a) the steps that an applicant is going through during the course of a recruitment process, and b) which descriptors you want to use when you want to describe how qualified an applicant is with regard to a certain position. The Process Setting up a process in ChannelCRM Search&Selection is about two things: 1. Proces-steps = the different actions that are relevant for the hiring of candidates (That they sent you an application, that you met with them for an interview, that they where rejected etc.) 2. Position Status = en description that you can associate with each candidate for a given position, thus describing how far in the exclusion/inclusion process the candidate is a a given point in time (Open application, Interviewed, tested, presented, top3, hired, rejected, etc.) Process-steps Process steps are created by entering these line by line for each step you intend to describe. Below we show some examples. In our experience the steps differ quite a lot from company to company. There is a fine balance between being sufficiently detailed so as to be able to describe the real situation, and not being too detail oriented that you loose control of the overall progress of a process. Once you have entered some steps it is time to look at the processes. In other words, "when you receive an open application - what will the candidate expect from you?"

249 CRM/Search&Selection Most would answer "a letter acknowledging" but some might say "we call for an interview" You eter the next possible step under a step. The rule is that next step only can be a step that already is stored in the system, so sometimes you might have to create a new step. Along with the next step you choose the communication channel for it and the maximum wait time (delay). Hvis du lægger trinnene og processerne ind optimalt vil du ende op med at alle trin har mulige næste trin på nær de trin som i sagens natur er endestationer. Typiske endestationer er Afslagsbrev og Ansættelse. (Men selv efter ansættelse kan der jo være en opfølgningssamtale 3 måneder efter). If you enter the steps in a well thought out manner you will end up with all steps havingf a next step - except the two last steps (reject/hire). Position Status 237

250 238 CRM with ChannelCRM Profiling

251 CRM/Consultancy Part 22

252 240 CRM with ChannelCRM 22 CRM/Consultancy ChannelCRM/Consultancy combines the features of the Base CRM package, combined with a set of features that are critical to companies who are selling, and delivering projectbased consultancy services. For instance: Sales of consultancy services for projects with customers whether the consultants are own employees or freelancers. Delivery of projects, where your consultants' expertise and experience are a crucial competitive differentiators. The ChannelCRM/Consultancy provides a number of critical functions as: Keeping track of information about internal and external consultants. Keeping track of internal as well as external consultants availability Making the consultant base searchable, based on availability and competencies. Maintain individual CVs in a modular fashion based on the project experiences of the consultant Creating profiled consultant descriptions (with the relevant CV-descriptions) to be used in proposals. Further to these functions ChannelCRM will help you with the basic CRM-functions like keeping track of correspondance with customers, and consultants, sales forecasting, marketing campaigns, project follow up etc. ChannelCRM/Consultancy is a fully integrated part of the ChannelCRM system, thus all functions and all data in the module is directly associated to all other functions and data in the ChannelCRM system.

253 CRM/Consultancy 241 Søg konsulent I venstrenavigatoren klikkes på Konsulenter. Herved åbnes en søgefunktion, der ligner almindelig kontaktsøgning - men her er den begrænset til alene at søge blandt kontakter, der også er konsulenter. Søgelisten kan som vanligt grupperes og filtreres, men vær opmærksom på at listens primære sigte er at finde en given konsulent ud fra navn eller lignende. Hvis du har behov for at lave lister til at arbejde ud fra (f.eks. en liste, der grupperer dine konsulenter efter primær ekspertise), så er det mere effektivt at opbygge et view selv.

254 242 CRM with ChannelCRM Konsulentvinduet Konsulentvinduet er i basis magen til det vindue, der benyttes ved "normale" kontakter. Men da konsulenten i tillæg til kontaktens basale data også har informationer om CV-items og assignments, vil der være flere faner. Om en kontakt også er konsulent kan ses øverst i stamdata. Her er der afkrydsningsfelter for bl. a. konsulent.

255 CRM/Consultancy 243 Hvis ikke der allerede er checkmærke ved konsulent, kan det sættes og der vil så med det samme blive dannet de nødvendige datafelter for kontakten. Checkmærket kan ikke umiddelbart fjernes igen fordi dette ville føre til tab af data og dermed (hvis det var utilsigtet) potentielt tab af salg. Specielt for konsulenten er der 2 faner: Assignments 243 : Her er der en kalender i tidslinievisning, hvor alle konsulentens opgaver er registrerede. CV items 244 : Her er en listning af de beskrivelser der for den aktuelle konsulent er oprettet. Assignment fane Her vises en tidslinie over de assignments (opgaver)der er registreret for konsulenten. Opgaverne kan være allerede udførte (i datid), planlagte eller igangværende. Opgaverne kan også være ferie eller andre årsager til utilgængelighed.

256 244 CRM with ChannelCRM Tidslinien har kontektsmenuer til at "spole" frem til næste opgave, til at skalere visningen samt til at gå til en bestemt dato. En vist assignment åbnes ved dobbeltklik. Over tidslinien er der knapper: Tilføj: Opret en ny assignment (opgave) for konsulenten. CV items fane CV items (se beskrivelse her 246 ) listes i separat fane. De data der indgår i listen er rollen, projektnavn og nummer, samt information om den virksomhed, der er kunde på projektet. Det enkelte CV-item kan åbnes ved at dobbeltklikke på linien. Over listen er der to knapper: Tilføj (Add): Opretter et nyt CV-item Genlæs (Refresh): Indlæser listen på ny. Det er muligt at markere mere end et CV-item og derved flette dokument. 245 teksten fra flere sammen i et

257 CRM/Consultancy 245 Sammensæt CV items Ved højreklik på en eller flere markerede CV-items åbnes mulighed for at flette den formatterede tekst for de valgte CV-items sammen i ét dokument. Som det ses herunder bevares formatteringen fra de enkelte CV-items og på den måde er det enkelt at fremstille attraktivt materiale til brug for tilbudsmateriale. Resultatet kan redigeres, men vær opmærksom på at ændringerne ikke umiddelbart gemmes i databasen. I stedet kan dokumentet gemmes i en række formater - herunder Word2007 og HTML. Det er også muligt at copy-paste direkte ind i Word.

258 246 CRM with ChannelCRM Assignments Assignments (opgaver) er en form for aktiviteter i CRM. En assigment knytter sig til en enkelt konsulent og en tidsperiode. Ud over dette kan en assignment knyttes til et projekt i CRM og dermed til kunden. Normalt vil alle assignments som konsulenterne udfører for dig være knyttede til projekter, mens de assigments som konsulenterne måtte udføre på vegne af andre (konkurrenter eller familie ;-) ikke er knyttede til projekter. CV items Curriculum Vitae er ord, der benyttes i mange sammenhænge og derfor skal det her præciseres, hvad der menes i denne sammenhæng: En konsulent kan have et generelt CV, som typisk beskriver uddannelsesforløb, civilstand, fritidsinteresser og tidligere ansættelser. Dette CV kan indlægges direkte under konsulenten. Dels som flad tekst i den fane der er beregnet til det, dels som tilknyttet dokument. En konsulent kan have et antal CV-items (erfaringsbeskrivelser), der hver især beskriver et projekt, hvor konsulenten her medgået i en rolle. Disse CV-items indlægges i speciel fane under konsulenten. CV-items er ofte formulerede på en måde, så de ser attraktive ud for en potentiel kunde og de skal som regel kunne bruges direkte i salgssammenhæng. For at oprette et CV-item klikkes på tilføj i fanen CV-items.

259 CRM/Consultancy 247 Teksteditoren giver mulighed for at indlægge billeder og opstillinger, men det vil normalt være gavnligt at standardisere layoutet. Et typisk tilbud til et kundeemne vil inkludere et antal CV-items for for hver af flere konsulenter og din redigering af tilbudet minimeres, hvis layoutet er standardiseret fra start. Teksteditoren har også mulighed for at hente Word2007-filer og at paste dokumenter ind fra klippebordet. Find konsulenter til opgave Assignment Match (Konsulent Match) gør det enkelt at få overblik over konsulenter. Enten alle de konsulenter din virksomhed råder over. Eller delmængder, der kan fremfindes ud fra ekspertiseområder eller andre informationer du har lagt ind i konsulenternes Info Tags. For at søge klikkes på Execute (Søg) hvorved alle de konsulenter der matcher det gældende kriterium lægges til listen nederst i vinduet. Kriteriet kan inkludere tre områder: Info tags 1: Her vælges eller skrives op til tre Info tags der kan kvalificere til at indgå i resultatet. De tre Info tags anvendes med ELLER operator. Altså er det nok at bare én af

260 248 CRM with ChannelCRM dem er knyttet til en given konsulent. Info tags 2: Anvendes på samme måde som Info tag 1 gruppen. Men de to grupper anvendes med OG operator. Hvis denne gruppe anvendes skal en given konsulent altså både leve op til kriteriet i Info tags 1 OG til kriteriet i Info tags 2. Datoer: Her tastes eller vælges start- og slut-dato for den periode hvori der skal findes konsulenter. Valget i disse felter begrænser ikke hvorvidt konsulenter kommer til at indgå i listen, men valget styrer farvekodningen i kolonnen Overlap. Kolonnen Overlap vises med farver: Grøn: valgt. Gul: Rød: Der er - for den aktuelle konsulent - ikke andre assignments i den periode, der er Der er en eller flere assignments der overlapper den periode der er valgt. En enkelt assignment dækker allerede hele den valgte periode. Ved hver enkelt konsulent er der en lille plus-knap. Denne benyttes til at vise mere detaljerede data om konsulenten. Disse data kan være: CV items: Info tags: Documents: at åbne. Assignments: at åbne. Alle CV items for den aktuelle konsulent. Dobbeltklik for at åbne. Alle Info tags for den aktuelle konsulent. Alle journaliserede dokumenter for den aktuelle konsulent. Dobbeltlik for Alle registrerede assignments for den aktuelle konsulent. Dobbeltklik for

261 CRM/Consultancy Er farvekoden for en konsulent gul er det enkelt at zoome ind på fanen assignments for på den måde at se om overlappen blot skyldes et par planlagte feriedage. Ikke noget der normalt vil forhindre at konsulenten knytttes til projektet. Bag listen over konsulenter der matcher kriteriet ligger en fane med den samlede kalender for konsulenterne. Kalenderen er i tidslinie-form og giver nemt overblik over mange konsulenters opgaver. Kalendervisningen har kontekts-menuer for tilpasning af visningen. Herunder skalering af datoaksen. 249

262 250 CRM with ChannelCRM Klik på knappen Udskriv for at præsentere en version af kalenderen der egner sig til udskrift.

263 CRM/Human Resource Part 23

264 252 CRM with ChannelCRM 23 CRM/Human Resource This edition of ChannelCRM includes everything from ChannelCRM/Base as well as a number of features and options that are particularly interesting for private hospitals. No text yet

265 CRM/Medico Part 24

266 254 CRM with ChannelCRM 24 CRM/Medico Denne udgave af ChannelCRM indeholder alt fra ChannelCRM/Basis samt en række funktioner og muligheder, der er specielt interessante for privathospitaler. No text yet

267 Add On Modules Part 25

268 256 CRM with ChannelCRM 25 Add On Modules Add On Modules are payable options for your ChannelCRM installation. They are enabled via the license key sent to you from ChannelCRM. Navne&Numre Markedsdata 264 Easy access to data on all Danish companies. Data cleansing, ad hoc lookup, key performance figures,... Integration to e- A "no-configuration" coupling between ChannelCRM and the on-line conomic 267 accounting system e-conomic. You will see invoices, invoice lines, debitors in your CRM system. Fritekst indeksering og søg Med Full Text Search tillægsmodulet åbnes der op for at al den tekst, der ligger i faneblade med tekst og alle journaliserede dokumenter bliver full text indekserede og dermed søgbare på mange måder. Det svarer lidt til at have en "Google" på dine egne informationer, men til forskel fra Google Desktop Search og Windows Search vil ChannelCRM Full Text Option kunne vise dig søgeresultaterne i den sammenhæng de optræder i CRM systemet. Og du vil kunne udføre operationer direkte på dem. Med andre ord vil alle , alle tilbud, alle regneark og alle noter uden yderligere besvær blive fuldstændigt søgbare og kædet sammen med de kunder, projekter, kontakter, konsulenter osv. som de i virkelighedens verden hænger sammen med. Eksempler: Til hvilke kundeemner har vi nogensinde sendt noget om Produkt X? Hvilke mails - og fra hvilke firmaer - har vi nogensinde modtaget s hvori ordene klage, utilfreds eller ombudsmand indgår? Lav en kampagne på alle firmaer/kontakter, hvor ordet "Salgsdirektør" indgår i korrespondance eller noter. Vis mig et tilbud, hvori Produkt Y indgår. (Jeg kan sikkert sakse lidt tekst herfra i det tilbud jeg laver nu) Led alle CV'er igennem og finde de konsulenter, hvor ordene "Århus" og "Havn" står i nærheden af hinanden. ChannelCRM Full Text Option er opbygget så den ikke "spænder ben" for andre søgemaskiner (Windows Enterprise Search, Google Search, Sharepoint,...). Et dokument der er indekseres fra ChannelCRM kan altså også være indekseret af andre søgemaskiner, uden at der skal laves ny kopier af dokumentet.

269 Add On Modules 257 Søgning Hvis du har licens til ChannelCRM Full Text Search vil du kunne kalde funktionen fra bl.a. knaprækken i hovedskærmbilledet ( Full Text) og fra venstrenavigatoren under gruppen Søgning ( Full Text Search). I begge tilfælde åbnes en dialog som nedenfor. Øverst er selve det felt, hvor den søgte tekst indsættes. Straks derunder vises resultaterne af søgningen. Én fane med alle de dokumenter, der findes som resultat af søgningen og én fane med alle de emner i CRM, hvor søgningen "hitter" på tekst i tekstfaneblade. Vi har helt bevidst lavet denne opdeling, fordi man oftest vil fokusere på én af resultattyperne. Fanebladene kan lukkes hver for sig. Derved begrænses søgningen til den resultattype, der er resterende. Søgeresultetet er naturligvis klikfølsomt så dobbeltklik i listen åbner det emne der er vist i kolonnen. Altså direkte til dokumentet, firmaet, kontakten, projektet, aktiviteten,... Med knappen Preview åbnes en tekstboks hvor de termer i dokumentteksten der svarer til søgetermerne er markerede med fede typer og gul baggrund. Denne markering er mere simpel end de algoritmer der ligger bag søgningen og man kan derfor ikke med sikkerhed forvente at alle termer i teksten - som har bidraget til at få dokumentet med i resultatlisten - er markerede. F. eks. vil et dokument hvori der indgår en stærkt bøjet form af et søgeord ikke nødvendigvis have denne form af ordet markeret. Til formålet (som er at kontrollere resultatets relevans) er markeringerne dog normalt tilstrækkelige. Søgealgoritmen kan påvirkes på flere måder:

270 258 CRM with ChannelCRM Der kan klikkes på checkboksen Exact hvad der vil få søgeresultatet til at undgå bøjede former af søgeordene. Der kan indsættes ekstra tegn 260 i søgestrengen. Som det ses ovenfor er der en række kolonner i søgeresultatet ud over "bare" dokumentnavnet. Kolonnerne viser: Dokumenttypen som ikon: Læg særligt mærke til s (fra Outlook). Her vil eventuelle tilknyttede dokumenters indhold (f.eks. et regneark) blive inkluderet i søgningen. Ophavstype som ikon: Her ses hvilken type emne i CRM dokumentet er direkte tilknyttet. Dokumenttitel: Samme dokumenttitel som fremgår i andre dokumentoversigter. Ophav: Navnet på det emne som dokumentet er direkte tilknyttet. Oprettet: Tildspunkt for dokumentets tilknytning til CRM (eller tidspunkt for ens modtagelse) Projekt: Det projekt i CRM som dokumentet er tilknyttet (eventuelt via "Scan til projekter") Kontakt: Den kontaktperson i CRM som dokumentet enten direkte er tilknyttet eller via f. eks. en aktivitet der er rettet mod kontakten. Firma: Det firma i CRM som dokumentet enten direkte er tilknyttet eller via f.eks. en kontakt som er ansat i firmaet. Rækker i søgeresultatet kan markeres og ved højreklik med musen åbnes mulighed for at oprette Info Tags på de markerede emner eller at inddrage emnerne i en kampagne. I begge tilfælde skal man lægge mærke til at tilknytningerne kun sker for de rækker hvor en sammenhæng til emnet er fundet. Man kan som eksempel ikke tilknytte info tags til projekt for de rækker i resultatet hvor der ikke er nogen sammenhæng til et projekt.

271 Add On Modules Og "Tilføj til kampagne" sker kun for de rækker hvor som minimum et firma er fundet. Fane nummer to "Text Tabs" viser på mere enkel form de steder i systemet hvor søgeteksten finder resultat i faneblade med tekst. Her er sammenhængen til Ophav mere enkel idet et tekstfaneblad altid hører direkte til det emne, hvor det vises. 259

272 260 CRM with ChannelCRM Avanceret søgning I Full Text Search kan man anvende tegn for at præcisere søgningen og derved begrænse resultatet til de mest relevante. Flere ord Hvis der skrives flere ord i søgefeltet, vil søgningen opfatte det som om der er OG-operator imellem. Dette kan understreges ved at skrive AND mellem ordene (altså "Århus AND Odense"). Hvis der ønskes en ELLER operation på ordene, skal der skrives OR mellem søgeordene (altså "Århus OR Odense") Sætninger Hvis du ønsker at søge efter dokumenter, hvor en specifik sætning indgår, sætter du citationstegn om hele sætningen (altså " "Administrerende Direktør" ") Uden ord Hvis du ønsker at resultaterne skal udelade dokumenter, hvor et ord indgår, sætter du minustegn foran ordet (altså "Århus -Odense") Afstand Hvis to ords afstand i teksten skal ses som en kvalitet (bedre jo nærmere ordene optræder), sætter du skarpe paranteser om de to ord (altså "<Odense Århus>") Paranteser Hvis søgningen skal indeholde flere af ovenstående elementer, kan der sættes paranteser om de dele, der skal behandles hver for sig (altså "Apotek AND (Odense OR Århus)") Full Text Option Setup Opsætningen af ChannelCRM Full Text Option er relativt enkel. Alligevel lønner det sig at gå struktureret til værks. De punkter der skal gennemføres er: 1. Indlæs licensnøgle med licens for ChannelCRM Full Text Option 2. Opsæt SQL Server 2008 til ChannelCRM Full Text Option 3. Check og eventuelt installér de IFilters der skal anvendes til at uddrage indholdet af komplekse dokumenttyper. 4. Kør indeksering manuelt på alle de allerede journaliserede dokumenter. 5. Installér og igangsæt service på serveren, så dokumenter journaliseres automatisk fremover. Indlæs licensnøgle Licensnøglen sendes fra ChannelCRM som en med tilknyttet licensnøgle. Du gemmer denne nøglefil på f.eks. Windows Skrivebord og går i ChannelCRM ind under punktet Administration Indlæs licensnøgle. Her åbner du nøglefilen og klikker Valider og gem.

273 Add On Modules Opsæt SQL Server 2008 til ChannelCRM Full Text Option For at opsætte SQL Server til Full Text option benytter du CRM Manager. Normalt vil du skulle starte dette program fra selve den server hvor SQL Server er kørende. (Det kan godt være i Fjernskrivebord). I CRM Manager åbner du punktet Tillægsmoduler Dokumentindeksering. Læs gerne introduktionen på første fane, men gå ellers straks til fane 2 "Setup". 261

274 262 CRM with ChannelCRM Denne fane omhandler til venstre opsætning af SQL Server, som er det aktuelle punkt her. Først klikkes på knappen "Remove legacy index". Dette vil fjerne tidligere Full Text indices fra den aktuelle CRM Database. Selve det script der udfører kaldene kan ses i CRM Managers hovedvindue - inklusive eventuelle fejlmeddelelser. Dernæst vælges det sprog som indekseringen skal baseres på. Hvis ikke dansk er med på listen, så skyldes det sandsynligvis en lille mærkelighed som beskrives og udbedres her: Installér dansk i SQL Server 264 Når det korrekte sprog er valgt klikkes på knappen "Create index". Igen køres der et script i CRM Managers hovedvindue. Såfremt dette script afvikles uden fejl er Full Text indeksering i SL Server 2008 funktionel. Check og installér IFilters IFilters er en række programmer som sikrer at en indekseringsmekanisme kan "få fat" i den tekst der ligger inde i ellers uforståelige dokumenter (pdf, docx, doc, xls,...). IFilters er standardiserede og anvendes af mange søgemaskiner. Derfor findes der med stor sandsynlighed også IFilters for de dokumenttyper der er aktuelle i din virksomhed. I ovenstående billede viser den højre halvdel en checkboks for hver af de dokumenttyper som allerede er journaliseret af ChannelCRM - i din virksomhed. For de dokumenttyper hvor der allerede er et IFilter til stede er der checkmærke. De dokumenttyper hvor checkmærket mangler kan ikke indekseres. Hvis der mangler checkmærke ved en dokumenttype hvor indholdet skal indekseres er det

275 Add On Modules 263 nødvendigt at finde, downloade og installere det passende IFilter. Dette plejer at være ret nemt, men det skal foregå på serveren. I sig selv hjælper det ikke noget at IFiltrene er på din egen PC, hvis det fremover er meningen at indekseringen skal foregå automatisk på serveren. For at finde IFiltre søges internettet efter "IFilter docx" eller lignende alt efter filtypen. Lidt kommentarer er på sin plads: IFiltre til Officepakken installeres automatisk sammen med Officepakken. På en server er Officepakken normalt ikke installeret og der for skal disse filtre installeres separat. IFilter til PDF installeres sammen med Acrobat Reader. Hvis denne installeres på serveren er alt ok - med mindre serveren er 64 bit. I dette tilfælde skal der installeres et separat IFilter fra Adobe. Søg på "IFilter PDF 64bit". Generelt: Vi har selv gode erfaringer med at benytte de gratis IFiltre der leveres af dokumentleverandørerne selv (Microsoft for Officepakken, Adobe for PDF,...) Internettet giver dog mange links til alternativer og nogle af disse rummer muligvis nyttige funktioner. Når et nyt IFilter er installeret vælges fanen Setup igen og der skal nu være checkmærke ud for den pågældende dokumenttype. Kør manuel indeksering Nu kan den første indeksering gennemføres. Vælg fanen "Run manual" Her klikker du nu på knappen Start scan og iagttager hvordan indekseringen forløber ved hjælp af statistikfelterne øverst. Hvis det viser sig at et antal dokumenter ikke indekseres (vist i feltet Files remaining eller Files failed) kan man sætte checkmærke i Logging og se forklaringen i Log

276 264 CRM with ChannelCRM text. Re-evaluate benyttes for at gennemtvinge en fornyet total indeksering. Installér CCRMTextGrab Service Tekst mangler Installér dansk i SQL Server SQL Server 2008 leveres med en lang række sprogdefinitioner installeret som standard. Desværre er der tre sprog som ikke er med i denne standard: Dansk, polsk og tyrkisk. Så uheldigt det end måtte være at netop Danmark ikke er standard, så er der alligevel ingen vej uden om; det skal installeres. Du kan selvfølgelig vælge at springe dette punkt over (og det skal du hvis det meste af din korrespondance f.eks. er på engelsk), men fordelene ved at have det korrekte sprog installeret er flere: Søgningen respekterer bøjninger bedre (går, gik) Søgningen ved hvilke ord, der er overflødige (dem, de, en, af) Søgningen kan klare synonymer (følge, ledsage) Læg dog mærke til at dette ikke er en "once and for all" beslutning. Hvis du senere skifter sprog kan indekseringen genopbygges. For at opsætte SQL Server 2008 til dansk indeksering følges en vejledning fra Microsoft. Denne vejledning skal gennemføres fuldstændigt præcist og de checks som vejledningen beskriver bør man også gennemføre for at sikre at alt er korrekt. Vejledningen findes Navne & Numre Markedsdata By a license for Navne & Numre Markedsdata you will be able to: Import data on all Danish companies ( ) Automatically look for - ind import - companies not yet in your database Do cleansing of data See and print the accounting sheets Ad Hoc view the financial rating... This option requires extra payment on a yearly basis.

277 Add On Modules NNM Context Menu 265

278 266 CRM with ChannelCRM

279 Add On Modules 267 Video Training KPIs Integration to e-conomic What is in it? e-conomic is an integration module for customers who have licenses for both ChannelCRM and economic. The integration connect the two systems, so that they can exchange information about companies and their financial transactions. What to use it for? The e-conomic integration poses several benefits: To import customer information from economic to ChannelCRM To update your customer information from economic to ChannelCRM To ensure consistency between the information in the two systems - synchronization of economic debtors with CRM customers

280 268 CRM with ChannelCRM To give the user access to CRM customer transactions through a tab on the corporate image in the CRM system of economic purchase history Create debtors from Company screen in ChannelCRM when an prospect becomes a real customer To provide overview and more sales at various campaigns and analysis reports, based on economic data How to do it? Configuration The integration are enabled by special License Key which can be ordered from ChannelCRM. Then enter the e-conomic agreement number, user-id and password in the menu Administration Application wide settings. Password may be omitted if you do not want all users to have access to e-conomic password. In this case, the system will ask password every time, the user communicate with e-conomic. Imports of debtor s updates, ensuring consistency In the Administration menu, in the menu item, Data import, press the button: e-conomic web.

281 Add On Modules 269 This will load a list of debtors. If the list can be approved, import it by pressing Start import. The list can be tested by pressing the Test button. The CRM system will check each individual debtor to find similar companies in the CRM database. Ideally there should be only one corresponding company. You can identify duplicates and possibly merge them with the default mode to merge the company, in case there should be 2 or more duplicates. Customer Lookup - purchase history On the company screen under the tab e-conomic, you will find the invoices and invoice lines that are extracted from e-conomic. These figures are now stored in copy in the CRM database. The tab does not show figures, by way of a real-time lookup of Economics. The data is copied into the CRM system administrator, when synchronizing. Reporting and generation of campaigns It is possible to create the usual dynamic lists, including e-conomic data as well. You can easily create e.g. a PivotTable with customers and their purchase transactions:

282 270 CRM with ChannelCRM Here is a list of all invoices from e-conomic. It is filtered, so it shows all the companies who have had one or more transactions of more than after 1 st February 2005 If you highlight some of the companies in the list, right clicking your mouse companies can be added to a campaign.

283 Add On Modules 271 Here we have chosen to put customers into a campaign called "sales". You can thus quickly create marketing campaigns based on purchase history. Tech Notes There are no technical notes to the section on e-conomic integration. Integration til C5 (pre ) Hvad er det? C5 integrationen er et modul for kunder som har licens til både ChannelCRM og økonomisystemet C5. Integrationen binder data fra de to systemer sammen, således at de kan overføre informationer om firmaer (debitorer) og deres økonomitransaktioner. Den her beskrevne virkemåde er i ChannelCRM version og nyere erstattet af en serverbaseret udgave som er mere effektiv, kan mere og kører automatiseret. Se evt. denne i SQL udgave 285 eller i filbaseret udgave 293. Hvad bruger man det til? C5 integrationen bruges til flere ting: At importere kundeoplysninger fra C5 til ChannelCRM At opdatere kundeoplysninger fra C5 til ChannelCRM At sikre konsistens mellem oplysningerne i de to systemer - synkronisering af C5-debitorer med CRM-kunder At give CRM brugeren adgang til kundernes økonomidata i kraft af et faneblad på firmabilledet i CRM systemet med C5 købshistorik At skabe overblik og mersalg ved diverse kampagne og analyserapporter baseret på C5-data Hvordan gør du? Opsætning Integrationen aktiveres ved speciel licensnøgle som kan bestilles hos ChannelCRM. Licensnøglen aktiveres af CRM administratoren i administrationsmenuen. Herefter er der for brugere med salgsledelsesadgang mulighed for at åbne en dialog med navnet C5 administration.

284 272 CRM with ChannelCRM I fanen Setup indtaster du følgende data: Folder location: Her angives stien til den folder, hvori de eksporterede C5-data ligger Invoice header file: Navnet på den csv-fil, der indeholder data fra fakturaheadere Invoice line file: Navnet på den fil, der indeholder data fra fakturalinier For filbeskrivelse se her 276. I samme dialog, faneblad Actions er der nu to muligheder: Synkroniser og Genlæs alle fakturaer.

285 Add On Modules 273 Selve overførslen går normalt hurtigt, men er der tale om meget store datamængder kan det betale sig at lade filerne alene indeholde data fra f.eks. seneste måned. Systemet sørger selv for at der ikke optræder dubletter. Kundeopslag - købshistorik På firmabilledet under folderen C5 finder du de fakturaer og fakturalinier, som er hentet fra C5. Disse ligger nu som kopi i CRM databasen. Fanebladet er altså ikke et realtids opslag i C5 og belaster dermed hverken C5 eller din licens hertil. Oplysningerne kopieres ind i CRM systemet, når salgslederen importerer fra C5.

286 274 CRM with ChannelCRM Rapportering og generering af kampagner Der kan dannes de sædvanlige dynamiske lister også på C5 data. Man kan nemt lave f.eks. en pivottabel med kunder og deres købstransaktioner: (Der er i liste-designeren forlæg til tre typer rapportering ud fra C5 data. Du kan benytte disse forlæg som de er eller du kan designe videre på dem så de viser netop de sammenhænge du ønsker.)

287 Add On Modules 275 Her en liste over alle fakturaer fra C5. Den er filtreret, så den viser alle firmaer, der har haft en eller flere transaktioner på mere end 5000 kr - efter den 1. februar 2005 Ved markering af de ønskede firmaer i listen efterfulgt af højreklik, kan firmaer tilføjes til en kampagne.

288 276 CRM with ChannelCRM Her har vi valgt at lægge kunderne ind i en kampagne der hedder Mersalg. Du kan med andre ord hurtigt lave marketingkampagner baseret på købshistorik. Tekniknoter Overførslen af data fra C5 til ChannelCRM foregår via datafiler. Du skal derfor opsætte C5 så der genereres de nødvendige filer - enten på anfordring i C5 - eller som et planlagt job. Der er tre filer involveret: Fakturaheadere Data fra denne fil skal "ende" i en tabel som vist nedenfor. Datafilen skal derfor indeholde nok med informationer til at de kan bruges selvom ikke alle felter er påtvungne. Feltet InvoiceId skal dog findes og det skal være unikt. Fakturalinjer Data fra denne fil skal ende i tabellen nedenfor. Her skal InvoiceId matche InvoiceId i den tilhørende fakturaheader og InvoiceId skal i kombination med InvoiceLineId være unik.

289 Add On Modules Der behøves ikke at være anvendt samme kolonneoverskrifter (eller kolonneoverskrifter overhovedet) i datafilerne fra C5. I stedet anvender vi en standard Microsoft schemaspecifikation som skal hedde Schema.ini. Et eksempel er vist nedenfor. Denne fil skal ligge i samme folder, som datafilerne selv ligger i. Schema.ini [Faktura.csv] DecimalSymbol=. Format=Delimited(;) DateTimeFormat=yyyy/MM/dd Col1=InvoiceId Integer Col2=Attention Text Width 100 Col3=Currency Text Width 50 Col4=Date DateTime Col5=DebtorId Text Width 50 Col6=DebtorName Text Width 80 Col7=DueDate DateTime Col8=IsVatIncluded Bit Col9=NetAmount Currency Col10=VatAmount Currency Col11=OurReference Text Width 100 Col12=YourReference Text Width 100 [FakLin.csv] DecimalSymbol=. Format=Delimited(;) 277

290 278 CRM with ChannelCRM DateTimeFormat=yyyy/MM/dd Col1=InvoiceId Integer Col2=InvoiceLineId Integer Col3=DeliveryDate DateTime Col4=ProductId Text Width 50 Col5=ProductGroup Text Width 50 Col6=Description Text Width 100 Col7=Quantity Decimal Col8=UnitGrossPrice Currency Col9=DiscountAsPercent Decimal Col10=TotalNetAmount Currency Col11=UnitName Text Width 50 Col12=UnitCostPrice Currency OLD_TEXT What is it? The C5 integration is a module for customers with a license to run both ChannelCRM and the ERP system C5 from Microsoft Corp. The integration module connects the data oif the two systems so that they can exchange information about companies (debtors) and their economic transactions. What Is It Used For? The C5 integration is used for several things: To import customer information from C5 to ChannelCRM To update customer information from C5 C5 to ChannelCRM To maintain consistency between the company records in the two systems - syncronizing C5debtors with CRM-customers To give the CRM users access to the buying history of the customers using a folder on the company window with C5 invoice data To create better insight and to facilitate up sell and cross sell based on analytic reports in the CRM system based on C5 data How Do I Do It? Setup The integrationen is activated by a special license key that you can obtain from ChannelCRM. The license key is activated by you CRM Administrator in the Administartion Menu. Once activated, the C5 integration may be setup by a user with Sales Management Level under the menu Sales Management C5 administration.

291 Add On Modules In the Setup folder, please fill in the following data: Folder location: the path to the folder in which the C5 data is placed Invoice header file: the name of the csv file containing invoice headers Invoice line file: the name of the csv file containing invoice line data For a detailed file description please look here 276. I the same dialogue, folder Actions you now have 2 options: Synchronize and Reload all Invoices. 279

292 280 CRM with ChannelCRM The transfer of data is usually very fast, but if you have large amounts of data it might be a good idea to adjust the files to only contain data from say the last month. The system will make sure not to create duplicates. Customer LookUp - Buying History On the company window under the folder C5 you will find the invoices and invoice lines, that has been synchronized from C5. The folder is not a realtime shot of the data in C5 and as such it doesn't starin your C5 installation or C5 license for that matter. The information is entered into the CRM system when Sales Management runs the synchronization.

293 Add On Modules 281 Reporting and Generating Campaigns It is easy to use the report engine to create the dynamic lists of the ChannelCRM system, also on the C5 data. For instance you may quickly creat Der kan dannes de sædvanlige dynamiske lister også på C5 data. In the report designer there are 3 templates for C5 data reports. You can use these reports as templates for more advanced reporting or use them as is:

294 282 CRM with ChannelCRM Here is a list of all invoices from C5. The list has been filtered to show all companies that has made transactions of more than after february After selecting the companies in the list and right click, the companies can be added to a campaign.

295 Add On Modules 283 Here we have chosen to place the companies in a campaign called Mersalg which is Danish for UpSale. In other words you can easily create marketing campaigns based on buying history. Tech Notes The transfer of data from C5 to ChannelCRM takes place using data files. Therefore you have to setup C5 to generate the necessary files, either as manual export from C5 or as a scheduled job. There are three files involved: InvoiceHeaders Data from this file has to end up in a table like the one shown below. The datafile must therefore contain enough information to make the selection meaningfull, eventhough not all information is mandatory The field InvoiceID must be filled out and must be unique. InvoiceLines Data fra this file must end up in the table below. InvoiceId must match InvoiceId in the corresponding i den InvoiceHeader and InvoiceId in combination with InvoiceLineId must be unique.

296 284 CRM with ChannelCRM You don't have to use the same column headings (or any column headings for that matter) in the datafiles from C5. Instead we use a standard Microsoft schema-specification which must be called Schema.ini. An example is shown below. This file must be i the same folder as the data files. Schema.ini [Faktura.csv] DecimalSymbol=. Format=Delimited(;) DateTimeFormat=yyyy/MM/dd Col1=InvoiceId Integer Col2=Attention Text Width 100 Col3=Currency Text Width 50 Col4=Date DateTime Col5=DebtorId Text Width 50 Col6=DebtorName Text Width 80 Col7=DueDate DateTime Col8=IsVatIncluded Bit Col9=NetAmount Currency Col10=VatAmount Currency Col11=OurReference Text Width 100 Col12=YourReference Text Width 100 [FakLin.csv] DecimalSymbol=. Format=Delimited(;) DateTimeFormat=yyyy/MM/dd

297 Add On Modules 285 Col1=InvoiceId Integer Col2=InvoiceLineId Integer Col3=DeliveryDate DateTime Col4=ProductId Text Width 50 Col5=ProductGroup Text Width 50 Col6=Description Text Width 100 Col7=Quantity Decimal Col8=UnitGrossPrice Currency Col9=DiscountAsPercent Decimal Col10=TotalNetAmount Currency Col11=UnitName Text Width 50 Col12=UnitCostPrice Currency Integration til C5 SQL Fra version af ChannelCRM kan integration med C5 data foregår direkte fra C5's SQL database. Funktionen kræver separat licens. C5 SQL installation C5 SQL interfacet foregår i en separat process direkte mellem C5's SQL database og den SQL database hvori ChannelCRM data ligger. Det betyder at opsætningen kan være lidt kompliceret. Til gengæld kører alt automatisk når det først er sat op. Trin 1: Installation af Windows Service CCRM C5 Importer. Dette program skal installeres som en Windows Service på en maskine, der både har adgang til C5's SQL database og til ChannelCRM's SQL database. Typisk er det én og samme maskine "serveren". Servicen installeres ved at køre installationsprogrammet, som du finder efter instruktioner fra ChannelCRM. Efter installationen (som tager mindre end 10 sekunder) skal der udføres én eller to operationer: 1. Hvis servicen er installeret på samme maskine som SQL Serveren og SQL Serveren hedder SQLExpress og CRM databasen hedder CCRMDB (alle standardværdier), så kan du springe dette punkt over. Ellers skal du starte notepad som administrator (Start Programmer Tilbehør højreklik på notepad og vælg "Start som administrator"). Fra notepad åbnes nu den fil der hedder

298 286 CRM with ChannelCRM CCRMC5Import.exe.config og typisk ligger i C:\Program Files (x86)\channelcrm \CCRMC5Import. I filen findes teksten connectionstring="data Source=.\SQLEXPRESS;Initial Catalog=CCRMDB; Integrated Security=True". Denne tekst ændres efter behov således at den bliver: connectionstring="data Source=SERVERNAVN\SQLINSTANSNAVN;Initial Catalog= DATABASEALIAS;Integrated Security=True" og filen gemmes. 2. Nu skal servicen startes. Vælg Start Control Panel Administrative Tools Services. I denne liste over Services finder du CCRM C5 Importer og dobbeltklikker på den. Servicen sættes til at starte automatisk og eventuelt startes den også. Trin 2: Opsætning af overførslerne. Denne opsætning foretages lettest ved brug af CRM Manager som startes på selve database serveren. I CRM Manager vælges Module Management C5 SQL Import. Læs introduktionen (der kan komme til at stå mere end det her viste) og gå derefter til fane Setup.

299 Add On Modules 287 De basale indstillinger er få, men vigtige: Ved Server angives den server og dataserverinstans hvor C5 databasen ligger. I eksemplet er det under en SQLExpress på samme maskine som den vi kører CRM Manager på. Denne angivelse skal skrives så den også passer for den Service der er installeret under punkt 1. Ved Alias angives det databasealias der er anvendt for C5's data. Windows auth markeres hvis der kan anvendes Windows autencitering (anbefalet). Hvis ikke der anvendes Windows authencitering skal der under UserId og Password angives værdier. Dette kan ikke anbefales da passwordet gemmes i klartekst. Gå videre til næste fane Debtors.

300 288 CRM with ChannelCRM Her skal der tages stilling til dels hvor ofte overførslerne skal ske, dels nogle indtillinger for selve overførslen. Schedule: De dage hvor overførslen af netop debitorinformation skal ske markeres. Dernæst vælges hvor ofte og sidst vælges dagens starttidspunkt. Hvis der vælges hver ottende time og med start klokken vil der den pågældende dag kun ske én overførsel (klokken timer senere er det jo næste dag.) Formats: Her vælges om der skal tillades oprettelser og/eller ajourføringer af data. Target Table sættes til Company (eneste mulighed pt.) og typisk kan SQL Select anvendes som den er angivet standard. Såfremt denne SQL justeres skal det iagttages at alle de alias der er anvendt skal videreføres og at de skal indeholde "fornuftige" værdier. Sidst i SQL select listen er der 3 Aux felter som kan anvendes til andre tekstværdier efter behov.

301 Add On Modules 289 Samme process gentages for indstillingerne omkring fakturaoverførsel... (Fakturaoverførsel er det dog ofte attraktivt at foretage med større hyppighed end f.eks. prisbog)... og for prisbog.

302 290 CRM with ChannelCRM Efter dette er overførslerne specificerede og der kan testes. Brug testknapperne til at se at der er korrekt forbindelse til C5 data. Brug eventuelt Run import knapperne til at foretage selve overførslerne manuelt. Såfremt Servicen under punkt 1 er kørende vil C5 overførslerne herefter ske automatisk med den hyppighed du har specificeret. C5 SQL brug af data Kundeopslag - købshistorik På firmabilledet under folderen C5 finder du de fakturaer og fakturalinier, som er hentet fra C5. Disse ligger nu som kopi i CRM databasen. Fanebladet er altså ikke et realtids opslag i C5 og belaster dermed hverken C5 eller din licens hertil. Oplysningerne kopieres ind i CRM systemet, når servicen på serveren importerer fra C5.

303 Add On Modules Rapportering og generering af kampagner Der kan dannes de sædvanlige dynamiske lister også på C5 data. Man kan nemt lave f.eks. en pivottabel med kunder og deres købstransaktioner: (Der er i liste-designeren forlæg til tre typer rapportering ud fra C5 data. Du kan benytte disse forlæg som de er, eller du kan designe videre, så de viser netop de sammenhænge du ønsker.) 291

304 292 CRM with ChannelCRM Her en liste over alle fakturaer fra C5. Den er filtreret, så den viser alle firmaer, der har haft en eller flere transaktioner på mere end 5000 kr - efter den 1. februar 2005 Ved markering af de ønskede firmaer i listen efterfulgt af højreklik, kan firmaer tilføjes til en kampagne.

305 Add On Modules 293 Her har vi valgt at lægge kunderne ind i en kampagne der hedder Mersalg. Du kan med andre ord hurtigt lave marketingkampagner baseret på købshistorik. Integration til andre økonomiløsninger Dette modul (som kræver separat licens) foretager periodisk overførsel af data fra de finanssystemer, som ikke er dækkede af direkte interfaces. Overførslen sker via udtræksfiler fra finanssystemet, hvor idéen er at finans-systemet sættes til at generere disse filer f.eks. dagligt, mens CRM så opsættes til at importere disse data (også dagligt). Det lyder lidt gammeldags, men vi har valgt at tilbyde funktionen fordi mange virksomheder anvender bogholderi-systemer, der har en del år på bagen og som derfor ikke kan tilgås via webservices og/eller SQL. Resultatet af en korrekt opsat integration er der dog ikke noget i vejen med; brugerne får de data de har behov for. Finans filoverførsel installation Fil interfacet foregår i en separat process direkte mellem de filer hvori finansdata er udtrukket og den SQL database, hvori ChannelCRM data ligger. Det betyder at opsætningen kan være lidt kompliceret. Til gengæld kører alt automatisk når det først er sat op. Trin 1: Installation af Windows Service CCRM File Importer. Dette program skal installeres som en Windows Service på en maskine, der både har adgang til udtræksfilerne (se næste trin) og til ChannelCRM's SQL database. Typisk er det én og samme maskine "serveren". Servicen installeres ved at køre installationsprogrammet, som du finder efter instruktioner fra ChannelCRM. Efter installationen (som tager mindre end 10 sekunder) skal servicen startes. Vælg Start Control Panel Administrative Tools Services. I denne liste over Services finder du CCRM File Importer og dobbeltklikker på den. Servicen sættes til at starte automatisk og eventuelt startes den også. Trin 2: Udtræksfiler. Fra finanssystemet skal der genereres udstræksfiler. For en komplet overførsel skal der udtrækkes 4 filer:

306 294 CRM with ChannelCRM Debitor stamdata Fakturaheadere Fakturalinier Prisliste Filerne gemmes komma- eller semikolon-separerede og det tilses at: Der anvendes et tegnsæt der kan læses korrekt med f.eks. notepad. Anvendte formater for datofelter og beløbsfelter formatteres på ensartet i de fire filer. Debitor stamdata Felt Felttyp ObligatoIndhold e risk CustomerKey string Ja Unik debitornøgle som binder CRM og finans sammen. Ofte benævnt "Kundenummer" i bogholderisystemet. Name string Nej Firmanavn Department string Nej Afdelingsnavn Address1 string Nej Adresselinie 1 Address2 string Nej Adresselinie 2 Zip string Nej Postnummer City string Nej Bynavn State string Nej Stat (2) Country string Nej ISO 3 landekode (3) Phone string Nej Telefonnummer firma (20) Fax string Nej Faxnummer firma (20) PhoneCode string Nej Landeforvalgskode (34 for Danmark) (3) Mail string Nej Mailadresse for firma Web string Nej Webadresse for firma Owner string Nej BrugerId for salgsansvarlig - skal findes i CRM (20) CVR string Nej VAT-nummer BankAccount string Nej PrimRelationId integer Nej Vælg 1 for kunde ellers 0 for ukendt. Værdien skal findes i CRM. PotentialId integer Nej Vælg 0 for ukendt. Værdien skal findes i CRM. Priority integer Nej Vælg 0 for Høj, 1 for Normal eller 2 for Lav. Fakturaheadere Felt Felttyp ObligatoIndhold e risk

307 Add On Modules InvoiceId Attention Currency Date DebtorId DebtorName DueDate IsVatIncluded int string string Date string string Date string Ja Nej Nej Nej Ja Nej Nej Nej NetAmount Decimal Nej VatAmount Decimal Nej OurReference string Nej YourReference string Nej C5InvoiceAux1 string Nej C5InvoiceAux2 string Nej C5InvoiceAux3 string Nej 295 Unikt fakturanummer Attentionperson Valutakode Dato for faktura Kundenummer svarende til CustomerKey i CRM Kundenavn (for information) Forfladsdato Ja/nej-felt angiver om moms er inkluderet. Værdier kan være 1, Ja, Yes, True for sand. Nettobeløb Momsbeløb Vores reference Kundens reference Valgfrit felt Valgfrit felt Valgfrit felt Fakturalinier Felt Felttyp e InvoiceId int InvoiceLineId int ObligatoIndhold risk Ja Svarende til FakturaHeader InvoiceId Ja Linienummer (InvoiceId og InvoiceLineId skal tilsammen være unikt) DeliveryDate Date Nej Leveringsdato ProductId string Nej Produktbetegnelse i kort version ProductGroup string Nej Produktgruppe Description string Nej Produktbetegnelse i lang version Quantity Decimal Nej Mængde UnitGrossPrice Decimal Nej Stykpris DiscountAsPer Decimal Nej Rabat i procent cent TotalNetAmou Decimal Nej Nettobeløb nt UnitName string Nej Mængdeenhed UnitCostPrice Decimal Nej Kostpris pr enhed C5LineAux1 string Nej Valgfrit felt C5LineAux2 string Nej Valgfrit felt C5LineAux3 string Nej Valgfrit felt Prisliste Felt Name Description UnitPrice Felttyp ObligatoIndhold e risk string Nej Produktnavn (ikke obligatorisk men giver kun mening hvis udfyldt) string Nej Beskrivelse Decimal Ja Stykpris

308 296 CRM with ChannelCRM Value1 Value2 Value3 Value4 Account ReferenceId Decimal Nej Decimal Nej Decimal Nej Decimal Nej string Nej string Ja Book string Nej Discontinued string Nej ProductGroup string FloatingPrice string Nej Nej Frit værdifelt. Kan f.eks. anvendes til provision, kostpris,... Frit værdifelt. Frit værdifelt. Frit værdifelt. Salgskonto i CRM. Skal findes i CRM i forvejen. Unik nøgle der (eventuelt i sammenhæng med ProductGroup) binder CRM prisbog sammen med finans. Prisbog i CRM. Logisk opdeling hvis der f.eks. er forskellige produkter for privatkunder og forhandlere. Markering i CRM at produktet ikke mere kan sælges. (Kan ikke slettes fordi der så vil mangle data til f.eks. forecast-historik.) ProduktGruppe Markering i CRM at prisen for dette produkt kan fastlægges frit. Separat prisfil Felt Felttyp ObligatoIndhold e risk ReferenceId string Ja Unik nøgle der (eventuelt i sammenhæng med ProductGroup) binder CRM prisbog sammen med finans. UnitPrice Decimal Ja Stykpris. ProductGroup string Nej ProduktGruppe Den separate prisfil anvendes i de tilfælde hvor der ikke kan dannes en totalfil med alle priskombinationer. For at definere produktgrupperne (prisgrupperne) skal der i samme folder som de øvrige filer ligge en xml-fil, der definerer produktgrupperne. En sådan fil er her vist som eksempel for to produktgrupper "Forhandler" og "Privat" <?xml version="1.0" standalone="yes"?> <DocumentElement> <productgroups> <productgroup>forhandler</productgroup> </productgroups> <productgroups> <productgroup>privat</productgroup> </productgroups> </DocumentElement> Trin 3: Opsætning af overførslerne. Denne opsætning foretages lettest ved brug af CRM Manager som startes på selve database serveren.

309 Add On Modules I CRM Manager vælges Module Management Finance file Import. Læs introduktionen (der kan komme til at stå mere end det her viste) og gå derefter til fane Setup. 297

310 298 CRM with ChannelCRM Her angives formaterne for filerne. Udfyld dem efter bedste overbevisning. Efter næste trin (hvor den første fil er specificeret) kan du anvende test-knapper til at se om filerne læses rimeligt korrekt. Og så justere formatspecifikationen om nødigt. Her skal der tages stilling til dels hvor ofte overførslerne skal ske, dels nogle indstillinger for selve overførslen. Schedule: De dage, hvor overførslen af netop debitorinformation skal ske markeres. Dernæst vælges hvor ofte og sidst vælges dagens starttidspunkt. Hvis der vælges hver ottende time og med start klokken vil der den pågældende dag kun ske én overførsel (klokken timer senere er det jo næste dag.) Formats: Her vælges om der skal tillades oprettelser og/eller ajourføringer af data. Target Table sættes til Company (eneste mulighed pt.) og filens placering angives som den kan findes både for CRM Manager (i denne session og fra den Windows Service du installerede under trin 1. Columns: Her specificeres - felt for felt - de data der ligger i udtræksfilen og som skal overføres til CRM. Feltet CustomerKey skal som minimum være udpeget.

311 Add On Modules 299 Samme process gentages for indstillingerne omkring fakturaoverførsel... (Fakturaoverførsel er det dog ofte attraktivt at foretage med større hyppighed end f.eks. prisbog)

312 300 CRM with ChannelCRM... og for prisbog. (Her er den nederste specifikation kun nødvendig hvis ikke filen fra den øverste specifikation indeholder alle nødvendige felter.) Efter dette er overførslerne specificerede og der kan testes. Brug testknapperne til at se at der er korrekt forbindelse til datafilerne. Brug eventuelt Run import knapperne til at foretage selve overførslerne manuelt. Såfremt Servicen under punkt 1 er kørende vil finansoverførslerne herefter ske automatisk og med den hyppighed du har specificeret. Finans brug af data Kundeopslag - købshistorik På firmabilledet under folderen Finans finder du de fakturaer og fakturalinier, som er hentet fra finanssystemet. Disse ligger nu som kopi i CRM databasen. Fanebladet er altså ikke et realtids opslag i finanssystemet og belaster dermed hverken dette eller din licens hertil. Oplysningerne kopieres ind i CRM systemet, når servicen på serveren importerer fra finans udtræksfilerne.

313 Add On Modules 301 Rapportering og generering af kampagner Der kan dannes de sædvanlige dynamiske lister også på finansdata. Man kan nemt lave f.eks. en pivottabel med kunder og deres købstransaktioner: (Der er i liste-designeren forlæg til tre typer rapportering ud fra finansdata. Du kan benytte disse forlæg som de er, eller du kan designe videre, så de viser netop de sammenhænge du ønsker.)

314 302 CRM with ChannelCRM Her en liste over alle fakturaer fra finans. Den er filtreret, så den viser alle firmaer, der har haft en eller flere transaktioner på mere end 5000 kr - efter den 1. februar 2005 Ved markering af de ønskede firmaer i listen efterfulgt af højreklik, kan firmaer tilføjes til en kampagne.

315 Add On Modules 303 Her har vi valgt at lægge kunderne ind i en kampagne der hedder Mersalg. Du kan med andre ord hurtigt lave marketingkampagner baseret på købshistorik.


317 Installation Part 26

318 306 CRM with ChannelCRM 26 Installation Setting up a ChannelCRM installation is performed in two parts: 1. Server components install 306 (SQL Server 2008 or SQL Server 2008 Express along with a new database for CRM data. SQL Server 2005 may be used as well). 2. Client component install. Whether your company utilizes SQL Server already or not, you will benefit from reading the following recipes and from following the steps outlined. If you are using SQL Server already - and one of your colleagues is responsible for this area - you will have to include this person in the process. As a 'normal' user you will not be able to configure the present server - due to security settings. If these settings are incorrect (too sloppy) you may be able anyway but in such case your changes may do harm to other business processes using your server. SQL Server Setup Microsoft SQL Sever 2008 is a very feature rich product. And as such the scope for configuration is very wide. In case you are not a SQL Server specialist our recommendation is that you follow the guidelines in this chapter step by step. In case you are a specialist we will suggest that you read the guidelines anyway. Maybe just to ensure that the ways ChannelCRM uses your SQL Server are in sync with the security policies you have chosen. Install SQL Server 2008 Express In case you do not have a license for SQL Server 2008 (often a component of Microsoft Small Business Server), you and your colleagues can use SQL Server 2008 Express for free and with few limitations. SQL Server 2008 Express may be downloaded from Microsoft using this link. You will have to choose either SQL Server 2008 Express with Tools or SQL Server 2008 Express with Advanced Services. The third option (SQL Server 2008 Express) is not sufficient for this purpose. And now for some comments:

319 Installation 307 Installing and setting up a Microsoft SQL Server 2008 will take some time and it is a good idea to plan ahead. Time consumption On a Windows Vista PC - with none of the prerequisites installed - the installation of SQL Server 2008 Express can consume time as follows: 1. Installing.NET Framework minutes 2. Installing Windows Installer minutter 3. Installing PowerShell 5 minutter 4. Installing SQL Server minutter Restarting the PC is likely to be required. The above times are in our experience a worst case scenario. On faster machines (like dedicated servers) the process will complete faster. On the other hand the process will take considerably longer if you do not do some preparations. Alternative Guides til installationen Vi har fundet et par links til meget detaljerede opskrifter - med mange screenshots - på installation af SQL Server Hvis du finder opgaven vanskelig efter vor beskrivelse, så kig på disse links: eller Preparations The Microsoft SQL Server 2008 install process has some prerequisites. The installation program will itself check whether these are fulfilled, but the installation will run smoother and faster if you yourself installs the prerequisites before the actual SQL Server 2008 installation. 1. Install.NET Framework version 3.5. You will find this at Microsoft Websites. Search for "Microsoft.NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1"

320 308 CRM with ChannelCRM 2. Install Windows Installer version 4.5. You will find this at Microsoft Websites. Search for "Windows Installer 4.5 Redistributable" 3. Install PowerShell: This can be obtained for here: windowsserver2003/technologies/management/powershell/download.mspx (If your platform is Windows Server 2008, PowerShell can be chosen as part of the Windows Server 2008 configuration. In such event do not download PowerShell at the above link). 4. If Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Management Studio is presently on your machine you will have to remove it (complete de-installation). 5. Now you are ready to Microsoft SQL Server "Mangler sysadmin adgang" Hvis SQL Server 2008 er installeret af en anden bruger end dig (eller af et andet program), kan det ske at du - selvom du er logget på din pc som administrator - ikke har sysadmin rettigheder overfor SQL Serveren. Det betyder at du måske godt kan logge på serveren (med SQL Server Management Studio), men at du ikke har rettigheder nok til at oprette databaser og tilføje logins for dine brugere. For at klare dette problem skal du være logget på din pc (eller server) med administrative rettigheder. Idéen er så at SQL Server stoppes. Derefter startes den igen i en særlig modus (single-user), hvor den ene bruger, der kan logge på, pr. definition kan alt. Så tilføjer du rettighederne, SQL Server stoppes og til sidst startes den igen i normal flerbruger modus. Detaljeret beskrivelse følger her: 1. Find SQL Server tjenesten. SQL Server er implementeret som en Windows service. Det betyder at den kan standses via Windows Kontrolpanel, Administration, Tjenester.

321 Installation 309 Her finder du tre tjenester: SQL Server Agent, SQL Server Reporting Services og SQL Server. I billedet ovenfor er SQL Server markeret. Hvis det som her er en named instance vil navnet være tilføjet i parantes. 2. Stop SQL Server Agent hvis den er kørende. Check om SQL Server Agent er kørende (started). Er den det må den stoppes fordi den ellers vil bruge den ene forbindelse der er til SQL Server når den senere startes i single-user modus. Hvis SQL Server Agent er kørende, dobbeltklikker du på linien. Herved åbnes en dialog som nedenfor.

322 310 CRM with ChannelCRM Notér eller husk indstillingerne Statup type og Service status. Du skal sidst i dette forløb rette værdierne tilbage. I dialogen ændrer du nu Startup Type til Manual, klikker Apply og dernæst klikke du på Stop. 3. Stop SQL Server Reporting Services hvis den er kørende. På samme måde (og af samme årsag) som med SQL Server Agent under punkt 2 stoppes SQL Server Reporting Services hvis den er kørende. Igen skal du notere eller huske indstillingerne før du ændrer noget. 4. Stop SQL Server. Nu dobbeltklikkes på linien med SQL Server.

323 Installation Notér eller husk indstillingerne så du kan sætte dem tilbage igen. Dernæst klikker du på Stop og ændrer Startup type til Manual. 311

324 312 CRM with ChannelCRM Nu kommer det vigtigste: I feltet Start parameters skriver du -m, klikker Apply og dernæst klikker du på Start knappen. Nu er SQL Server kørende i Single-User modus. 5. Start SQL Server Management Studio SQL Server Management Studio startes nu (Programmer Microsoft SQL Server 2008 SQL Server Management Studio). I logon dialogen vælges Authentication = Windows Authentication og du noterer dig hvilken bruger id der vises under User name.

325 Installation 313 Inde i SQL Server Management Studio benytter du navigatoren til at åbne punktet Security Logins. Herunder finder du login'en svarende til det du noterede fra login dialogen. Hvis denne bruger er der dobbeltklikker du på den. Vælger Server Roles i den dialog der fremkommer og sætter checkmærke i rollen sysadmin. Dette sikrer at netop du (som bruger) får alle rettigheder i SQL Server.

326 314 CRM with ChannelCRM Hvis ikke brugeren findes i forvejen, højreklikker du i navigatoren på punktet Logins og vælger New Login... Herefter åbnes en dialog hvor du kan skrive din login og ligesom før tilknytte rollen sysadmin under Server Roles. Alle andre punkter/felter i dialogen er forudfyldte.

327 Installation 6. Luk SQL Server Management Studio 7. Sæt SQL Server tilbage til normal service. Nu åbnes dialogen for servicen SQL Server igen og værdierne sættes tilbage til de noterede tidligere værdier. Læg mærke til at Start parameters (-m) skal fjernes igen. 315

328 316 CRM with ChannelCRM 8. Sæt SQL Server Agent og SQL Server Reporting Services tilbage til indstillingerne fra før punkt 2. Så åbnes dialogerne for SQL Server Agent og SQL Server Reporting Services og indstillingerne her sættes også tilbage til det noterede. 9. Slut Herefter er SQL Server i normal drift igen og den ønskede bruger har nu fulde rettigheder (sysadmin) på databaseserveren. Forbindelser over netværk Når SQL Server er installeret er der som standard ikke adgang til serveren fra andre pc'ere end den pc, hvorpå SQL Server er installeret. Det kan erfaringsmæssigt byde på lidt udfordringer at etablere netværksadgangen, så derfor følger her en grundig vejledning. Vær opmærksom på at vejledningen nok er mere fyldig end nødvendigt for netop dig og at den derfor kan se mere

329 Installation 317 kompleks ud end rimeligt. Virkemåde Klienter (pc'ere der skal bruge en SQL Server, der ligger på en fælles server) kommunikerer typisk via protokollen TCP/IP og via en dedikeret port. Når en bruger på en pc skal starte en forbindelse op (logge på) skal programmet altså vide hvor serveren (med SQL Server) ligger, hvad SQL Serveren hedder (hvis der kan være flere) og hvilken port, der skal bruges. Endvidere skal eventuelle firewalls på såvel server som klient tillade kommunikationen. Når kommunikationen er vel etableret skal brugeren godkendes (mappes til en login). Dette kan ske ved hjælp af SQL Server Security (brugernavn og password) eller ved hjælp af Windows Authentication. Hvis du vil benytte det sidste kræver det at dit netværksmiljø tillader det. I Windows netværk betyder dette oftest at brugeren skal være logget på et domæne først, hvad der udelukker Windows Authentication fra pc'ere, der kører Windows i Home Editions. Opsætning 1. SQL Server opsætning SQL Server skal opsættes så den tillader fjernforbindelser. Dette vil normalt være tilfældet med SQL Server 2008, men check alligevel. Start SQL Server Management Studio (Programmer Microsoft SQL Server 2008 SQL Server Management Studio) og højreklik i navigatoren på selve Servernoden. I kontekstmenuen vælges Properties.

330 318 CRM with ChannelCRM I dialogen som ses nedenfor vælges Connections og der sættes mærke i feltet Allow remote connections to this server, hvis det ikke allerede er tilfældet.

331 Installation Så åbner du siden med Security og her vælger du Server authentication. Hvis alle brugerne er under domænekontrol, så er det sikkert og meget effektivt at benytte Windows Authentication mode. Hvis bare én bruger skal kunne komme på uden at være logget på domænet, så er du tvunget til at vælge SQL Server and Windows Authentication mode. 319

332 320 CRM with ChannelCRM 2. Network Connections Nu skal der åbnes op for netværksforbindelser til SQL Server. Disse er ikke åbne straks efter en installation (som standard er alt forbudt), så det er helt sikkert at der skal ændres her. Vælg i Windows ( Start Programmer Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Configuration tools SQL Server Configuration Manager). I den dialog der fremkommer vælges SQL Server Network Configuration og herunder Protocols for [navn på din SQL Server]

333 Installation Dobbeltklik på TCP/IP som er den interessante her. Nu åbnes en dialog med to faner: 321

334 322 CRM with ChannelCRM Under fanen Protocol sættes værdierne som vist. Normalt er det bare Enabled der skal sættes til Yes.

335 Installation 323 Under fanen IP Addresses finder du den adresse som klienterne ser serveren på. Det vil ofte være en adresse i området x.x, men det er ikke sikkert. Er du i tvivl så åbn en kommandoprompt på en klient pc og skriv ping servernavn. (Hvis serveren hedder Server1 skal der skrives ping Server1). I svaret der kommer tilbage vil du kunne se ip adressen for serveren. Under denne adresse sættes Active og Enabled til Yes. Hvis servere benytter dynamiske porte (hvad der er det normale når det er en SQL i Express edition og hvis der anvendes Named Instances), så vil der stå værdien 0 i feltet TCP Dynamic Ports. Hvis dette er tilfældet scrolles nederst i vinduet og du noterer dig hvilken dynamisk port der er valgt - her 1026.

336 324 CRM with ChannelCRM Når der klikkes OK (eller Apply) vil der komme en meddelelse om at ændringerne først træder i kraft når SQL Server har været genstartet. Genstarte kan du også gøre i SQL Server Configuration Manager. Vælg SQL Server Services SQL Server (navn) og klik på knappen genstart ved pilen.

337 Installation SQL Server Browser Hvis du under forrige punkt har iagttaget at der benyttes dynamiske porte, skal SQL Server Browser også være kørende. (Der er alternativer, men dette er det enkleste). Virkemåden er at en klient der søger at kommunikere med SQL Server, først får kontakt med SQL Server Browser, der så (via navnet på SQL Serveren) svarer tilbage med nummeret på den port der skal anvendes. For at sikre at SQL Server Browser altid kører skal den sættes til State = Running og Start Mode = Automatic.

338 326 CRM with ChannelCRM Hvis ikke dette er tilfældet dobbeltklikkes på linien og i dialogen der fremkommer sættes Start Mode til Automatic under fanen Service og servicen startes under fanen Log On ved klik på Start. Alle andre værdier vil normalt være sat korrekt i forvejen.

339 Installation 327

340 328 CRM with ChannelCRM 4. Firewall på server Den firewall der normalt beskytter en server vil oftest hindre at klienterne kontakter SQL Server. Altså skal der åbnes tilstrækkeligt i firewall-programmet til at forbindelserne tillades. Her er der to muligheder alt efter om der benyttes Dynamic Ports (det normale ved SQL Server Express Edition) eller ikke (det normale ved en SQL Server i andre udgaver). Dynamic Ports Her skal der både åbnes for kommunikation med SQL Server Browser og med selv SQL Serveren. Åbningerne er: Port 1433 for UDP og Port xxxx for TCP/IP (værdien af xxxx fandt du under trin 2 sidste billede) Ikke Dynamic Ports Her skal der normal kun åbnes for den port SQL Server som standard benytter til kommunikation: Port 1434 for TCP/IP 5. Firewall på klient pc Da kommunikationen initieres fra klienten og på LAN-området vil en firewall på klienten normalt ikke blokere. Sker det alligevel er det de samme porte der skal åbnes som under punkt 4. Du behøver kun at tillade undtagelsen overfor adresser på LAN eller mere specifikt serverens IPadresse. Check List for SQL Server To be able to use SQL Server 2008 as a database backend for ChannelCRM you will have to configure it for this purpose. This is so because by default a SQL Server will be very closed (closed = secure). In other words: You will have to enable the features of SQL Server that you plan to use. 1. SQL Server 2008 has to be running. On the PC/server on which SQL is to be executes you will start Start Program Files Microsoft SQL Server Configuration Tools SQL Server Configuration Manager. In the navigator you select SQL Server 2008 Services. In the right part of the dialog you can observe whether the SQL Service is running and possibly also SQL Server Browser. Normally you will select to let at least SQL Server to run automatically. 2. Check enabling of remote connections (SQL Server 2005)

341 Installation 329 After installing SQL Server 2005 it will not have remote connections enabled. Choose Start Program Files Microsoft SQL Server Configuration Tools SQL Server 2005 Surface Area Configuration. Choose Surface Area Configuration for Services and Connections. In this dialog choose Database Engine Remote Connections. In the right part of the dialog select Local and remote connections og either Using TCP/IP only or Using both 3. If you plan to user SQL Server Security this should be enabled The recommended Security Model is Windows Authentication. If you for any reason want to use SQL Server Security (UserId and password) this has to be changed on the server. Open SQL Server Management Studio and select properties for the SQL Server. Selecting the page Security choose SQL Server and Windows authentication mode. 4. If you plan to use Windows Authentication... Windows Authentication is about letting the Domain Security services govern SQL Server as well. In other words: A user that is already trusted by his/her logon will be allowed access to SQL Server with no further credentials. Many different settings are possible in this area and this is out of scope for this guide. If you are having problems gaining access to the SQL Server by Windows Authentication it will be helpful to open the SQL Server Log. In this you will be able so see what logins are rejected and why. Security Setup This chapter describes how ChannelCRM is using the security features of the Windows operating system and MS SQL Server. It is somewhat technical so you might want to bring your technician along for the reading. SQL Server 2008 (and 2005) are able to control user access in several ways. ChannelCRM does want to dictate which way you and your organization should choose. Instead we support the most common ways of user access. In this chapter we describe the two main methods: Windows Authetication Mode and SQL Server Mode. For both methods we will describe how a user is logged on to the database server, and how an access profile is followed The process of logging a user on to ChannelCRM is as follows: 1. The User Logs on to SQL Server 2008/2005 Either Windows Authentication or SQL Server mode is used. (See below) 2. Obtaining Access to the Actual Database

342 330 CRM with ChannelCRM At the database level there will be one or more database users that are mapped against the log.ins from step 1 3. Obtaining the Database-role The database user that is matching the login has a specific database-role 4. Obtaining Additional Profile Information Immediately after start-up, the ChannelCRM will check in the CRM system User table for the specific user profile and access rights. The user must be in the CRM User table. If not the user is rejected and the system shuts down. Windows Authentication Mode This access control is the central security component in a windows network. Upon startup of the users' computers they are validated against a windows domain. Thus the users are already validated before they start ChannelCRM. The approval is passed on to the SQL Server, which will then give the user access. This is extremely convenient and also the safest way to proceed since security policies can then be managed centrally (by the IT department). Users can been defined into groups, which also makes Windows Authentication highly effective. For instance you will most often find a group named something along the lines of OurDomainName \Users. If this group is listed as a log-in and a single database user is mapped against this log-in then the work is done for all the users in the group. Windows Authentication requires that the users are under a domain when they are using ChannelCRM (ie. that you are using a domain controller in your network). If this is not the case then you cannot use Windows Authentication mode with ChannelCRM. SQL Server mode The access control method is the common "Username and Password" type. Using this method every single user of the CRM system has to be created both as a log-in to the SQL Server and as a user in the actual CRM-database. There are no constraints on password format (for instance 1234 is accepted). Install a new database ChannelCRM employs Microsoft SQL Server 2008 (or 2005) for storing CRM data and business rules. This guide will step by step show how to setup a new CRM database on the server. SQl Server 2008 is an extremely feature rich product. It may be that you or your colleagues have chosen other settings and functions than those recommended here. To enable this we have tried to use the SQL Server in ways close to the recommendations given by Microsoft. Now for the installation: 1. Prerequisites

343 Installation 331 SQL Server 2008 or SQL Server 2008 Express Edition has to be installed and running on your pc/server (SQL Server 2005 is also supported). SQL Server Management Studio should be installed. CRM Manager should be installed. Links to the setup for this is part of the delivery from ChannelCRM. 2. Start CRM Manager Choose Start Program Files ChannelCRM CRM Manager In this Login dialog you may most likely choose to mark Integrated security. Doing so - and observing the requirement that you are on the server as Administrator - you will normally have nearly unlimeted access to the SQL Sever (sa role). In the field Server you will key in ServerName\InstanceName. If you are using SQL Server Express this field will normally look like the screen shot. On a "real" SQL Server it is most often just the name of the server. Alias will often be CCRMDB (standard alias of a ChannelCRM database). If you choose CCRMDB and this is a first time logon you will be met by an error message indication that this database does not exist. (You have not created it yet.) 3. Create database In CRM Manager you use the left navigator. Open the group Wizards and select Create new database.

344 332 CRM with ChannelCRM This will start a small wizard with three steps: Read the intro and click next.

345 Installation 333 Enter the database name of your choice. If this is to be your one and only CRM database (on this server) we recommend the name CCRMDB. Now you have to select at UserId for the person that will act as administrator in the CRM system. If this is to be yourself you enter the UserId by which you are known to the Windows Domain except for the domain part. As an example a UserId like "OurDomain\Ego" should be entered as "EGO".

346 334 CRM with ChannelCRM The wizard will now complete by clicking Execute. Back in the main window you will now see that CRM Manager is connected to the new database.

347 Installation Opret brugere og log-in's i SQL Server Dette punkt kræver at SQL Server 2008 er opsat så den tillader SQL Server Security - enten alene eller sammen med Windows Authentication (Mixed Mode). Hvis du vil benytte Windows Authentication (som i mange henseender er bedre, men kræver at der er en anden sikker måde at identificere brugere på - f.eks. via domæne-logon), så må du administrere sikkerheden via SQL Server Management Studio. For at oprette brugere i SQL Server svarende til de personer der skal anvende ChannelCRM, går du ind i CRM Manager under punktet Database Vedligehold Brugeroprettelse mv. Herved åbnes en dialog hvor den øvre del viser listen over de brugere der er oprettet internt i CRM databasen, mens den nedre del viser hvordan brugeren er oprettet overfor SQL Servers sikkerhedslag.

348 336 CRM with ChannelCRM I eksemplet er der ingen brugere defineret endnu. Der startes derfor med at klikke på plusknappen under listen. Herved indsættes en ny række i brugertabellen, hvor de mest basale informationer om brugeren kan indtastes. (Når selve ChannelCRM startes kan du under punktet Administration Setup Brugeroprettelse redigere denne information samt indtaste langt flere detaljer.) Vær særlig opmærksom på værdien i kolonnen SecLevel. Her skal der vælges en anden værdi end 0. 0 betyder at der ikke skal være adgang, 1 (eller Administrator) benyttes normalt for de brugere der skal have adgang til alt i systemet og skal kunne redigere information og rettigheder om/for andre brugere. Klik på Gem i den øverste knaprække for at gemme informationerne.

349 Installation 337 Nu er brugeren registreret internt i CRM databasen, men brugeren har endnu ikke adgang. Adgangen sikres ved at klikke på knappen Opret login og bruger. I dialogen kan der angives et andet brugernavn overfor databasen, men normalt er det nemmest at lade den forudfyldte værdi stå. Så skal der angives et password - som gentages - og der skal vælges om brugeren skal kunne tilgå administrative funktioner såsom at ændre data for andre brugere. Klik på OK knappen og hoveddialogen ændres nu så det for den aktuelle bruger vises hvad der gælder. Som det ses kan der nu ændres password og der kan ændres rolle.

350 338 CRM with ChannelCRM Afslut CRM Manager. Migrate from CASH Classic This page is intentionally left untranslated. Denne guide beskriver, hvorledes data fra en eksisterende ChannelCRM installation (før version6) kan overføres til den ny SQL Server baserede version. Det forudsættes at guiden Installation af ChannelCRM database er gennemført korrekt. 1. ChannelCRM opgraderes til nyeste version. 2. ChannelCRM i version 5.x startes op via Admin (Start Programmer ChannelCRM Admin). Dette gøres mest effektivt på den maskiner, der huser Firebird serveren og mens der ikke er brugere online på systemet. 3. I Admin vælges i menu Filer Eksport. I dialogen angives eventuelt en anden placering af eksportfilen og dernæst klikkes på Start export. Eksporten består af to trin der gennemføres automatisk: a. Oprydning i data, hvor bl.a. infotags, der hører til slettede firmaer fjernes. b. Eksport af de rensede data til fil. 4. Admin afsluttes. 5. ChannelCRM Manager startes (Start Programmer ChannelCRM CRM Manager). 6. Under opstarten vælges den fil der er gemt under punkt 2 og der logges på den ny SQL database. Hvis du har administrative rettigheder på den pc/server du benytter kan du lade

351 Installation 339 Windows Security være markeret. Hvis du benytter SQL Server 2005 Express kan du i Server feltet skrive.\sqlexpress. Ellers må du benytte brugerid og password samt eventuelt angive servernavnet og instance. 7. I CRM Manager vælger du File Data migration. 8. Faneblad 1 beskriver kortfattet den videre process. Her uddybes lidt. 9. Faneblad 2 benyttes til at skifte brugerid for de brugere, der skal være aktive i systemet. Til dette vises alle brugere fra den tidligere installation i en tabel, hvis yderste højre kolonne tillader redigering. Den eneste ændring der bør foretages er at overskrive brugerid for de brugere, hvis gamle brugerid ikke er i overensstemmelse med den brugerid, de benytter overfor Windows. Benyt samme kombination af små og store bogstaver som overfor Windows. (Dette trin er væsentligt fordi det er sammenhængen mellem brugerid i ChannelCRM og brugerid i Windows, der gør det muligt at overlade adgangskontrol og rettigheder til Windows og Active Directory. Dette er således ønskeligt men ikke strengt nødvendigt.) 10.Faneblad 3 er hvor det virkelige arbejde sker. Klik på Startknappen og afvent processen. Ved mindre databaser vil processen tage omkring 10 minutter. Længere tid for store datamængder. 11.Når CRM Manager melder færdig afsluttes denne. 12.Nu startes SQL Server Management Studio. 13.Navigér til databasen CCRMDB. 14.Åbn tabellen User (Open table). 15.Find og marker linien, hvori du selv optræder. 16.I kolonnen SecLevel overskriver du med tallet 1 og klikker på Execute. 17.SQL Server Management Studio afsluttes. 18.Nu kan du starte ChannelCRM og logge på som dig selv. Database Roles Please refer to the screenshots below if you need to understand the set-up of the two different database roles crrm_user and crm_administrator used by ChannelCRM. The screenshots are from MS SQL Server Management Studio

352 340 CRM with ChannelCRM Role crm_user

353 Installation 341

354 342 CRM with ChannelCRM

355 Installation Role crm_administrator 343

356 344 CRM with ChannelCRM

357 Installation 345 Upgrades ChannelCRM is constantly evolving. Many of our clients have good ideas for new features and we have even ourselves a bunch of ideas for features that we believe will be of commercial benefit to our customers. Added to this is that Office package, Windows and other things are constantly changing - and we must of course support this in the best possible way.

358 346 CRM with ChannelCRM So - from time to time - you will come into a situation where you want to upgrade ChannelCRM to a more recent version. When it comes to minor changes the upgrade process is trivial: You will run an installer from ChannelCRMs website. Takes 1 minute and then you're on the latest version. When it comes to bigger changes the upgrade process is a bit more complicated because major changes also includes changes to the tables, etc. in the database in which data is stored. These changes take place in Microsoft SQL Server, and for safety reasons you will not normally grant all users rights to implement these changes. Read more about: Changes to the software clients (minor changes) Changes to the database format (major changes) Upgrade the end user client software The ChannelCRM program is upgraded by running a standard Windows installer. This program is available in the customer portal at or your IT Officer may have stored it on your company server. The program (UpgradeCRM.msi) is run by double clicking on it. This will uninstall your current version of ChannelCRM and install the new one. The first time you use the new version of ChannelCRM, your personal settings (Outlook synchronization, window placements, etc..) will be transferred to the new version. Teknik Technique Since UpgradeCRM.msi is a standard installer package in Windows Installer format, the IT Officer have the opportunity to upgrade all users automatically. Upgrade database formats From time to time the changes in new versions of ChannelCRM will require changes to the format the database as well. It is therefore not sufficient to upgrade the ChannelCRM program in itself. Changes must be made to the SQL Server database. To implement these changes require that you can get at SQL Server with dbo rights to the

359 Installation 347 database where data resides (usually called CCRMDB). If you do have these rights, you can launch the CRM Manager (located on the customer portal under Within the program you choose "Upgrade database format". The upgrade will normally take a few seconds. Hint: If you can log on the server where SQL Server is as Administrator, you can start CRM Manager here. Use Windows Authentication when starting CRM Manager, and you're sure to have enough rights to upgrade the database format. NOTE: For CRM Manager to be able to upgrade the database format, CRM Manager has to be of latest version. CRM Manager includes definitions of database changes and the newest definition will not exist in an old version of the CRM Manager. Integration Der er flere typer af integration: ChannelCRM kan leveres med dataintegration til en række økonomisystemer ( C5 conomic 267, Navision). Disse typer kan anvendes med minimal opsætning. 271, e- C5-integrationen 271 er filbaseret og kan relativt let anvendes overfor andre økonomisystemer. Data Browsing 347 : Her er der tale om at valgfri data (i SQL Server databaser) kan vises under firmaer i CRM. Data links systemer. 349 : Her er der tale om at overføre og ajourføre data i CRM fra eksterne Access to external data There are several ways to have ChannelCRM showing external data. Data Browsing (described here) is an extremely flexible method that will allow you to link any kind of data to companies within the CRM system. Your user will see the data in additional tabs below the company window and the data itself will be displayed in tabular formats. The tables (no limits to the number) can be linked in master-detail fashion. The source of the data can be any table/view/stored procedure in SQL Server. To setup Data Browsing will require som technical expertise as the data is captures by use of

360 348 CRM with ChannelCRM stored procedures. Conceptually Data Browsing goed like this: 1. In the company view you add tabs with unique names exactly matching what you are to show. 2. In SQL Server you create one or more stored procedures responsible for fetching and presenting the data. 3. During user login the system will check if data browsing is defined and if so the names of the tabs are stored. 4. When the user opens a company window and selects one of the new tabs, the data if fetched and the visual elements (grids and links) are built dynamically. This method is flexible and scalable. But setup is somewhat cumbersome. Stored Procedures You have to create a stored procedure to fetch the required data and to describe the data. This description is partly to give meaningful names to the tables and to link tables (master-detail). As an example we will show a procedure that will get information from the tables FinNavisionInvoice og FinNavisionInvoiceLine CREATE PROCEDURE [ccrm].[spgettest] varchar(20) ) AS BEGIN SET NOCOUNT ON; SELECT * FROM ccrm.finnavisioninvoice WHERE DebtorNumber SELECT FinNavisionInvoiceLine.* FROM ccrm.finnavisioninvoiceline JOIN ccrm.finnavisioninvoice ON FinNavisionInvoice.Number = FinNavisionInvoiceLine. InvoiceNumber WHERE FinNavisionInvoice.DebtorNumber SELECT 'Invoice'as TableName union SELECT 'InvoiceLine'as TableName SELECT 'Invoice' as LinkMasterTable, 'Number' as LinkMasterField, 'InvoiceLine' as LinkDetailTable, 'InvoiceNumber' as LinkDetailField END Select one and two fetches data. Here we have used * (all fields). In actual use you will probably need to select a subset of fields and to provide aliases so as to present the data with meaningful names. The third select is a union select providing names for the two tables. Again these names could be a more "nice" version of the actual table names.

361 Installation 349 Lastly you will se a select (could be union if more than two tables were involved) to provide links between the this example the link is specified as Invoice.Number = InvoiceLine. InvoiceNumber. Setup Data Browsing in Global Settings Within ChannelCRM open Administration System setup Global settings. In the grid you add a parameter CompanyCustomTab1 ( or 2 or 3) and the value is entered as TabName; ProcedureName. In our example the value will be "Test;ccrm.spGetTest". (Note that the name of the procedure is entered with schema.) Add the tab to Company window In the company window you right-click on an empty space and select Customize. When the resulting dialog is shown you right-click on an empty location just right to the last tab in Linked information and select Add tab. You the rename this tab (in our example to "Test"). This name has to exactly match the name from previous section. Close the Customize dialog. Test By now Data Browsing should be functional on your user account. To enable your colleges to see the data you either define the tabs for them (via the Customize dialog) or you (having sufficient rights) promote your layout to global status. Data links Data links are used to create and change company and contact information in ChannelCRM. anvendes til at oprette/ændre firmainformation og kontaktinformation i ChannelCRM from another system. In some organizations it is practcal that this type of information is created one and only one place (typically the ERP system). In order to to transfer the information we make use of stored procedures in the SQL Server. The procedures can be modified and are as such not a part of the standard CRM database. Please contact ChannelCRM if you need the stored procedures and we will provide them as script files. The Parameters below are the stored procedures in a base version which can be modified. PROCEDURE ccrm.spinsertupdatecompanybase This procedure is used to create or modify company information in the CRM system. The receiving table is Key value If it exists in CRM already the procedure will update, if not it will create. Parametre

362 350 CRM with varchar(20), char(3), ISO-codes. Must be found in table ccrm. PhoneVar, All PhoneVar max length 20, numbers 0..9 no country codes, no other symbols or varchar(20), UserID. Must be found in table ccrm.users. If no UserID the value IMPORT is used as int output not used PROCEDURE [ccrm].[spinsertupdatecontactbase] This procedure is used to create or modify contact information in ChannelCRM. The receiving tables are and ccrm.occupation. The @FirstNames If a contact can be identified from any of these paramters the procedure will update, if not the procedure will varchar(20), Key to locate the company in which the contact is employed. If not found the transaction is nvarchar(50), Contact's first name(s). Part of an

363 Installation 351 alternate key is not nvarchar(50), Contact's last name(s). Part of an alternate key is not varchar(20), UserID. Must be found in table ccrm.users. If no UserID the value IMPORT is used as varchar(128), Personal address for the nvarchar(50), Home address for the nvarchar(50), nvarchar(10), nvarchar(50), nvarchar(4), char(3), ISO-codes. Must be found in the table varchar(4), varchar(24), Primary varchar(24), Social Security bit, 0 = ok with s. 1 = mails not int output Department in which contact works

364 352 CRM with ChannelCRM Dataoverførsel Overførsel via Microsoft Integration Services Dataoverførsel fra flade filer og andre datakilder til tabeller i ChannelCRM kan ske ved at benytte Microsoft dtsx pakker. Dtsx pakker fremstilles ved at anvende Microsoft Integration Services (SSIS) og med disse designe en ETL (extraction, transformation, and loading) operation. Du kan selv gøre dette hvis du har SQL Server 2005/2008 i en betalt version. Altså ikke med SQL Server Express. Vi fra ChannelCRM kan dog godt producere dtsx pakker til dine specifikationer og du kan så udføre dem på dine data også hvis du anvender SQL Server Express. Forudsætningen er at du anvender SQL Server 2008 og har installeret den med alle tools (den største download). Normalt vil dtsx-pakker leveret fra ChannelCRM skulle eksekveres på den samme server som kører SQL Serveren og med kommandoprompten dtsexec /f dtsxpackage /Commandfile commandfile. Denne kommando kan lægges i Windows Planlagte Opgaver. Sørg i dette tilfælde for at opgaven afvikles under en bruger, som har rettigheder nok i SQL Server. (En bruger der har adgang til ChannelCRM i øvrigt vil kunne anvendes, men selvfølgelig også den administrator, der er systemadministrator på SQL Servere). Al logik omkring hvilke tabeller i CRM, der skal berøres, hvilke felter, der mapper over i hvilke, dataformater, konvertering og så videre. er kodet ind i dtsx-pakken. Hvis dtsx-pakken leveres fra ChannelCRM vil du i leverancen få: Selve dtsx-progammet. En kommandofil som beskriver hvor kildedata ligger og hvordan der skal forbindes til SQL serveren. En tekstfil der viser den operativsystemkommando, der skal udføres for at starte overførslen. De eksempeldata (dine) som vi har anvendt til test. Visning af data Hvis dataoverførslen sker til tabeller der i forvejen vises i CRM systemet er dette punkt ikke aktuelt. Som eksempel kan en dtsx-pakke anvendes til at ajourføre stamdata på firmaer i CRM. Dette vil så kunne ses direkte i de vinduer der viser firmainformationer. Men dataoverførslen kan også anvendes til at overføre til nye tabeller. Tabeller der ikke som standard er i CRM systemet.

365 Installation 353 For at kunne vise disse data er kravet at der er en entydig sammenhæng til de data, der i forvejen er i CRM systemet. Ofte kan et felt som kundenummer benyttes til dette. Hvis f.eks. overførslen vedrører ordre/ordrelinier vil disse kunne vises under de relevante kunder i CRM blot ordre-data er forsynet med kundenummer og ordrelinierne er entydigt linkede til ordrerne. Se mere om dette under punktet Se eksterne data 347. (Hvis dtsx-pakken leveres af ChannelCRM vil der som standard følge en opsætning med i leverancen) BackUp After installing ChannelCRM you should set up procedures for preventing data loss. One of the ways to do this is to plan for frequent backups. There are several ways to perform backups - in this topic you will see three: 1. Ad Hoc backup For this you can use the program CRM Manager. Inside the program (which you will run on the server itself) use the left hand navigator to open Backup and follow the guidance. 2. Scheduled backup SQL Server Express versions If you are using SQL Server in the Express editions, you are without the SQL Server component named SQL Agent. (SQL Agent is ideally suited for performing backup jobs). As another means of doing the backup we will write a small SQL script to call the backup and call this script from within Windows Scheduled Tasks. Step 1: The script The backup is called by the T-SQL command BACKUP DATABASE. Create a text file and insert two lines as follows: BACKUP DATABASE CCRMDB TO DISK = 'D:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents \Backup\Data.bak' WITH FORMAT; GO Please change the alias from CCRMDB if you are using another alias. The path to the destination files can also be changed, but please note that the account running SQL Server has to have write access to the destination folder. (That's why we have chosen a shared folder). Save the script file and tahe a note of the location. Step 2: SQLCMD

366 354 CRM with ChannelCRM For running the script you will use SQLCMD. SQLCMD is a console program that is part of a SQL Server installation. If the script file is saved as "C:\backup.txt" you will call SQLCMD with parameters: sqlcmd -S.\SQLEXPRESS -dccrmdb -ic:\backup.txt -oc:\backuplog.txt.\sqlexpress should be changed, if your data server is named differently from SQLEXPRESS. CCRMDB should be changed if you are using another alias. backuplog.txt may be changed. This command could be called directly from the Windows Command Prompt (and should for testing purposes) but you can create a Windows Scheduled Task as well. Please note that this task has to run with privileges allowing for connecting to SQL Server and performing a backup. 3. Scheduled backup with SQL Server (non Express) In the "full" versions of SQL Server Management Studio you will find wizards for setting up a backup and for putting the job under SQL Agent control. This is quite easy and also you will have access to alerts etc. in case the job fails. Data Model Fem elementer (entiteter) danner basis for datalagringen i ChannelCRM: Firmaer, Kontakter, Projekter, Kampagner, Aktiviteter. Disse elementer er sammenknyttede (linkede). Et firma har en eller flere ansatte (kontaktpersoner). Et projekt er ofte relateret til et firma. Og aktiviteter er som oftest knyttede til både firma, kontakt og projekt. Som et eksempel kan du skrive et brev til en kontakt ansat i et firma og som en del af et salgsforløb (projekt). I den virkelige verden passer alt ikke helt så perfekt sammen. Nogle gange vil du skrive et brev der ikke er en del af et salgsforløb. Og et projekt er måske ikke relateret til et specifikt firma. Derfor er sammenhænge ikke påtvungne i ChannelCRM. For dem der bedre opfatter ting visuelt, er entiteterne vist grafisk nedenfor:

367 Installation Firma 355 Projekt Aktiviteter Kontakt Som det ses er der fire kasser - og indtil nu har vi skrevet at der er 5 entiteter. Det hænger sammen med at en del salgsarbejde snarere er organiseret i kampagner end i enkelte projekter. Når man planlægger et møde, en telefonsamtale eller sender et brev - så er der tale om en normal aktivitet. At lave canvas kald har derimod sine helt egne spilleregler og derfor opfatter og viser systemet den slags aktiviteter anderledes. Og organiserer dem i kampagner. Installation Personal Edition ChannelCRM Personal Edition is a Free Of Charge version of the ChannelCRM CRM system. This edition has all the basic CRM functionality and the limitations are: 1. Only one user (yourself) kan use the CRM system and access the data within. 2. The database server (MS SQL Server 2008 or 2005) and the CRM system have to be installed on one PC (no network between program and server). 3. Support and help from ChannelCRM staff is limited to use of the web based help desk. As an example it is perfectly ok to use the system in your day to day professional life. A large number of our current customers have started using the Personal Edition and later - when their business is growing and need arises - upgrade to the "real" edition with more users working on shared customer data. This is why we have released the personal edition anyway. For the same reason the Personal Edition is fully compatible with the larger versions. Your benefit from this is that a license key (and a payment) enables you to expand the solution - with all data intact - to multi user installation.

368 356 CRM with ChannelCRM A minor drawback is the somewhat cumbersome installation. We are using a real professional data server (Microsoft SQL Server) as a backend and we could have chosen a more "install friendly" data server if not for the high priority given to data integrity and security. Installation The installation consists of two steps: 1. Installation and setup of Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Express Edition 2. Installation of the ChannelCRM applications (2 programs) Step one will take you around one hour (unless you for some reason have SQL Server on your PC already). Step two will be done in less than 5 minutes. Install Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Express Edition ChannelCRM have chosen Microsofts SQL Server 2008 to store and handle CRM data. We have done so because in our opinion your customer knowledge is the most important asset in your professional life. And SQL Server is one of most secure, scalable and feature-rich data servers in existence. Also a large number of our customers and prospects are using SQL Server to handle financial and erp data, and this fact eases integration to CRM. Microsoft offers SQL Server in a free of charge edition named Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Express Edition. This is the one you may use as a backend for ChannelCRM Personal Edition. SQL Server has to be installed and running on your PC before you proceed with installation of the CRM programs. Read more on how to install SQL Server 306 and note again that the installation of SQL Server has to be on your PC (not on a server) and that you have to install SQL Server on the same Windows User Account as the one you plan to use when starting the CRM system. Install the ChannelCRM programs You will install two applications from ChannelCRM: CRM Manager og CashNet. CRM Manager is for system administration. You will seldom use it unless for this initial setup and for future upgrades. You may also use it to backup CRM data. CashNet is the CRM system in itself. The installation files (msi-packages) are downloadable from the ChannelCRM Customer Portal or via links in your welcome . To use the Customer Portal you have to register and thereby

369 Installation 357 receive an access code. This access code has the additional benefit of allowing you access to the Help Desk as well as access to information on new releases etc. Both installation files have to be executed on your PC. Having done this 3 shortcuts are added to your Start All programs ChannelCRM menu: CASH.NET (The CRM system) CRM Manager (For administrative purposes) Create Personal Edition At first you will start the latter program (Create Personal Edition). You will be guides through a small wizard creating the data store and your CRM user account. After this you can use the system. First time use When you start using ChannelCRM we recommend that you have a look on some of the training videos. They are accessible from within the system by a right-hand sliding panel (you will recognize it when you see it ;-) These videos are designed to get you up to speed fast..


371 Work Flows Part 27

372 360 CRM with ChannelCRM 27 Work Flows Below you will find a series of descriptions on how to complete common tasks in the ChannelCRM system Send out a Newsletter This section will show you how to send out a newsletter from a Campaign 360 Remove a duplicate record 362 If you have more than one version of a company you will want to get rid of the duplicate company Create a New Here you will learn how to create a new company Company 365 Create a New Here you will learn how to create a new user User 363 Build a Forecasting Model 367 A walk through the steps you need to pepare and set up your forecast model Send a newsletter 1. Prepare a campaign To be able to send an newsletter you build a campaign with a group of contacts as targets. These contacts have to be in your data along with their -addresses. Look here 112 for a guide on building a campaign. AS part of the process it is strongly advisable to check whether you are legally on safe ground. It is your responsibility to ensure this. As we see the Danish rules in this area you are permitted to send s if: The targets have actively signed up for the letter (and they have the possibility to sign off again), or... Your company and the targets in question have active business relations and the s content is strictly related to this and is is possible to sign off. (Observe that the above is just our interpretation and that we do not accept any responsibility. In other words: You have to ensure legal compliance yourself.) In the campaign it is good practise to see thru the target list to ensure that the addresses are ok. A simple method for this is to sort by the column. Doing so will enable

373 Work Flows 361 you to see if any targets are without . Also you can filter the column to show s without the at sign Most probably these are invalid. 2. Design the newsletter The newsletter will be generated based on a template designed by you. In short, a template is a standard Outlook (in HTML format), stored as a msg-file (Outlook message format). In the campaign module you will find a button 128 that generates a very simple template. This template can serve as a base for further design. In the template you can insert merge codes, which during send will be changed into the relevant data for each target. Merge codes are of the type <<Company.Name>>. See more merge codes here 86. Observe some pitfalls though: 1. The field can be polluted: Outlook is not good at producing clean HTML. This means that a document after some repeated formatting will contain hidden and redundant HTML formatting. If - for example - some text is partly formatted as boldface - and later you format a larger selection - Outlook will not remove the first formatting. As a result the field is not recognized by the merge algorithm. The solution is to key in the merge field anew. (Copy wont do as the formatting will be copied as well.) 2. The field can be marked by Outlook as wrong-spelled: Outlook will mark spelling errors with a red zig-zag line. This is done by inserting HTML formatting resulting in the field not being recognized by the merge algorithm. The solution is to right-click the field in case and choose Add to dictionary. Test Before progressing with the send out it is a very good habit to test the . Use the button Test for this. Clicking this button will generate one with content resembling the first target in the target group. But the will be sent to you address. (This address is drawn from the User information). The purpose of the test mail is to allow you to check whether the s are merged correctly and with graphics, attachments etc. intact. 3. Send s The actual send of s is very simple. Click the Send button and that's it. Selve udsendelsen er meget enkel. Klik på send og så sker det. Med normale s og normal netværksforbindelse vil der kunne sendes mellem 1 og 10 mails i sekundet. Vær dog opmærksom på at din service provider kan have regler for hvor mange s (og hvor hurtigt) de vil sende dem. Mange vil f.eks. regne det for spam, hvis der sendes mere end f. eks s på én gang. Derfor: Ligger din mailserver (SMTP - den der afsender s) hos en ekstern partner, er det en meget god idé at spørge om de har regler først. 4. Næste skridt Som med meget andet gælder det at "meget lidt sker af sig selv". Hvis din -kampagne har til formål at aktivere modtagerne på en eller anden måde, vil det oftest være nødvendigt

374 362 CRM with ChannelCRM at følge op. Du kan derfor designe kampagnen, så du kan følge op på hvem der i første omgang reagerer på en, og så - i anden omgang - ringe til dem, der ikke reagerede. En anden mulighed er at inkludere personificerede links i s. Hvis disse links peger på en web-adresse, hvor du har adgang til at opsamle data, kan du samkøre denne respons med din oprindelige målgruppe. Igen for at se hvem der reagerer og hvem der skal kontaktes yderligere. Remove duplicates 1. Prepare - are you sure you want to remove the duplicate company? A duplicate company is when you discover two or more versions of the same company, where there were only supposed to be one. It can be quite normal to have the same company name many times, McDonalds would be an example. Sometimes you might even find companies with the same VAT number. In denmark different branch offices of the same bank might share VAT number. In cases like this you don't have to remove duplicate records. But if you for some reason are left with two versions of one company you should remove the duplicate record as fast as possible. The typical reasons for duplicates are: 1. Your users creates companies themselves without noticing that the company is there already 2. A mass import of data have been done on data with too little information to identify the companies that was imported. Lets assume that we have found a duplicate - and that we are going to remove it 2.Perform The actual removal of the duplicate is really a merge of the two companies. From the duplicate record we keep the data that has not been stored on the original. First you open the duplicate (clicking on it from a serch list or the history list). Thereafter you open the original (the company you want to keep), while you leave the duplicate open. This is done by shift-double click on the original. Once you have both companies open in their windows you activate the original company and choose Merge. Once you confirm the system will merge the the information of the two companies remove the duplicate. 3. Check There will not be too much to check, but you can make sure that the original company contains what you expect. 4. Next Step If duplicates appears often in your CRM database, you can act proactively to avoid that

375 Work Flows 363 duplicates are creating problems for the users of the system: 1. You may use the administrative function Find lookalikes. This function creates different kinds of lists of companies that might be duplicates. Specifically the list of companies with exactly the same name and address is useful. 2. You can use data from a third party data provider. This way you don't have to create the companies yourself and you will avoid duplicates. If you have a data provider which is currently not supported by ChannelCRM please feel free to contact us. Add a new user 1. Preparing the Creation of the New User Before creating a new user in the system you should consider the following questions: What access rights should the user have? There are two levels: Database role and User role: Database role? crm_user = plain ordinary users crm_administrator = a user with rights to create new users and give access rights to users User role? Administrator = has access to setup the ChannelCRM system Sales Management = has access to sales management functions, budgeting. Can see forecast of all sales reps Marketing = has access to marketing functions and can create campaigns. How will the user access the system (network, domain, etc.)? WHich User ID should the user use 2. Create User In the menu Administration / System Setup / User Management /Add User

376 364 CRM with ChannelCRM Fields marked in red are mandatory and must be filled out. The rest of the fields are not strictly necessary. You may define and choose among 9 different security levels. Definition of Security Levels, where you define levels 1-9 takes place at the Security Matrix tab, where you decide what the individual levels are entitled tol.choose a SecLevel for the user.

377 Work Flows 365 If the database server has been set up with Windows-authentication and the new user belongs to a domain-group, which has already been given acces to the CRM system, you are done. If not you have to make sure that there is a defined login and correpsonding password. You can not define this directly in ChannelCRM. Instead you have to start the CRM Manager program (preferably on the server to make sure you have access rights). In the CRM administrator you can then define the user as a databse user and activate the login and give a password. 3. Check that Everything is Working Both with Windows authentication and SQL Server authentication there are stumbling blocks. Do not consider the work done until you have seen or confirmed that the user is able to log on from his own PC and from the location where he/she is going to use the system. 4. Next Step If you are using SQL Server authentication today, you might want to consider shifting to Windows authentication. It will give you lees adminsitrative overhead and the users will find it much easier Add a new company 1. Prepare WHen you are about to creat a new company in your CRM database you should make sure that the company is not already in the system. ChannelCRM tries to help you avoiding duplicates, but there is no harm done in trying the search function to see if the company is there already. 2. Create Company

378 366 CRM with ChannelCRM A new company can be created from the main menu: Files New Company. Or directly from the company window by pushing the button New. Now you have to enter the company name and the phone number. The system wil show you a list of companies that "looks like" the company you are creating.below we are creatin Escargo Inc. which to the ChannelCRM system is quite similar to Escargo A/S. Therefore we are warned about the similarity in the names. If you choose OK, the company is created and you will see the company window. Now you may enter the information you have avialable. The system does not require you to enter any values, it is up to you and your company's standards to enter information. Obviously - as long as the information is accurate - the more the better.

379 Work Flows Check You should make sure that the information you have entered is correct. The time spent securing correct data entry, is much better spent than the time needed trying to figure out what to do about bad or inconsistent data later. When yo are searching for a company it is often usefull to search by zip-code or relation (prospect, customer..). The more information you have about the companies in your database the more valuable the database will be to you. If a duplicate company was entered, your can clean it up. Please look underhow to remove duplicates Next step As time goes on it is quite possible that theinformationa bout you companies and contacts becomes somewhat outdated, unless you keep it updated. If you are tired of updating manually please note that ChannelCRM can automatically import and cleanse company and contact inofrmatio from NN Marketdata. If you are using a different supplier of company information please do not hesitate to notify us. Please refer to Data Import updated automatically. 185 for an explanation of, how companies can be created and Forecast setup 1. Preparation and Prerequisites When you are developing and maintaining a strong "forecast-culture" in you sales organization, the CRM system is an indisposable tool. But first you need to get the prerequisites ready. If you know where you want to get at with your way of forecasting this might take no more than a few minutes to get the system ready to handle forecasting. If you are about to figure out how you want to run forecasting in you sales organization, it might take a bit longer...

380 368 CRM with ChannelCRM The steps you need to complete to have the prerequisites in place are: 1. Create the sales accounts 2. Build your price book 3. Distribute sales budgets on your sales people 4. Enter you sales model into Lets walk through each of the four tasks. 1. Create sales accounts You can quickly enter the accounts (dimensions) that yo want to forecast. Go to the menu Administration System Setup LookUp Tables and find Sales Accounts. Enter the sales accounts you need to work with, save your updates and you are ready to continue. In the exapmle below we see what seems to be a software company dividing sales into aa genral sales account and one account for software licenses, one for consultancy and one for maintenance and support. 2. Build Pricebook The Price book is maintained in the Marketing menu: Products are added by using the +. You may operate more than one pricebook, and you can have as many products as you wish. For forecasting purposes it is not always necessary to use a full pricebook. Early in the sales cycle you might not even know what specific product you will end up offering. Therefore many ChannelCRM users keep a simple pricebook of main products or product groups. Others need to forecast on specific products and use the forecast module to create proposals with the correct product names etc. Contact ChannelCRM if you need a continuous automated update of you pricebook into the CRM system

381 Work Flows Distribute Salesbudgets on the Sales Reps If you have not created the sales reps as budget carrying in the user profile, now is the time to do so. Under Administration System SetUp User Management make sure there is a checkmark with "Has Budget" for the sales reps carrying a sales budget. To enter the actual sales budget go to menu Sales Management Budget Edit. The sales budget is divided into moths and accounts, so that an individual sales rep has a budget per sales account per month. It is not required to fill out a budget for every combination. Press the button "Create Placeholder" and the system will create the rows - one row per sales rep per account per month. The only thing you need to do is to enter the monthly budget. Hint: Use the group by function to make it easier to update many rows. For instance - if the budget is for account "Consulting" is per month for all sales reps every month of the year, you may save much time by grouping by or selecting "Consult" and isolate the rows. Updating all the rows with can be done swiftly. 4. Enter the Sales Model Using sales model is not strictly necessary in ChannelCRM but you can use whatever sales model your company has decided to work with. All the way from sophisticated frameworks like Target Account Selling, Spin Selling, Customer Focused Selling to a simpler approach where you simply score the forecast with a percentage number per forecast item. You are free to use the model you like. When using a sales model you enter it as "Project Scores". You define the Porject Scores under Administration System Setup Project Scores. The window used for updateing looks like this (possibly without the xmas skin):

382 370 CRM with ChannelCRM You may define up to 16 steps or scores in you model. Each step is given a name (eg Budget OK ) and a headline. For each step you can associate two percentage values. The values determines with which percentage point weight the individual step influences the probability for the forecast to turn into a sale. The reason that there are 2 values is that some sales models are using one value if the step has been concluded and another if the step has not been concluded. For instance you might ad 20% points to your overall probability if your prospect has confirmed that a budget has been allocated. But if you don't know whether there is a budget it might count as minus 10% points towards the overall probability for success. You do not need two values for a project score. When the sales model is ready, you can go ahead and do forecasting. Please note, that if you need to use a scoring method which always gives the probaility associated

383 Work Flows 371 with the last score in a sequence of filled out scores, you have to make sure that this scoring method is selected. You do so in the CRM Manager module. Log on to the CRM Manager and select Set forecast weighting to highest score only : 2. Perform a Forecast Create Order - build up the sales forecast In ChannelCRM your forecast will consist of orders. Orders are sales activities or projects that you want to turn into actual sales or closed orders. You and your sales reps can enter the orders in the Order window under the Forecast tab in the Company window. By doing so the forecast immediately becomes visible and operational and you can immediately use it to help manage your own and your sales reps activity and behavior. Create Order Check Your Forecast For the individual sales rep it is simple to keep up to date with his own forecast. Choose the menu Forecast (in the Activity Centre)

384 372 CRM with ChannelCRM The forecast is shown as a graphical representation either in columns or as lines for accumulated values over time.if you choos "weighted" the graph will show the wighted value of the forecast according to the salesmodel and the scoring of the sales projects. If you click on the graph a list of the relevant forecast/orders will appear underneath the graph If you clisk the projects the actual sales projects/orders will open and can be manipulated. Thus the forecast window can be used for speedy updating of forecast but also as a way to create the ToDos and actions that are needed to drive the projects forward. The forecast module can be selected for an individual user, for a user and the users referring to the user, or for the entire organization - if the user acces rights permits so. The tab folder "Data" shows the raw forecast data. This list can be grouped and sorted and can calculate totals and subtotals. 4. Next Step - Follow Up on Your Forecast Off course you may print out the forecast on paper and bring them to your sales meeting. You can also export the forecast to a spreadsheet. Here we would like to suggest that you spend as much time with the forecast inside the CRM system. Simply bring the CRM system to your forecast meeting! The reason is that when you start discussing the cases in the forecast you will need all the other information around the case that will not be on the paper or in your spreadsheet: Is the sales project supported by planned activities with the decision maker? Do we have a dialogue with the right people in the customer organization? Did we actually perform any real activities with the customer? Did we send a proposal? What did it look like? (it would be journalized under the prospect)

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Appendix 1: Interview guide Maria og Kristian Lundgaard-Karlshøj, Ausumgaard

Appendix 1: Interview guide Maria og Kristian Lundgaard-Karlshøj, Ausumgaard Appendix 1: Interview guide Maria og Kristian Lundgaard-Karlshøj, Ausumgaard Fortæl om Ausumgaard s historie Der er hele tiden snak om værdier, men hvad er det for nogle værdier? uddyb forklar definer

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Sport for the elderly

Sport for the elderly Sport for the elderly - Teenagers of the future Play the Game 2013 Aarhus, 29 October 2013 Ditte Toft Danish Institute for Sports Studies +45 3266 1037 A growing group in the population

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DET KONGELIGE BIBLIOTEK NATIONALBIBLIOTEK OG KØBENHAVNS UNIVERSITETS- BIBLIOTEK. Index DET KONGELIGE Index Download driver... 2 Find the Windows 7 version.... 2 Download the Windows Vista driver.... 4 Extract driver... 5 Windows Vista installation of a printer.... 7 Side 1 af 12 DET KONGELIGE

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Financial Literacy among 5-7 years old children

Financial Literacy among 5-7 years old children Financial Literacy among 5-7 years old children -based on a market research survey among the parents in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland Page 1 Purpose of the

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how to save excel as pdf

how to save excel as pdf 1 how to save excel as pdf This guide will show you how to save your Excel workbook as PDF files. Before you do so, you may want to copy several sheets from several documents into one document. To do so,

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GUIDE TIL BREVSKRIVNING GUIDE TIL BREVSKRIVNING APPELBREVE Formålet med at skrive et appelbrev er at få modtageren til at overholde menneskerettighederne. Det er en god idé at lægge vægt på modtagerens forpligtelser over for

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Status på det trådløse netværk

Status på det trådløse netværk Status på det trådløse netværk Der er stadig problemer med det trådløse netværk, se status her: IT-service arbejder stadig med at løse problemerne

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Trolling Master Bornholm 2015

Trolling Master Bornholm 2015 Trolling Master Bornholm 2015 (English version further down) Panorama billede fra starten den første dag i 2014 Michael Koldtoft fra Trolling Centrum har brugt lidt tid på at arbejde med billederne fra

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IPTV Box (MAG250/254) Bruger Manual

IPTV Box (MAG250/254) Bruger Manual IPTV Box (MAG250/254) Bruger Manual Når din STB (Set top Box) starter op, bliver der vist en pop up boks på skærmen, hvor du kan åbne EPG ved at trykke på F2 (Nogle bokse kan fortælle at den har brug for

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Unitel EDI MT940 June 2010. Based on: SWIFT Standards - Category 9 MT940 Customer Statement Message (January 2004)

Unitel EDI MT940 June 2010. Based on: SWIFT Standards - Category 9 MT940 Customer Statement Message (January 2004) Unitel EDI MT940 June 2010 Based on: SWIFT Standards - Category 9 MT940 Customer Statement Message (January 2004) Contents 1. Introduction...3 2. General...3 3. Description of the MT940 message...3 3.1.

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Danish Language Course for International University Students Copenhagen, 12 July 1 August Application form

Danish Language Course for International University Students Copenhagen, 12 July 1 August Application form Danish Language Course for International University Students Copenhagen, 12 July 1 August 2017 Application form Must be completed on the computer in Danish or English All fields are mandatory PERSONLIGE

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Brug sømbrættet til at lave sjove figurer. Lav fx: Få de andre til at gætte, hvad du har lavet. Use the nail board to make funny shapes.

Brug sømbrættet til at lave sjove figurer. Lav fx: Få de andre til at gætte, hvad du har lavet. Use the nail board to make funny shapes. Brug sømbrættet til at lave sjove figurer. Lav f: Et dannebrogsflag Et hus med tag, vinduer og dør En fugl En bil En blomst Få de andre til at gætte, hvad du har lavet. Use the nail board to make funn

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Danish Language Course for Foreign University Students Copenhagen, 13 July 2 August 2016 Advanced, medium and beginner s level.

Danish Language Course for Foreign University Students Copenhagen, 13 July 2 August 2016 Advanced, medium and beginner s level. Danish Language Course for Foreign University Students Copenhagen, 13 July 2 August 2016 Advanced, medium and beginner s level Application form Must be completed on the computer in Danish or English All

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The River Underground, Additional Work

The River Underground, Additional Work 39 (104) The River Underground, Additional Work The River Underground Crosswords Across 1 Another word for "hard to cope with", "unendurable", "insufferable" (10) 5 Another word for "think", "believe",

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SAS Corporate Program Website

SAS Corporate Program Website SAS Corporate Program Website Dear user We have developed SAS Corporate Program Website to make the administration of your company's travel activities easier. You can read about it in this booklet, which

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1 s01 - Jeg har generelt været tilfreds med praktikopholdet

1 s01 - Jeg har generelt været tilfreds med praktikopholdet Praktikevaluering Studerende (Internship evaluation Student) Husk at trykke "Send (Submit)" nederst (Remember to click "Send (Submit)" below - The questions are translated into English below each of the

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From innovation to market

From innovation to market Nupark Accelerace From innovation to market Public money Accelerace VC Private Equity Stock market Available capital BA 2 What is Nupark Accelerace Hands-on investment and business developmentprograms

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Backup Applikation. Microsoft Dynamics C5 Version 2008. Sikkerhedskopiering

Backup Applikation. Microsoft Dynamics C5 Version 2008. Sikkerhedskopiering Backup Applikation Microsoft Dynamics C5 Version 2008 Sikkerhedskopiering Indhold Sikkerhedskopiering... 3 Hvad bliver sikkerhedskopieret... 3 Microsoft Dynamics C5 Native database... 3 Microsoft SQL Server

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Microsoft Dynamics C5. version 2012 Service Pack 01 Hot fix Fix list - Payroll

Microsoft Dynamics C5. version 2012 Service Pack 01 Hot fix Fix list - Payroll Microsoft Dynamics C5 version 2012 Service Pack 01 Hot fix 001 Fix list - Payroll CONTENTS Introduction... 3 Payroll... 3 Corrected elements in version 4 Microsoft Dynamics C5

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Vejledning til Sundhedsprocenten og Sundhedstjek

Vejledning til Sundhedsprocenten og Sundhedstjek English version below Vejledning til Sundhedsprocenten og Sundhedstjek Udfyld Sundhedsprocenten Sæt mål og lav en handlingsplan Book tid til Sundhedstjek Log ind på Har du problemer

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POSitivitiES Positive Psychology in European Schools HOW TO START

POSitivitiES Positive Psychology in European Schools HOW TO START POSitivitiES Positive Psychology in European Schools HOW TO START POSitivitiES Positive Psychology in European Schools PositivitiES er et Comenius Multilateral europæisk projekt, som har til formål at

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Remember the Ship, Additional Work

Remember the Ship, Additional Work 51 (104) Remember the Ship, Additional Work Remember the Ship Crosswords Across 3 A prejudiced person who is intolerant of any opinions differing from his own (5) 4 Another word for language (6) 6 The

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Vejledning til at tjekke om du har sat manuel IP på din computer.

Vejledning til at tjekke om du har sat manuel IP på din computer. Indhold Vejledning til at, komme på nettet. (DANSK)... 2 Gælder alle systemer.... 2 Vejledning til at tjekke om du har sat manuel IP på din computer.... 2 Windows 7... 2 Windows Vista... 2 Windows XP...

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Design til digitale kommunikationsplatforme-f2013

Design til digitale kommunikationsplatforme-f2013 E-travellbook Design til digitale kommunikationsplatforme-f2013 ITU 22.05.2013 Dreamers Lana Grunwald - Iya Murash-Millo - Hiwa Mansurbeg - Jørgen K.

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Improving data services by creating a question database. Nanna Floor Clausen Danish Data Archives

Improving data services by creating a question database. Nanna Floor Clausen Danish Data Archives Improving data services by creating a question database Nanna Floor Clausen Danish Data Archives Background Pressure on the students Decrease in response rates The users want more Why a question database?

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Vind Seminar Fredericia 4. april 2013 JOB2SEA

Vind Seminar Fredericia 4. april 2013 JOB2SEA Vind Seminar Fredericia 4. april 2013 JOB2SEA Rekrutteringsstrategi i et svært marked. Helle Drachmann Baggrund Job- & CV database Outplacement & transition management Koncern HR Selvstændig virksomhed

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QUICK START Updated: 18. Febr. 2014

QUICK START Updated: 18. Febr. 2014 QUICK START Updated: 18. Febr. 2014 For at komme hurtigt og godt igang med dine nye Webstech produkter, anbefales at du downloader den senest opdaterede QuickStart fra vores hjemmeside: In order to get

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Danske Bank Leadership Communication

Danske Bank Leadership Communication Danske Bank Leadership Communication Morten Dal - Chief Communications Advisor Info-netværkskonferencen 7.- 8. oktober Munkebjerg Hotel Vejle 09-10-2013 2 3 3 Agenda slide Background MOVE Feedback reports

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Overfør fritvalgskonto til pension

Overfør fritvalgskonto til pension Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen, January 2009 Løn Microsoft Dynamics C52008 SP1 Overfør fritvalgskonto til pension Contents Ønsker man at overføre fritvalgskonto til Pension... 3 Brug af lønart

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Nyhedsmail, december 2013 (scroll down for English version)

Nyhedsmail, december 2013 (scroll down for English version) Nyhedsmail, december 2013 (scroll down for English version) Kære Omdeler Julen venter rundt om hjørnet. Og netop julen er årsagen til, at NORDJYSKE Distributions mange omdelere har ekstra travlt med at

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Boligsøgning / Search for accommodation!

Boligsøgning / Search for accommodation! Boligsøgning / Search for accommodation! For at guide dig frem til den rigtige vejledning, skal du lige svare på et par spørgsmål: To make sure you are using the correct guide for applying you must answer

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Bookingmuligheder for professionelle brugere i Dansehallerne 2015-16

Bookingmuligheder for professionelle brugere i Dansehallerne 2015-16 Bookingmuligheder for professionelle brugere i Dansehallerne 2015-16 Modtager man økonomisk støtte til et danseprojekt, har en premieredato og er professionel bruger af Dansehallerne har man mulighed for

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Nyhedsmail, november 2013 (scroll down for English version)

Nyhedsmail, november 2013 (scroll down for English version) Nyhedsmail, november 2013 (scroll down for English version) Kære Omdeler Uret er stillet til vintertid, og antallet af lyse timer i døgnet er fortsat faldende. Vintermørket er kort sagt over os, og det

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NOTIFICATION. - An expression of care

NOTIFICATION. - An expression of care NOTIFICATION - An expression of care Professionals who work with children and young people have a special responsibility to ensure that children who show signs of failure to thrive get the wright help.

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Bilag. Resume. Side 1 af 12

Bilag. Resume. Side 1 af 12 Bilag Resume I denne opgave, lægges der fokus på unge og ensomhed gennem sociale medier. Vi har i denne opgave valgt at benytte Facebook som det sociale medie vi ligger fokus på, da det er det største

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Teknologispredning i sundhedsvæsenet DK ITEK: Sundhedsteknologi som grundlag for samarbejde og forretningsudvikling

Teknologispredning i sundhedsvæsenet DK ITEK: Sundhedsteknologi som grundlag for samarbejde og forretningsudvikling Teknologispredning i sundhedsvæsenet DK ITEK: Sundhedsteknologi som grundlag for samarbejde og forretningsudvikling 6.5.2009 Jacob Schaumburg-Müller Direktør, politik og strategi Microsoft

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We hope you have enjoyed your holiday and that you are willing to help us improve our holiday support programme by completing this questionnaire.

We hope you have enjoyed your holiday and that you are willing to help us improve our holiday support programme by completing this questionnaire. Dear holiday-maker We hope you have enjoyed your holiday and that you are willing to help us improve our holiday support programme by completing this questionnaire. The information and answers you provide

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ATEX direktivet. Vedligeholdelse af ATEX certifikater mv. Steen Christensen www.atexdirektivet.

ATEX direktivet. Vedligeholdelse af ATEX certifikater mv. Steen Christensen www.atexdirektivet. ATEX direktivet Vedligeholdelse af ATEX certifikater mv. Steen Christensen tlf: 7220 2693 Vedligeholdelse af Certifikater / tekniske dossier / overensstemmelseserklæringen.

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Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen, June Løn. Ændring

Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen, June Løn. Ændring Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen, June 2010 Løn Microsoft Dynamics C5 20100 Ændring af satser r på DA-Barsel Contents Nye satser på DA-barsefra DA-Barsel...... 3 Brev 6 2 Nye satser på DA-barsel

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Eksempel på eksamensspørgsmål til caseeksamen

Eksempel på eksamensspørgsmål til caseeksamen Eksempel på eksamensspørgsmål til caseeksamen Engelsk niveau E, TIVOLI 2004/2005: in a British traveller s magazine. Make an advertisement presenting Tivoli as an amusement park. In your advertisement,

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COACH NETWORK MEETING COACH NETWORK MEETING Tommerup d. 1 The presentation: Split into 4 parts: Who am i? Pre Post Ask questions anytime 2 Who am i? 23 years old Started my career in Vildbjerg Svømmeklub in 2010 Became assistant

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User guide - For testing SFTP and HTTP/S data communication

User guide - For testing SFTP and HTTP/S data communication User guide - For testing SFTP and HTTP/S data communication with Nets Danmark A/S P. 1-9 Index General information... 3 Introduction... 3 Rights... 3 Limitations... 3 Prerequisites... 3 Preparations...

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Åbenrå Orienteringsklub

Åbenrå Orienteringsklub Åbenrå Orienteringsklub Velkommen til det ægte orienteringsløb på Blå Sommer 2009 Din gruppe har tilmeldt spejdere til at deltage i det ægte orienteringsløb på Blå Sommer 2009. Orienteringsløbet gennemføres

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Trolling Master Bornholm 2016 Nyhedsbrev nr. 3

Trolling Master Bornholm 2016 Nyhedsbrev nr. 3 Trolling Master Bornholm 2016 Nyhedsbrev nr. 3 English version further down Den første dag i Bornholmerlaks konkurrencen Formanden for Bornholms Trollingklub, Anders Schou Jensen (og meddomer i TMB) fik

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Finn Gilling The Human Decision/ Gilling September Insights Danmark 2012 Hotel Scandic Aarhus City

Finn Gilling The Human Decision/ Gilling September Insights Danmark 2012 Hotel Scandic Aarhus City Finn Gilling The Human Decision/ Gilling 12. 13. September Insights Danmark 2012 Hotel Scandic Aarhus City At beslutte (To decide) fra latin: de`caedere, at skære fra (To cut off) Gilling er fokuseret

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Hosted Exchange. Setup guide for e-mail clients & mobile devices. Date: 2011-09-13. Version: 15. Author: SBJ/ANB. Target Level: Customer

Hosted Exchange. Setup guide for e-mail clients & mobile devices. Date: 2011-09-13. Version: 15. Author: SBJ/ANB. Target Level: Customer Hosted Exchange Setup guide for e-mail clients & mobile devices Date: 2011-09-13 Version: 15 Author: SBJ/ANB Target Level: Customer Target Audience: End User Language: en-us Page 1 of 35 LEGAL INFORMATION

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Trolling Master Bornholm 2013

Trolling Master Bornholm 2013 Trolling Master Bornholm 2013 (English version further down) Tilmeldingerne til 2013 I dag nåede vi op på 85 tilmeldte både. Det er stadig lidt lavere end samme tidspunkt sidste år. Tilmeldingen er åben

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Trolling Master Bornholm 2013

Trolling Master Bornholm 2013 Trolling Master Bornholm 2013 (English version further down) Tilmeldingen åbner om to uger Mandag den 3. december kl. 8.00 åbner tilmeldingen til Trolling Master Bornholm 2013. Vi har flere tilmeldinger

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Web-seminar. 30 March Noter

Web-seminar. 30 March Noter Web-seminar 30 March 2017 Noter Følg mig på Hvad er Day Trading og Spekulation? Attachment is the great fabricator of illusions; reality can be attained only by someone who is detached.

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How Al-Anon Works - for Families & Friends of Alcoholics. Pris: kr. 130,00 Ikke på lager i øjeblikket Vare nr. 74 Produktkode: B-22.

How Al-Anon Works - for Families & Friends of Alcoholics. Pris: kr. 130,00 Ikke på lager i øjeblikket Vare nr. 74 Produktkode: B-22. Bøger på engelsk How Al-Anon Works - for Families & Friends of Alcoholics Al-Anons grundbog på engelsk, der indfører os i Al- Anon programmet. Om Al-Anons historie, om forståelse af os selv og alkoholismen.

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Leverandørdialog. R2 Group A/S. R2 Group A/S. Nøglen til at være REACH parat V. Jan Skov Nørby

Leverandørdialog. R2 Group A/S. R2 Group A/S. Nøglen til at være REACH parat V. Jan Skov Nørby Leverandørdialog Nøglen til at være REACH parat V. Jan Skov Nørby R2 Group A/S Slide 1 Leverandørdialog 30-01-2008 R2 Group A/S Handels- og distributions-virksomhed (80%) Produktion (20%) Foder og fødevarer

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Byg din informationsarkitektur ud fra en velafprøvet forståelsesramme The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF)

Byg din informationsarkitektur ud fra en velafprøvet forståelsesramme The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) Byg din informationsarkitektur ud fra en velafprøvet forståelsesramme The Open Group Framework (TOGAF) Otto Madsen Director of Enterprise Agenda TOGAF og informationsarkitektur på 30 min 1. Introduktion

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Fag: Engelsk Niveau E Casearbejdsdag 12-01-2015

Fag: Engelsk Niveau E Casearbejdsdag 12-01-2015 De merkantile Erhvervsuddannelser Januar 2015 Casebaseret eksamen Fag: Engelsk Niveau E Casearbejdsdag 12-01-2015 All information needed for this case is available at:

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Transformering af OIOXML til OIOUBL og OIOUBL til OIOXML

Transformering af OIOXML til OIOUBL og OIOUBL til OIOXML Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen, July 2010 OIOXML / OIOUBL Microsoft Dynamics C5 Transformering af OIOXML til OIOUBL og OIOUBL til OIOXML Indledning Indledning... 3 Anvendelse af værktøjet... 3

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Microsoft Dynamics C5. Nyheder Kreditorbetalinger

Microsoft Dynamics C5. Nyheder Kreditorbetalinger Microsoft Dynamics C5 Nyheder Kreditorbetalinger INDHOLDSFORTEGNELSE Indledning... 3 Uddybning af ændringer... 4 Forbedring vedr. betalings-id er... 4 Ændringer i betalingsmåder (kreditorbetalinger)...

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KLAR TIL NYE MULIGHEDER KLAR TIL NYE MULIGHEDER Dagens program Klar til nye muligheder 24. november 2014 Råhavegaard Maribovej 9, 4960 Holeby. 8:30 09:00 Kaffe og registrering på Råhavegaard 09:00 11:00 Rundvisning på byggepladserne

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Trolling Master Bornholm 2016 Nyhedsbrev nr. 8

Trolling Master Bornholm 2016 Nyhedsbrev nr. 8 Trolling Master Bornholm 2016 Nyhedsbrev nr. 8 English version further down Der bliver landet fisk men ikke mange Her er det Johnny Nielsen, Søløven, fra Tejn, som i denne uge fangede 13,0 kg nord for

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2a. Conceptual Modeling Methods

2a. Conceptual Modeling Methods ICT Enhanced Buildings Potentials IKT og Videnrepræsentationer - ICT and Knowledge Representations. 2a. Conceptual Modeling Methods Cand. Scient. Bygningsinformatik. Semester 2, 2010. CONTENT Conceptual

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Forslag til implementering af ResearcherID og ORCID på SCIENCE

Forslag til implementering af ResearcherID og ORCID på SCIENCE SCIENCE Forskningsdokumentation Forslag til implementering af ResearcherID og ORCID på SCIENCE SFU 12.03.14 Forslag til implementering af ResearcherID og ORCID på SCIENCE Hvad er WoS s ResearcherID? Hvad

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Elite sports stadium requirements - views from Danish municipalities

Elite sports stadium requirements - views from Danish municipalities Elite sports stadium requirements - views from Danish municipalities JENS ALM Ph.d. student Malmö University Analyst Danish Institute for Sports Studies Background Definitions

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Trolling Master Bornholm 2013

Trolling Master Bornholm 2013 Trolling Master Bornholm 2013 (English version further down) Trolling Master Bornholm 2013 Husk at tjekke jeres reservationer! Vi ved, at der er nogen, som har lavet reservationer af overnatning, og at

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Experience. Knowledge. Business. Across media and regions.

Experience. Knowledge. Business. Across media and regions. Experience. Knowledge. Business. Across media and regions. 1 SPOT Music. Film. Interactive. Velkommen. Program. - Introduktion - Formål og muligheder - Målgruppen - Udfordringerne vi har identificeret

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Hosted Exchange. Setup guide for e-mail clients & mobile devices. Date: 2014-06-02. Version: 15. Author: SBJ/ANB. Target Level: Customer

Hosted Exchange. Setup guide for e-mail clients & mobile devices. Date: 2014-06-02. Version: 15. Author: SBJ/ANB. Target Level: Customer Hosted Exchange Setup guide for e-mail clients & mobile devices Date: 2014-06-02 Version: 15 Author: SBJ/ANB Target Level: Customer Target Audience: End User Language: en-us Page 1 of 42 LEGAL INFORMATION

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To the reader: Information regarding this document

To the reader: Information regarding this document To the reader: Information regarding this document All text to be shown to respondents in this study is going to be in Danish. The Danish version of the text (the one, respondents are going to see) appears

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Sikkerhed & Revision 2013

Sikkerhed & Revision 2013 Sikkerhed & Revision 2013 Samarbejde mellem intern revisor og ekstern revisor - og ISA 610 v/ Dorthe Tolborg Regional Chief Auditor, Codan Group og formand for IIA DK RSA REPRESENTATION WORLD WIDE 300

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Trolling Master Bornholm 2014

Trolling Master Bornholm 2014 Trolling Master Bornholm 2014 (English version further down) Den ny havn i Tejn Havn Bornholms Regionskommune er gået i gang med at udvide Tejn Havn, og det er med til at gøre det muligt, at vi kan være

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Side 2 af 7 Hvor skal du hente/spise din mad? Alle måltider udleveres fra Bagsværd Roklub. Det er i samme bygning som Frivillig Sekretariatet, hvor du

Side 2 af 7 Hvor skal du hente/spise din mad? Alle måltider udleveres fra Bagsværd Roklub. Det er i samme bygning som Frivillig Sekretariatet, hvor du Side 1 af 7 SEPTEMBER Kære Frivillig Dagen før dagen. Vi kan næsten ikke vente. The big day is comming up. We can hardly wait. Oversigtskort over mødesteder Når du tjekker ind på din første vagt kan du

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Projektledelse i praksis

Projektledelse i praksis Projektledelse i praksis - Hvordan skaber man (grundlaget) for gode beslutninger? Martin Malis Business Consulting, NNIT 20. maj, 2010 Agenda Project Governance Portfolio Management Project

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Ledersession for ældreomsorgs-,

Ledersession for ældreomsorgs-, Ledersession for ældreomsorgs-, sundhedschefer Agenda High Impact Leadership Behaviors Self-Assessment Tool Which of these factors do you want to focus on? Which do you not find important? Improvement

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Trolling Master Bornholm 2015

Trolling Master Bornholm 2015 Trolling Master Bornholm 2015 (English version further down) Sæsonen er ved at komme i omdrejninger. Her er det John Eriksen fra Nexø med 95 cm og en kontrolleret vægt på 11,8 kg fanget på østkysten af

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Meget formel, modtager har en meget speciel titel som skal bruges i stedet for deres navne

Meget formel, modtager har en meget speciel titel som skal bruges i stedet for deres navne - Åbning Engelsk Dansk Dear Mr. President, Kære Hr. Direktør, Meget formel, modtager har en meget speciel titel som skal bruges i stedet for deres navne Dear Sir, Formel, mandelig modtager, navn ukendt

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Titel: Barry s Bespoke Bakery

Titel: Barry s Bespoke Bakery Titel: Tema: Kærlighed, kager, relationer Fag: Engelsk Målgruppe: 8.-10.kl. Data om læremidlet: Tv-udsendelse: SVT2, 03-08-2014, 10 min. Denne pædagogiske vejledning indeholder ideer til arbejdet med tema

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Dean's Challenge 16.november 2016

Dean's Challenge 16.november 2016 O Dean's Challenge 16.november 2016 The pitch proces..with or without slides Create and Practice a Convincing pitch Support it with Slides (if allowed) We help entrepreneurs create, train and improve their

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Login til DOLL Visitor Center kalender

Login til DOLL Visitor Center kalender Log Ind C: Hjælp Venligst log ind Login til DOLL Visitor Center kalender Bruger Login Email: [ Adgangskode:.,.. FILL IN TO LOGIN Hold mig logget ind O Husk min e-mail 0 Spørg mig hver

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VPN VEJLEDNING TIL MAC VPN VEJLEDNING TIL MAC MAC OS X 1 VPN VEJLEDNING TIL MAC Formålet med en VPN forbindelse er, at du kan tilgå nogle af Aarhus Universitets services hjemmefra, som ellers kun er tilgængelige, når du er på

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Kalkulation: Hvordan fungerer tal? Jan Mouritsen, professor Institut for Produktion og Erhvervsøkonomi

Kalkulation: Hvordan fungerer tal? Jan Mouritsen, professor Institut for Produktion og Erhvervsøkonomi Kalkulation: Hvordan fungerer tal? Jan Mouritsen, professor Institut for Produktion og Erhvervsøkonomi Udbud d af kalkulationsmetoder l t Economic Value Added, Balanced Scorecard, Activity Based Costing,

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Shooting tethered med Canon EOS-D i Capture One Pro. Shooting tethered i Capture One Pro 6.4 & 7.0 på MAC OS-X 10.7.5 & 10.8

Shooting tethered med Canon EOS-D i Capture One Pro. Shooting tethered i Capture One Pro 6.4 & 7.0 på MAC OS-X 10.7.5 & 10.8 Shooting tethered med Canon EOS-D i Capture One Pro Shooting tethered i Capture One Pro 6.4 & 7.0 på MAC OS-X 10.7.5 & 10.8 For Canon EOS-D ejere der fotograferer Shooting tethered med EOS-Utility eller

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MultiProgrammer Manual

MultiProgrammer Manual MultiProgrammer Manual MultiProgrammeren bruges til at læse og skrive værdier til ModBus register i LS Controls frekvensomformer E 1045. Dansk Version side 2 til 4 The MultiProgrammer is used for the writing

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XV1100K(C)/XV1100SK(C) Doro Gsm Mobiltelefon XV1100K(C)/XV1100SK(C) All rights reserverd. Any reprinting or unauthorized use wihout the written permission of Doro Gsm Mobiltelefon Corporation, is expressly prohibited. P/N LIT-11646-12-51

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Trolling Master Bornholm 2016 Nyhedsbrev nr. 7

Trolling Master Bornholm 2016 Nyhedsbrev nr. 7 Trolling Master Bornholm 2016 Nyhedsbrev nr. 7 English version further down Så var det omsider fiskevejr En af dem, der kom på vandet i en af hullerne, mellem den hårde vestenvind var Lejf K. Pedersen,

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Appendix. Side 1 af 13

Appendix. Side 1 af 13 Appendix Side 1 af 13 Indhold Appendix... 3 A: Interview Guides... 3 1. English Version: Rasmus Ankær Christensen and Hanne Krabbe... 3 2. Dansk Oversættelse - Rasmus Ankær Christensen og Hanne Krabbe...

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The purpose of our Homepage is to allow external access to pictures and videos taken/made by the Gunnarsson family.

The purpose of our Homepage is to allow external access to pictures and videos taken/made by the Gunnarsson family. General The purpose of our Homepage is to allow external access to pictures and videos taken/made by the Gunnarsson family. Formålet med vores hjemmesiden er at gøre billeder og video som vi (Gunnarsson)

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Trolling Master Bornholm 2013

Trolling Master Bornholm 2013 Trolling Master Bornholm 2013 (English version further down) Tilmeldingerne til 2013 I dag nåede vi op på 77 tilmeldte både. Det er lidt lavere end samme tidspunkt sidste år. Til gengæld er det glædeligt,

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Læs venligst Beboer information om projekt vandskade - sikring i 2015/2016

Læs venligst Beboer information om projekt vandskade - sikring i 2015/2016 Læs venligst Beboer information om projekt vandskade - sikring i 2015/2016 Vi er nødsaget til at få adgang til din lejlighed!! Hvis Kridahl (VVS firma) har bedt om adgang til din/jeres lejlighed og nøgler,

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Trolling Master Bornholm 2014

Trolling Master Bornholm 2014 Trolling Master Bornholm 2014 (English version further down) Så er ballet åbnet, 16,64 kg: Det er Kim Christiansen, som i mange år også har deltaget i TMB, der tirsdag landede denne laks. Den måler 120

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18 stamtoner, version 1.0

18 stamtoner, version 1.0 18 stamtoner, version 1.0 Indhold / Contents 1) Information om spillet på dansk / Game information in Danish 2) Information om spillet på engelsk / Game information in English =============================================================

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Meget formel, modtager har en meget speciel titel som skal bruges i stedet for deres navne

Meget formel, modtager har en meget speciel titel som skal bruges i stedet for deres navne - Åbning Dansk Engelsk Kære Hr. Direktør, Dear Mr. President, Meget formel, modtager har en meget speciel titel som skal bruges i stedet for deres navne Kære Hr., Formel, mandelig modtager, navn ukendt

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Developing a tool for searching and learning. - the potential of an enriched end user thesaurus

Developing a tool for searching and learning. - the potential of an enriched end user thesaurus Developing a tool for searching and learning - the potential of an enriched end user thesaurus The domain study Focus area The domain of EU EU as a practical oriented domain and not as a scientific domain.

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